The New Centrality of Race

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The postulates of a Crash of Races

Race is rising to centre stage as a dark, and unacknowledged force in Global Affairs.

While race has always, always played  some kind of role in conquest and war (ethnic, tribal, blood awareness are historical facts), this is the first time in history, where the notion  of “race” is used globally as a functional category of person-to-person communication.

Hitler and Tojo mark the historical apex of racial aggression, but it is only now, at the start of the 21st century, that “race” is a concept understood and shared by nearly everyone in the world;  previously, it had been limited in its applicability and geographical acceptance.

The division of the world into racial lines is far simpler than in a biology textbook:

  • white
  • non-white
  • black
  • non-black non-white

The population dynamics among and within each group, are a necessary precondition – but not an inevitable cause-  of the Racial Crash which is currently taking place; a crash between those who do not reproduce at replacement rate and rely on those who do – to replace them.

It is not just France, Germany, and the UK whose native populations are not reproducing – it is whites in Oceania, whites in the USA,  Australia, Argentina and Israel that follow this trend. No matter where you turn, the only ones reproducing in sufficient numbers are non-white, while no matter what the location – a white population, indicates sub-par replacement rates.

While there are plenty of non-white  countries and ethnicities sharing the predicament, not one of them constitute a race. There is nothing comparable in the history of the world, when a geographically dispersed  group as broad  as  a “race,” has witnessed such a synchronized decline.

A similar fate dawns on East Asians, but the “Yellow” race does not seek to substitute its low fertility, with anyone beyond its ethnic group. While undergoing the same population dynamics of whites, Japan avoids the possibility of a race crash, by avoiding the trajectory whites are on. What distinguishes the decline of the white race, is not only population decline, but a shrinking populations actively seeking to offset this decline, with the surplus of non-white groups.

On the face of it this seems like a logical and laudable politics – driven by a noble denial of race, and a strong desire to transcend it. At its heart, however, lies a narcissistic  white world, which assumes that its ambitions of racial transcendence are:

  1. universally human
  2. globally established
  3. and shared by those who are replacing them in their “own” countries.

The veracity of each will be discussed in future posts – but since not one of them is even vaguely true – anyone looking for the ingredient of the real long-war of the 21st century – need look no further, than those underpinning the Crash of Races thesis.


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