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Crash of Races is coined to reflect two concepts circulating in certain intellectual communities.

The first argues that the post-Cold War world will be defined through civilisational conflict along the fault-lines of Islam,

Protestantism, Orthodoxy, etc. The latter is a broad revisionist attempt to explain the 20th century in terms of mostly ethnic – but on occasion Racial – confrontation between decaying World Empires. Huntington is forward looking, Ferguson backward, both place ethno-cultural identity at the core of modern history.

Crash of Races aims to replace both concepts, as a more parsimonious, and accurate representation of the conflict dynamic underlying current events. It borrows from two military notions.

  1. That of the “long-war”
  2. That of COIN, or counterinsurgency.

The “long-war” is used to describe America’s efforts at long-term counter-terrorism activity involving intelligence, military, and nation building policies. For those partaking in the elaboration of this term, the face of global conflict in the foreseeable future is that of insurgency.

From Mexican drug-cartels and Mesoamerican mara-salvatruchas, to international jihadist, mafia, and contraband  networks, western analysts with strong military connections envision a future in which warfare is waged in asymmetrical settings with boundaries between civilians and warfighters too blurred to  permit effective state intervention.

Crash of Races accepts both the long-war and COIN concepts, with some modifications.

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  4. very good take. I wonder if they read your material in the intelligence community! You’re probably being monitored. I hope you don’t get into trouble because your posts seem to push the line sometimes. That’s why I like reading you.

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