A Letter To the President

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Dear Mr. President,

“We the People” underpins your present status. Without the We there is no You unless you fancy yourself -and those who follow in your footsteps- as tyrants. The weaker the We – the stronger will need to be your Presidential Me.

The trend is not in the people’s favour, and if not on your watch, then on the next, the Republic, will see her end.

Something must be done to reverse the trend, and pushing the Chicken button, isn’t it. Nor is playing the Race card. Rather, you must aim to preserve a We in our day and for our posterity, as it had been preserved for ourselves, by those who preceded both You, and Us.

The world has entered upon a dangerous phase, when contracting economic activity threatens to fragment it along racial lines. Your inopportune rhetoric, has not helped. More than ever before, the question of America’s national identity, is summed up in just one person – yourself. But rather than treading carefully – you need to take a good look in the mirror.

You won the election, on the pretext of being “Black”. That mirror, belies the lie.

You attended Harvard, elite high-schools, and travelled the world, thanks to your White upbringing. Like all too many black fathers – yours was nowhere to be seen. Are you still in denial, that he was a polygamist?

Thanks to White culture, you were able to read and write, to survive past your first two years of life, to pursue an open-ended career, and even – not be born a slave. Yes, to not be born a slave.

Your election, is not the triumph of either Asia, or Africa, but of a small group of people in the Aegean sea, who had the temerity to brave the despots and tyrants, to birth democracy two millennia back, and those who appended their bravery, through revolution in the 18th century, on a Western crag of the massive Eurasian continent.

Today, the country which you represent, is threatened by racial division. Old habits die hard, and even products of racial unity, such of yourself, sow such divisiveness.

It is time, to grow beyond your blackness. Time to embrace your whiteness, and to put all grievances either behind you, or to moderate them, with a new found gratitude and appreciation for the country which made you. You need to build a monument Mr. President to those Americans who did the historically unprecedented – and abolished slavery. You need to learn to thank Lyndon B. Johnson, instead of tarring your political opponents – as you did with your erstwhile competitor Clinton- as racists for mentioning him in the same breath as the Reverent Martin Luther King.

America’s “We” needs to include both blacks and whites, brown and yellow. Affirmative Action, Victim Narratives, and Color Coded culture, only divide us. People must always retain the right to marry whoever they choose – but this right must be defended as much for those who wish to marry “out” of their racial groups, as much as for those who want to marry “within” them. Products of racial unions, have no reason to reject the culture which gives them mothers, in favor of the culture which leaves them fatherless.

It is time to move beyond sixties rhetoric of majority vs minority, and to accept the nation’s past as a national  heritage. You eat corn flakes in the morning? They weren’t invented by a black man.

It is time to make “White” culture “American Culture” and to demote particularist expressions of savagery and backwards, to slovenly habits and ideas the “low classes” who wish to keep themselves, and their peers, perpetually ignorant and poor!

History cannot be the prisoner of grievance. If it serves the aims of extortionists, then it serves the interests of the few.

The answer to America’s We, is in your attitude, and mindset, Mr. President. You can push that Chicken Button all you want, but at some stage, there ain’t going to be no more chicken – if that’s all you push.

Times are tough, and either We stand together, or we fall apart.

The “We” which elected this country’s first President, is the same one which put you where you are today. You owe it to US, the names and faces behind the We, that our future generations, do not degrade the English language with solecism under the pretext of cultural relativism, nor pollute it with Spanish words claiming that half the country had previously belonged to Spain, so it only serves Us right. Remember, now you are permanently part of our We. You might enjoy your speeches still being understood, by American children in fifty years time.

Our country’s sovereignty, is OURS. If this sovereignty is undermined today, with immigration policies which refuse us our right to our borders, Mr. President, instead of a Great Nation, you will bequeath this land misery and doom.

Not only will your speeches gather dust, you will serve as the market of that, whose opposite you claimed to embody – divisiveness.

The time to Save America, is now. The man to do it – is Yourself. Maybe not as you envisioned it – but as History demands of you. The people to save, is Us. The way to do it, is by creating a We.

on behalf of DNA Wars, and with gratitude for your attention,


  1. ..another brilliant post. I can really appreciate your writing. Thank you for calling a spade a spade. It is so rare in our politically correct, weak society. I don’t necessarily agree with 100% of what you say but it rings truth. May I print this article and pass it out/post it up?

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