DNAWars, a Review

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DNAWars was conceived on the premise that a massive racial war was to summarily envelop the earth, superseding all ongoing religious, political, or economic conflicts; that the 21st century would undergo its own World War II; one more brutal, more direct, less nuanced, and less restrained than the horrors of 1942-1945.

The Swedish-BBC Rules, a Nazi designed Reality

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Repression_sect278a_austriaConstitutions and Freedom of Speech? Forget it. This is the 21st century, not the 19th. Everything cool is brown and digital, everything White¬† is old and dried analogue shit. Copy and paste, delete, and restart to your heart’s delight, the cranky old radio goes in the bin.

Dear Whites, We Apologize.

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trayvoncampaignDear well-to-do, snug-ass, lily white Whites. 


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