The Atrocity of White Colonialism

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Decolonization came to Africa, with panic and menace for whites. From Algeria to the Congo, pale-face was cleansed ethnically in payback for centuries of oppression. With few exception, numbers were never tallied so the history of this payback remains anecdotal. An internet search will yield a paltry 100 Belgians and 32 British for Congo and Kenyan massacres. Neither Brussels nor London had the slightest interest in exploring the real price whites paid for African freedom, and avoided collecting accurate data whose only benefit was humiliation. What few statistics are available, ignore the percentage of whites killed as total of white settled populations as much as they ignore the appalling death toll amongst Blacks who fought for the preservation of White Colonialism.

Only the Portuguese put up a brave fight and heroic face. Lisbon tallied the brutal murder of more than 5,000 whites in Angola and another 5,000 in Mozambique. The British, claim of 32 murdered whites in Kenya, doesn’t hold up to the panic that actually took hold of English settlers in the country. Fear that still marks the memories of Belgians who fled the Congo, a fear as tenacious as the bitterness of the pied-noirs about France’s inability to officially acknowledge the death of 16,000 innocent French civilians, and 40,000 pro-French Arabs, at the hands of terrorists.

From Kenya, to the Congo, genteel white women, men, and children were ruthlessly butchered in their homes, work, or on route as they attempted to either flee or idealistically carry on life with “liberated” Blacks. In a process that took Africa from a continent of vast potential, to a backwater consigned to suicidal genocide stirred by leaders who were literally cannibals, brainless simian variations on Stalin and Hitler, even non-colonial peoples were given the boot.

Jews, Greeks, Indians, and Ismailis that benefited from colonial development of the Dark Continent, were sent scattering from Zambia to Uganda.

In the 1920s, Zimbabwe used to be home to prosperous Greeks communities, and Greek tradesmen used to navigate the rivers of the Congo and Zambia. A few years of terror in the seventies, changed all that.

The murderous dictator Idi Amin, who used to boil his enemies alive and is claimed to have eaten the worst of the lot , set the Ismaili and Indian communities of Uganda packing with a 90 day ultimatum, as had already been the case in Tanzania and Kenya.

The Jews of North African countries, were faced with immediate extermination in the sixties,  and if not for French and Israeli assistance, Oran and Marrakesh would be no different from Auschwitz and Terezin.

The contributions that whites and their colonial facilitators made to an undeveloped and culturally imprisoned Africa, requires that “ethnic  cleansing” be superseded by either “cognitive cleansing” or “destruction of Africa’s future” as more apposite terms  than mere reference to skin colour.

Ironically, the destruction of Africa’s future, was carried out in the name of freedom, and was abetted, financed, and encouraged by Whites in Moscow, and Washington. The concomitant elimination of Indians, Greeks, and Semites from African economies, was spurred by Arabs in Lebanon and Egypt.

The forces both America and the Soviets unleashed with their uncritical support to “liberation movements”, amounted to more than just arms and legal ammunition that UNITA and the FLN used in their licentious murders. Journalism  and literary propaganda aimed at the Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and English administrators laid the foundation for Sub-Saharan anarchy at the domestic level, and extortion as the sole objective of African foreign policy.

Both Moscow and Washington encouraged the consolidation of a Negro identity, in opposition to White  callousness, murderousness, and exploitation. A hundred years prior to their effort, the  politics of setting the Negro against the White man, was nurtured by Europeans against Europeans, when the French, Belgians, German, and English scrambled for African land.

Even today, scholars with political agendas remain inept in disentangling such propaganda, from Sub-Saharan reality. The most famous case of academic incompetence must be that of Adam Hochschild‘s  Leopold’s Ghost. A screed based entirely on the fabricated evidence of British agents who concocted stories of Belgian atrocities in the Congo, in keeping with British designs against the upstart Belgians, it does justice to the depravity with which these agents were willing to juggle numbers to justify a cause. Hochschild’s fantasy of 5 million Negro dead, is as immaterial as his reference to Ghosts’ in the “bestsellers'” title – a reference to superstitious fiction.

For rather than a history of brutality and genocide, the presence of the White man in Africa knows virtually no instances of any deliberate, and systematic murder of a single domestic population. Documentary evidence reveals the noblest imperatives behind the involvement of Whites in these hopeless lands.

The French who began the scramble for Negro lands, were motivated by little more than a Civilisational calling to embetter the state of obvious Savages. First by stamping out slavery and cannibalism, second by replacing voodoo and witchcraft with literacy, and religion.

As with all noble aims, failure is best ascribed to the difficulty of the task, along with the sincerity and ineptitude of the intentions. Armed with Rousseau the French were clueless about the handicap primitive culture bestowed on future generations of Blacks. Among other Europeans, the desire to bring the Black to the level of Whites, were devoid of any long-term ideological commitment. Imperial completion soon replaced settlers preoccupation with Civilisation, and numerous wars resulted for the survival of White colonies. Besides the French, no investment in Black Africa, appears to have taken place. Negroes began to be viewed as hopeless children, with no possible prospect for improvement, and Whites conceptualised their presence in the continent as a benevolent Sheppard whose future amounted to no more than grazing the Black sheep, in order to sheer their wool.

Intentions dissolved in the gaze of African reality.

The Atrocity in White Colonialism of Africa, doesn’t lie in the brief period of mineral exploitation, and largely benign White domination of the Negro. Rather, it lies with the atrocious distortion of this benevolent history into a narrative of brutal exploitation. The atrocious distortion of the naive intentions and amateurish attempts of Whites,  at Negro rectification.

The Psychological humiliation of Negroes by White domination, is a product of continued White domination in the Spiritual World of the Media, and Academia. The irrational complex of self-guilt, required to negate the reality of Africa, is much the same as the irrational calling of the French, to meddle in the affairs of Savages.

Reality defeated Whites in the fifties, and it will continue to do so, until the victims of this Colonial Fantasy are tallied, and the Myths of Atrocity, are laid to rest. If history is anything to go by, Whites will remain unable to overcome their natural yearning for Moral Supremacy, and face the brutality of Savage Reality that Africa was prior to contact with Whites, remained during contact with Whites, and will remain no matter who it is in contact with until it is ready to face its own reality.

idi amin

Since Non-whites and non-Blacks have a much easier time with this Reality, it is only a matter of time before the Fantasies of Negroes, result in their total extinction from the Sub-Saharan continent, as the Fantasies of Whites resulted in their removal from the same.

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