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The Crash of Races, is the hypothesis, that modern conflict is delineated along racial fault-lines, and that this, rather than religion, ethnicity, and ideology, forms the undercurrent of current events.

  • Biological identity has always been a factor in world events, but not in the same degree, and not in the same ways. As with the issue of identity in general, it is a scientific field of inquiry which is grossly underserved; one in which historical narratives are shallow, and unreliable. Ironically, this makes it exceptionally vulnerable to identity politics.
  • In the last three centuries, biological identity is Ethnic, but its Racial element, has played a growing, yet poorly understood, role.
  • Presently, contrary to what most observers maintain, the Racial element is gaining ground over all others (ethnic, tribal, familial). Precisely because it is gaining ground, it is a sensitive matter and hence fraught with intense controversy. Its dynamics are poorly understood, contrary to what different groups may claim.

It is the intent of this blog, to elaborate upon these points in a variety of ways. The most appealing to readers, should be the liberty of expressing one’s passions – provided direct threats are avoided. Not that hate speech is encouraged – but it is not discouraged either. The assumption being, that most of what is called “hate speech” is a simple form of censorship, whose effect on democracy, is dedicatedly corrosive.

    Part of the programme this blog proposes consists of addressing the following:

  1. What is the specific nature of Political Correctness? Many decry it – some defend it – so what is it, and how does it work?
  2. Need for Hate Crimes and Hate Speech? Are group rights admissible in the Democratic model of Citizenship?
  3. Laws regulating Truth. While parliamentarians are not bound to speak truth by law, laws are passed that legislate truth in reference to historical group experience. What are the implications?
  4. Discussion of Race, and the Crash of Races hypothesis. Why is it race, and not ethnicity, religion, and all other forms of identity, which is the silent yet dominant leitmotif of politics on the cusp of the 21st century?
  5. History, Identity,  and Remembrance. Imposition, Revisionism, and Narratives.
  6. Stereotypes, and prejudices. What are they, why are they, and how to regulate them.
  7. Constraints of Diversity. Placing limits on discrimination. Decisions in the public, and private realms (housing, hiring).
  8. From policing behaviour, to policing speech, to policing thought. A psychological portrait of pluralism.
  9. Multiculturalism. A dogma, a reflex, inertia, a truth?
  10. Social cohesion and dominant groups in consensual systems. Is Hegemony a Choice?
  11. Group radicalization, an expression of decline, or rebirth?
  12. and many other similar ideas and questions…

This is the partial program of the DNA Wars blog. Plans plans plans… from Black panther, to the Nazis.


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