The Swedish-BBC Rules, a Nazi designed Reality

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Repression_sect278a_austriaConstitutions and Freedom of Speech? Forget it. This is the 21st century, not the 19th. Everything cool is brown and digital, everything White  is old and dried analogue shit. Copy and paste, delete, and restart to your heart’s delight, the cranky old radio goes in the bin.

Dear Whites, We Apologize.

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trayvoncampaignDear well-to-do, snug-ass, lily white Whites. 

Will they Exterminate Whites physically?

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SCHWAB 118427

Sweden’s niggers enjoy a bonfire of the vanities, England was in emergency session due to a muti crime,  and France detains mothers for wearing the wrong kind of T-shirts. The destruction of public order in formerly wealthy countries has become so common place, it is as banal as niggers shooting up a Carnival in New Orleans.


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