Are Blacks Stupid?

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Exercising one’s freedom of speech, entails posing troublesome questions. Do Jews run the world? Do Mongoloid men have small penises? Are most women frigid, and when need be, sluts? Are negroes daft, inept, and dumb? Are all Germans sadist perverts?

Not one of these questions is entitled to an open discussion. Exactly why, isn’t altogether clear. Especially when considering the evidence.

Let’s stick to negroes, and the beguiling issue of an IQ quotient – today’s common measure of “intelligence”.

Statistically low IQ results are constant for all negroes in the New World, and for all the inhabitants of black Africa. Compared to other races, there is no way around the fact, that negroes are – well- stupid.

There are three mainstream interpretations of this stupidity. The politically correct, the suppressed, and the black. The latter has already been identified in “A Central Problem of Blackness”, and is associated with the Black Inferiority Complex (BIC). The first two, take the following shape.

The politically correct explanations of lagging negroe IQ scores are the cultural prejudice of IQ tests, the tenuous relationship between the g-coefficient and actual “intelligence,” economic disparities between the races, the “stereotype threat,” and white supremacy.

The suppressed explanation, verboten in  most societies with significant black populations, is that low IQ scores are the result of racial inferiority. Although  vocalization is limited to the social confines of overachieving minorities, it enjoys a great deal of implicit popularity within mainstream society.

One central issue is hopelessly confused in both explanations, as is the case in virtually any discussion of human intelligence. The relationship between heritability, and intelligence.

The facts are simple. Intelligence is about 50 percent heritable, and 50 percent environmental. Many take this to mean, that half of one’s IQ score, comes from one’s parents. Twin studies, argue in their favor. A wider definition of heritability, argues against them. The facts are simple, but they can not be interpreted simply.

Geneticists have no definition of human intelligence. Heritability is not limited to DNA. A significant portion of it is environmentally dependent. Whether in the form of mechanism described by epigenetics, or environmental factors transmitted from generation to generation in social, economic, and cultural terms. Due to severe constraints on population size, twin studies cannot distinguish between genetic heritability, and environmental.

Conflating IQ results with genetics, is the greatest failure of the Watsons, Lynns, and Murrays. Blacks are the dregs of global society. Hailing from pervasive illiteracy, with zero intellectual tradition, black culture, in as much as it is allowed to assert its negritude in opposition to the non-black, reproduces all the shortcomings of the savage. Each and every negro pays the price – in an average black IQ score, worthy of the stone-age.

This says nothing about the genetic potential of blacks. One can ask whether poor cultural pressure doesn’t have a deleterious evolutionary impact, but claiming that an IQ average of 80 can be explained by a few codons – is ignorant.

The politically correct explanations for an IQ of 80 are at least partially correct. In as much as IQ tests require literacy, they are biased against the illiterate. In as much as the Flynn effect exists, people’s genes do not change, while IQ scores do. The Stereotype threat, while itself inadequate, exposes our limited knowledge of psychological factors in cognitive performance. World-wide negroes are impoverished, and without educational means. Their society, and culture, reflect both.

To some, this is bona fida proof of black genetic inferiority. With physical prowess taken into account, negro crime rates are the nails in the pall. Caveat emptor with hasty conclusions. Nearly all white crimes of violence are committed by lower-class whites. Moscow is a crime capital, and most drug related crimes are committed by non-blacks abroad. As professional boxing and the Olympics prove, physical prowess is both a white, and asian attribute. More relevant – there do not exist significantly large communities of whites, anywhere in the world, who posses the disadvantage of illiterate poverty. Even when poor, whites and asians belong to a racial community whose culture of daily routine reflects millennia of numeracy, and literacy. Even if individual members can not read, their treatment of the Bible, or contractual relationships, are non-verbal, and un-emotional in accordance with societies in which elites rely on writing. The noted has ways of influencing the uttered.

A final argument for the genetic determinant of Black stupidity, is genius. Where are the black 150s, ask the Indians, Jews, Parsis, and Armenians, brandishing their MENSA cards like burnished swords.

The absence of proof, is not proof of absence. Nor is affirmative action, evidence that blacks can not make it on their own (rather the opposite, it is the reason blacks are not allowed to make it on their own).

The distribution of genius, is obvious. A solid majority of high IQs, belong to peoples of the Indo-European and Semitic cultural traditions. When one considers the kind of epistemic communities to which these Western Eurasians belong – the presence of genius is no mystery. The earliest such tradition is religious, and it explains the disparity not only between West Eurasians and East Eurasians, but blacks and non-blacks.

Blacks comprise the single biggest genetic grouping lacking literacy, and the price this exacts on IQ tests, is paid by each and every negro. Intellectual circles, wherein literacy makes its indirect contribution to the structure of popular culture, via the vehicle of the scholarly epistemic community, are a novelty for the negro even of the 21st century. Black intellectuals can be listed in ten pages, comprising largely the heads of black civic and religious groups dedicated to racial self-assertion. This is literacy, not genetics.

The Nation of Islam, in its critical output, is more literate than either the Black Baptist Church, or NAACP, but its Islamism limits its social impact.  The Black congressional caucus, exists by virtue of black illiteracy, not in virtue of black knowledge. Negro professors, are exclusively part of the Racial Talk circuit. When Blacks are not prominent for sports, and music, they are prominent for being black. Epistemic communities, unaffiliated with  racial politics, seem entirely or wholly absent. Black students, are virtually absent from science majors, and black graduate students only write theses on Racism, when traditional black colleges are discounted.

There is a vicious circle of not having intellectual epistemic communities, and hence not being able to generate them, of not being able to generate them, hence not having them. Some will claim this is further proof of black genetic inferiority. But where’s the “proof?”

Again, three variables are at play – epistemic community, literacy, and culture. Discrimination (affirmative action) favors slackers, and along with post-modern studies, creates pseudo-epistemic communities incapable of integrating into non-ethnic sciences. This leaves them uncompetitive, isolated, and hence transient. It is the story of the black intellectual movement – incapable of making notable contributions to mainstream society, and cultural amelioration for blacks.

Two thousand years ago, the inhabitants of “barbarian” Europe, were illiterate, barbaric idiots. They served as slaves, and only gradually, integrated writing. When they did so, their society began producing epistemic communities, which civilised the primitive instinct, and harnessed it towards productive ends. These were the Germanic tribes, and their offspring today pride themselves on their intellect, not on their ancestors savagery evidenced in bog-murders, sacrifice, and even cannibalism.

A thousand two hundred years ago, the Eastern Slavs, still had no writing, and Arab travellers described their primitiveness on par with black Africans. Like negroes, Slavs served as the source of chattel labour in Eurasia, and North Africa. Slaves in Muslim Iberia, and Carolingian Holy Roman Empire, were majority Slavs. Hence the word  – for slave, originates from the ethnonym. The relatively late arrival of writing in Eastern Europe, remains in evidence in the liturgy of the Orthodox. Focused less on content, more on experience, and mysticism.

Today, it is the negroes turn to assimilate literacy, and shape his culture accordingly. Latin arrogance against Germans persisted for centuries after the fall of Rome, and Germanic haughtiness vis a vis Slavs is still current. The assumption that black stupidity today, reflects genetics, will remain with us for some time.

It is imperative, that the system, and blacks themselves, do not succumb to this illusion. The Germans and Slavs mistrusted the written word for some time after its introduction, the greater the emphasis on discrimination which implies that blacks cannot advance without diminishing standards for intellectual achievement, the more this reflects mistrust of literacy.

Due to their mistrust, prior to Carolus Magnus, Germanic tribes had no patron of the letters. The Slavs, found their patronage in Byzantium, but over-dependence exposed them to rupture when Byzantium waned.  The time it took to advance economically, was significantly retarded by the opposition of social groups, adhering to analphabetistic culture. It’s no exaggeration to claim, that they had their own version of Rap, to keep them down, and their own reputation to defend in feuds and wars, to legitimize the denigration of learning.

The process by which negroes can transform black culture to serve industrial society, is difficult to imagine. But unless black pride and all ethnocentric politics are abandoned, and the superiority of the Euroasian product is embraced, no progress will be possible. The greater the resistance to culture on the grounds of it being “white” or “not-black” the longer the stupidity lasts. The effect of such longevity, will be to make the heritability of black stupidity genetic. Because while blacks stagnate, everyone else, is rushing to advance.

Voltaire, Leibniz, Cato, Averroes, and Maimonides, will have to be consumed by blacks, with abandon. Reference to the author’s skin colour, should either rest irrelevant, or not become the fuel for the BIC, or for discussions. Black learning needs to proceed with possible racial assimilation in mind, and with personal and family advancement, a mantra. As long as social class is sought racially, it will never come.

For the black race, no greater obstacle remains, than the stupidity of black culture. Breaking out of it, requires falling in love with Proust, and learning to feel Schumann, without demanding syncopation. Abandoning the fear of becoming “white” – by seeking to contribute to being “white.” Black culture is rightfully associated with barbarism, and this wont change, until we go beyond blackness, and transcend ourselves.

  1. Did you get beat up too many times by the black kids at the bus stop when you were in middle school or something?

  2. How many grammatical errors are in this first paragraph?

    “Exercising ones freedom of speech, entails posing troublesome questions. Do Jews run the world? Do Mongoloid men have small penises? Are most women frigid, and when need be, sluts? Are negroes daft, inept, and dumb? Are all German’s sadist perverts?”

    A. Zero
    B. One
    C. Two
    D. Three or more

    Answer: D

    • I sincerely hope this isn’t meant to prove a point?

      • Black negros are stupid. It is a proven fact, thats why there were so many slaves. It took 10 black negros to do one white mans job on the plantation. Same holds true today. Theyre just plain stupis.

    • I didnt think any of you would get it. But one of you does. Your all a bunch of idiots. You eat chicken, wear jordans and dress like 12 year olds because you saw someone else do it. And you idolize people dumber than yourselves (ie, rappers and entertainers). Go to college and learn something.

      • You just said we were idiots and they do not accept idiots in college, Oh you meant a black college.

      • It’s been over 50 years that have been opened up to them and what progress has been made? The is the first time I have read a very objective take on the subject by a black man. I have seen him on television many times and he’s very intelligent. If more people would speak up as he does it could possibly open the eyes of others. Unfortunately this man receives disparaging remarks by those that want to label him a sell out. Ridiculous. He takes a position that is not popular by others, but is so truthful in his assessments. He tries to lead them in a new way of thinking, but seldom gets credit for his efforts. I believe MLK would be preaching a similar message if he were still alive.

  3. Honesty, I think this post is brilliant.

    Some of the stuff you wrote previously – I commented on, and didn’t appreciate 100%. But here, you are right on.

    It’s crude to call blacks stupid, or daft – but like I said – I’m married to a white woman, I am black, and I can’t deny the facts – which is that black IQs are low, and so is our intellectual “output” as you put it.

    But I feel insulted, when this is used to suggest I am somehow a monkey, who will never grow out of the jungle!!!

    This is a sophisticated post man – I’ll be rereading it.

    • Noone called you a monkey…I have seen behavioral differences between “average” blacks and whites all of my 54 years…I’ve had three careers taken from me by affirmative action causing promotions of friends of mine who could not write much more than their name….Yes I said friends…For the record, I’m a white guy living all of my life in central Mississippi. As far as I can see, the powers that exist (government) agitate people’s cultural differences to cause turmoil in our nation. Mr. Elder has summized, among other points, that education is a major key to real success for anyone. And let us not forget the golden rule: He who has the gold rules! Fighting this fact is futile. To me, the struggle is getting to be successful without foresaking what good behaviors I have acquired.

  4. WTF is Carolus Magnus!!?

    Who the fuck is an Epistemic Community!!?

    What do you think about Jews!?

    Who are you?

    • Carolus Magnus was also known as Charlemagne. If you don’t read, Google can still be your friend.

  5. I have often thought that the 150 years since slavery is far too short a time to expect blacks as a group to evolve to the level of sophistication of modern culture. It took Europe 2000 years to get here even with the jump start of Roman influence. I mean 150 years is only a few generations. Also the plagues in Europe wiped out tons of people who weren’t clever enough to avoid it. Luck was of course the greatest factor, but lots of smart people managed to avoid it because they were rich enough to run away. They were rich because they were clever. Similarly smart Jews left Europe when they saw what was coming under Hitler. Rich, smart Vietnamese left Viet Nam, and rich, smart Africans leave Africa. It would be stupid to stay.

    • White Europeans have, on average, 100 grams heavier brain than black Africans, as well as far more sulci and gyri (the wrinkles of the cerebral cortex). The wrinkling of the cerebral cortex increases the number of neurons without increasing the size of the brain, therefore the more wrinkling the more neurons you have. It is very obvious (but not PC) that the combination of 100 grams of extra brain mass combined with more neurons per gram of brain mass quite easily accounts for the greater intelligence of white Europeans compared to those of African origin.

      In interms of IQ, the “slavery made blacks stupid” argument is unfounded. If anything, the experience of slavery raised the IQs of blacks in America, compared to their African counterparts. Black Americans average IQs around 85, where Subsaharan Africans average 75 (white Americans & Europeans average 104, East Asians and Jews average 106). Anyone who claims slavery caused blacks in America to have low IQs compared to other races in America is ignoring the facts. IQ is primarily driven by heredity, and slavery infused a considerable amount of European DNA into the American black population.

  6. John Campbell,

    There are no grammatical errors. There are only punctuation errors which do not interfere with the reader’s ability to understand.


    The point is for John Campbell to display his pettiness with those, we assume, he may disagree. Rather than offer his views for the benefit of interested readers, John prefers to point out irrelevant minor errors, sniping at the writer rather than the ideas.

    I don’t know if you are able to change the statement regarding comments, but one of my favorite blogs has the following comments guideline statement:

    Comment board guidelines
    Terms of use
    All comments will be aggressively pruned for content, style and general contribution to the value of this forum. Any follow up comments questioning why a comment was deleted will also be deleted.

    Just above the comment box the following appears:

    An intelligent and sincere comment:

    It seems you welcome all discussion and views whether agreeable or not, however petty sniping doesn’t even meet that standard. It doesn’t contribute to the conversation. I understand that at times, one feels exasperated at the childishness of trolls, and allowing their tacky comments appear lets other commenters judge for themselves what sort of person makes such comments. However it detracts from the discussion and no one can legitimately feel censored when you choose not to display a comment complaining about a misplaced apostrophe. Just my two cents. Don’t feel obliged to display this comment as it is off topic.

    Thank you for your open and welcoming forum.

  7. Once the Slavs were exposed to literacy, it didn’t take very long for them to become literate. The Germanic tribes adopted a Greek-derived script on their own in ancient times. The Negro, on the other hand, has been exposed to literacy and culture for thousands of years – but never advanced beyond the most rudimentary of societies (with the exception of some mixed regions adjacent to Caucasian civilizations). Adoption studies have shown that Negro low average I.Q. is, indeed, genetic. Read “Race, Evolution and Behavior” by Phillipe Rushton.

  8. Skincolour, you asked a question elsewhere, your answer you can find here.

  9. I think everyone who posted here except me is fucking retarded.

    I can look at an Egyptian statue and see a Negro, but you dumbfucks see a white guy/gal.

    I can see how political groups go over to other countries and rape and pillage like a bunch of savages, but you ‘tards look at the victim and blame them. Incredible.

    You fucks need to get your heads checked, preferably with a .baseball bat and several midgets.

    • Anonymous…I find it ironic that you prove the original posters point while trying to put everyone in their place. What you say makes no sense.

      I have an idea. Why don’t you take an IQ test and post the results.

    • “I can look at an Egyptian statue and see a Negro, but you dumbfucks see a white guy/gal. ”
      Let’s say that the “black Egyptian rulers” mythology is “true” (despite DNA evidence to the contrary): I say, “so what?” How is resting on the laurels of a civilization from 4,000 years ago going to advance “the black community” today?

      “I can see how political groups go over to other countries and rape and pillage like a bunch of savages, but you ‘tards look at the victim and blame them. Incredible.”
      Calling someone “tards” doesn’t alter facts. The human behavior you described above is called “conquest”, which is how nations were formed. If you look at the atrocities committed on one black group by another black group following the decolonization of Africa, “non-blacks” people were not involved. Idi Amin is a great example.

      “You fucks need to get your heads checked, preferably with a .baseball bat and several midgets.”
      I’m not quite sure why “midgets” would be more effective in that endeavor than non-midgets.

  10. Thanks for the intelligent response.

  11. I don’t know why people somehow think thay can logically reason their way to some belief they hold which is purely based on faith. If someone really loves black people and black culture, a good writer and thinker is easily going to find a very compelling line of reasoning for why black people are the most advanced people on the planet which will appeal to others who hold a similar belief. And someone who doesn’t like black people nor black culture, like this guy, is going to find a way to do just the opposite. The only thing that should convince you to think either way about a certain group of people is for you in your own life to live among those people. Once you’ve made friends, enemies, lovers, teachers, etc…then come back and tell me who’s inferior/superior …but if you haven’t done that, then you’re really talking/writing about something you know nothing about. I recommend reading Michel-Rolph Trouillot’s “Silencing the Past” to get a better concept of how history is a narrative based on a selective choosing facts and ignoring of others…so when DNA Wars tries to appeal to history for proof, you will easily be able to refute this line of reasoning in your own mind.

  12. “But unless black pride and all ethnocentric politics are abandoned, and the superiority of the Euroasian product is embraced, no progress will be possible.”
    What is his definition of progress? This guy is practically a Marxian materialist…he believes the only concrete truth is an economic reality. I’m sorry, but human-beings have killed each other since the beginning of time not only to preserve their material wealth, but to also preserve their culture. I’d rather be poorer, but still be true to myself. Learn the western cannon, and then use it as a weapon to intellectually bludgeon those who would try to assault your own identity.

  13. oh ya, and I am poor.

  14. Are blacks stupid? I just graduated college with a 3.93 GPA and numerous awards from a top-tier (mostly white) college. I did it all (including internships and independent studies) in 3 years. I will be continuing my education all the way. Both of my parents are hard-working and college-educated blacks. Their income is in the top 1 percent OF ALL AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS, not just blacks. Plus, we’ll be celebrating their 42nd anniversary this week! Whoohooo!!! 🙂 I’m proud to be black. We have a rich history, even if it has been mostly ignored.

    Believe it or not, it’s not easy being a minority. On TV, all you see are the useless shirtless criminal blacks. You rarely see people like my parents. As a child, I remember being stereotyped as poor, lazy, and stupid. Of course, none of those things were true. Fortunately, I was surrounded by strong black role models. Most young blacks can’t say that. Before Obama, who could they look up to? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton??? Yeah right. The sad part is that there are many successful/intelligent blacks in this country, just like my parents, but the poor blacks never see them. If they do see them, they’re basketball players or some other kind of entertainer… not scholars and entrepreneurs. So, instead of studying, many blacks are out shooting hoops (or people). Social engineering at its finest. :/ Can you believe that the first non-dysfunctional black family on TV was The Jeffersons? 1975!!! Before that we were portrayed as monkeys for several hundred years. I don’t know how my parents beat the times. Meanwhile, many (not all) whites can’t seem to figure out why blacks are still down and out. Blacks are called lazy, even though they built the country. We’re called violent, but most blacks in jail are in for drugs (that’s a whole nother story). The majority of whites on the other hand are in for violent crimes and rape. Breaking free from that mindset is liberating. There’s no need to name call or put others down. With the right upbringing and encouragement, the black man can excel. Believing in yourself is the first step, my friends. I wish every black child recognized their potential. They can, but they NEED REAL examples to follow, not just puppets in suits. I plan on being a community leader in the future… a move that will be good for blacks and for whites. 😉

    On a side note: Quite soon the entire American population (88% white) will be considered “genetically inferior” on the world stage. We test poorly and we’re fat. Sedentary lifestyles (laziness), reality TV, video games, fast food, prescription drugs and a sense of entitlement have turned Americans into useless eaters. With birth rates of whites in fast decline, there is a real possibility that whites will be the minority in the next 50 years. With that said, poor and middle class whites might need just as much help as the black man. Extinction is worse that discrimination, in my opinion. 😦

    • Congratulations! You are an example of the role environment plays. I agree with you about needing the right kind of role models, rather than the self-serving loudmouths you mentioned. Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams are national treasures—yet are called “uncle toms” or oreos, by much of the black community. If more black youths aspired to become like “them”—rather than like sports/Hollywod celebrities or ghetto rap stars—we wouldn’t be having this discussion. INSTEAD, black pop culture glorifies black role models that keep the negative “black stereotype” alive.

    • “On TV, all you see are the useless shirtless criminal blacks.”

      A.A. Fuller. I don’t know what TV you’re watching, but we have a game at our house called “Smart Negro.” First one to call it in the scene where the Smart Negro first appears wins. The classic Smart Negro is the computer hacker with the glasses in Die Hard. But we also include the person in charge, to whom the authentically smart people must answer and turn to when they run out of ideas, like Lieutenant Van Buren on Law and Order, or Leon Vance on NCIS, or Madeleine Hightower on the Mentalist. If you’re a competitor, you’ll start to see them everywhere. Hollywood is INUNDATING us with them.

    • You forgot your grammar,( than discrimination). Anyway, just because someone has a degree does not mean they have above average intelligence. Obama and Codoleezza Rice do not have above average intelligence. Condi scored low on SAT tests.

    • 100% accurate. However, the culture of blacks further distances them from the rest of the races. It amplifies their problems and makes advancement even more difficult. This is not anyone’s fault but their own and they are just not intelligent enough as a group to realize it and change it.

  15. My IQ is well over 130 and Ican be a dumbass at times. I don’t think a lower IQ makes a person more or less likely to sport a pair of Air Jordans or pull up their pants.

  16. Jeez. Who the hell let this inbred piece of pig shit into the gene pool?

  17. Here is the true test. Pronounce the word ASK.
    Now pronounce the word BIRTHDAY.

  18. It’s not Black’s melanin levels that present the problem, its Black behavior. Included in this behavioral deficiency, and as can be seen in previous comments, is the apparent inability of Blacks to converse in a civil manner and their easy recourse to violence.

  19. Elephants have bigger brains than humans. That doesn’t make them the smartest mammals.
    Intelligence is far complex than counting the neurons or weighting brains.
    It is true that blacks are on average less smarter than other people. That’s because we have on average less schools, less education and cultures that have been manipulated to keep us in that situation as long as possible. All peoples, all races, all nations can’t advance at the same speed and reach what we call modern societies at the same time. It is a random process and blacks happened to be the unluckiest. Time will tell: Humans like us are on this planet for more than a hundred thousand years. What was the racial IQ 5 thousand years ago? What will the racial IQ be 5 thousand years from now?
    Isn’t it really lunatic to conclude about racial intelligence based on events that occurred during less than 1 per cent of our existence?
    When the black pharaohs conquered and ruled Egypt in 600 BC what was the status of racial IQ?
    What will the racial IQ be 600 years from now?
    The author made good points but to say that black culture are backward and should embrace shakespeare, voltaire… is a backward suggestion. Black cultures just have to import modern knowledge they don’t have like did all other cultures. We don’t have to worship European heros and cultures, import Indian hair for our women… We just have to be ourselves.

  20. you spelled negro wrong you idiot…no E at the end.

  21. I find it funny how widespread the acceptance of ‘variation in intelligence’ is between organisms of the same species (some breeds of dogs are smarter than others, some birds are more intelligent (but maybe less vocally gifted) than others), YET, when it comes to humans, everything is thrown out the window.

    As a Zoology graduate from a highly credible institution, I have learned that there is no denying the VAST amount of differences among species on this planet — and the human race is no exception. When this incredibly simple fact becomes conventional (which I doubt it ever will), then the world can finally come to peace in realizing that each race is different and unique. Races naturally differ (on average… see below) in so many ways that it would be silly not to believe variance in intelligence wouldn’t exist.

    One other thing I have to say. People need to learn what averages among populations are, and how to use them. Just because you say ‘well I know an Asian with a super low IQ, so the assumption that Asians are super smart CAN’T be true’ doesn’t mean anything. You must examine numerical averages when drawing your personal conclusions — not only when looking at racial differences, but in many, many other aspects of life as well.

    “Statistics are the only tools by which an opening can be cut through the formidable thicket of difficulties that bars the path of those who pursue the Science of Man.”

  22. I’ve known black people who can write far better than this.
    The punctuation is abysmally bad. Seriously, if you’re going to write a diatribe against the “stupidity” of a group of people, at least do it in properly punctuated English. This is laughable.

  23. They r on the loose and breeding like rabbits.. 😦

  24. The point that IQ is 50% hereditary and 50% environmental to be the most important.

    Why are Asian students now the smartest kids in the classroom? Their parents and culture emphasize studying, reading, doing their homework and NEVER dropping out of school. When the black community and individual black parents reinforce those things to their young people, then the IQ’s will improve and the entire community will benefit.

    I don’t see that happening currently. While black parents may want their kids to do well in school, they don’t DO anything to achieve that, except talk about it. Talk is cheap… you need to sit with your kid, night after night, and go over the material and try to make them understand what is in the text-books. Sometimes the parents will be learning the material at the same time!

    How do you think that Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese immigrants became so smart in such a short time? They had to learn all the subjects and to learn it in English as well (not their native tongue). Determination goes a long way towards achieving a goal.

  25. What is the point of this article? Even if all the writer posted was true, so what? This is a waste of time.

    • Loretta, I think you are black. Cannot be otherwise. And it is not waisting time here at all as blacks waisted our economy already. So don’t talk about waisting time. Time is money and the years we where stucked with them, and still are, costed billions.

  26. What’s awesome is Larry Elder is a very conservative, very intelligent, and very educated black man. I have been a fan of his for a while. Many people probably read this and don’t know that it was written by a black man.

  27. Slavic inferiority? Tell that to the relatives of Nikola Tesla! What of all the brilliant Russian scientists and engineers let alone brilliant writers? Fact: There has NEVER been a single Black Nobel prize laureate in ANY field of science! But to speak truth makes me a “Raciss” know wuh om sayin?

  28. Boring apologetical crap.
    IQ tests are biased – for civilization. They do not take account of hunting skills, inborn navigational ability, etc. Thankfully, that doesn’t matter in the modern world.

    As for blacks being ‘impoverished’ – well, that’s because they’re stupid, tribal and violent and thus have shitty systems of government. They’re poor because they’re bad at being civilized and always have been.

    Asians, and to a lesser extent whites, are the product of strong natural selection for civilizational attributes (reading, writing, abstract reasoning, mathematics, greed and foresight) whereas these tree-dwelling savages in Africa and the Americas have not. Witness the proof of the half-ways: the Arabs and Hindus who were, to a large extent, tribal primitives on the fringes of civilization built by other people. They are about the halfway point between Asians, whites and blacks/injuns. Likewise my own tribe – the Vietnamese – aren’t quite as smart as the Chinese, who have been civilized longer and more robustly.

    Russia has only recently been civilized (largely by non-Russians) and underwent a dysgenic experiment called Communism. Slavs aren’t the same as West Europeans anymore than Cambodians are the same as the Chinese. Related, sure, but vastly different selection pressures in recent history.

    • sorry to say, but every time they proof over and over again Not to be ethical or how to behave. They Will stay savages. And no proof necessary anymore as they had the chance already a couple of million years ago.

  29. It brings false hope to the lives of Iranian people and reflected
    in the electoral victory off President Rouhani will be seized appropriately by the
    United States that it is when they are released.

    What makes thjs permanent condition even more sad, is that it helps prevent mootonous testing and thus save prisons tto
    spend a lott of discussion about Verna’s prisoners smoking habit.

    Perhaps most important of all though, the rulings also show
    that the British government was implacably opposed
    to Jewish immigration at the time.

  30. Even if blacks are educated, their IQs are still low. Codoleeza Rice’s IQ is not high because she scored low on the SAT tests. When you have a high IQ, people score high on the SAT tests. It is documented that Codoleeza Rice IQ is not above average.

  31. You are a rasist to my people(negroes). Don’t forget we do not allclive in Amarica

  32. Thanks ‘not too late’ for pointing out what the plague clearing out a lot of white DNA.

    If racial intelligence comes up in the news I seek these types of articles out. Much has happened since this was posted, to honor their final moments I have forced myself to watch many black men murdered by whites in broad daylight. It’s frightening to feel so helpless. This I’ll say to the angry white comments: you could be next. I get a sense that is in fact the fear causing these murders now.

    I just took the latest ‘are you smarter than an American’ tests & noticed the scores are broken down into race. While other articles have suggested the Hispanic populations are at less advantage than black, I noticed the Hispanic test scores were nearly on par with whites. Interesting, but cops murdering Hispanics aren’t making the same headlines either.

    Another article pointed out some food for thought: blacks & Hispanic people have the strongest family & community ties. Those that fall upon hard times are likely to be supported to maintain their quality of life. When a white person becomes sick, unemployed, other whites will reject them & basically leave them to die. How’s that for IQ selection?

    We don’t use our whole brain anyway, we can all tap into the same potential ‘intelligence’. What I’d like to see included in the quotient is an aptitude for love, kindness, & community.

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