Darkies’ White Dreams

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Esthetically Whites are easy to spot. They stand out clear and bright. Even when fat and dirty the corpulence and soot are not part of the original package, and you don’t have to be White to grasp this in a split second. In fact, the darker your own complexion, the faster you grasp it.

White culture, white IQ, white racism, white tastes, white traditions, and a slew of other neologisms, appear amorphous compared to the tangibility of the aesthetics of Whiteness, in whose obverse are born the Darkies.

Darkies are the elites of non-whites, who when confronted with tall blond men or slim Italianate women, choose to politicize the inferiority of their dark complexion and unattractive features.

Instead of accepting the natural order of Beauty that evolution wrought  upon this wretched earth, they radicalize aesthetic discourse into a form of racial struggle.

Notions of “White Beauty” are written off as social constructions, malignantly foisted upon the subjugated coloureds by White Imperialists. The cosmetics industry is an evil White plot to bleach the indigent of distant lands, and Hollywood is but the proxy of Estee-Lauder and L’Oreal spewing subliminal messages of “White is More Beautiful” on unwitting Third World minds.

Whatever the merits of this argument, non-white racial radicals seldom grant the time of day to the proposition that White is indeed more beautiful, and all they need to prove it, is take a good hard look at who they are. In a mirror, for starters.

New technologies promise to forever change the way humans determine the features of their offspring. A predictable chorus of Political Correct Beauty  will pose the biggest challenge to such technologies. Universities will rush to fund Racial Ethics departments tasked with brainwashing the masses to “Embrace Themselves” and “Just say No to White”. The vehemence of these efforts will serve as proof of the universal biological drive behind the triumph of White Beauty.

For if one doubts the existence of Whites, and the validity of their aesthetic superiority, one need merely note  the existence of a vast political industry aimed at destroying the market driven global obsession with porcelain skin. An industry whose size reveals just how profound the Problem of Darkness may be.

The phrenological superiority of Whites over non-whites poses challenges of which Darkies are the ultimate rejectionist enemies. Darkies: the non-whites who in order to embrace who they are, must first step over the corpse of those who they are not; must first negate the White, in order to assert the Dark. Darkies: folks who are stuck destroying something to get nothing, and can embrace their skin only by first rejecting their instincts.

It takes an effort to pretend, that nappy is happy. That flared nostrils and exaggerated smackers are the same as a cute nose and soft lips. That the contrast resulting from black skin and white eyes, is as complex or attractive as that resulting between rosy lips, blue eyes, and brown hair. Beneath all those clothes one also finds larger, and suppler breasts. Less hirsute crotches, and less absurd derrieres. Nor are expressions anywhere as complex and boast the same range of emotional hues on dark faces, as on white.

The mixed races of South America and North Africa may produce the best male figures and nubile female forms – but this doesn’t stop them from striving headlong towards snowy whiteness and the blond;  a passion not limited to Mrs. Morocco and Mrs. Honduras, or to the Turkish soap opera Noor and sultry Brazilian Telenovelas, but openly professed by most Mexicans, Algerians, and Afghans when observed in their native environment unrestrained by Western political correctness.

The Trouble with Darkness starts when identity politics impairs aesthetic judgment. When Beauty is subordinated to crass electioneering.  Darkies are often joined by braying blue-eyed creeps who for reasons of hypocrisy find it impossible to breach the uncomfortable truth to their hyperactive demagogue “friends” that the sheer logic of “authenticity” requires that the Dark must admit its passion for the White or risk losing its wayward soul.

Darkies and their self-denying allies conveniently confound the democratic imperative of political equality with demands for some kind of aesthetic equivalent. But by denying their innermost jealousy and dreams of Whiteness, they simply maintain the lie that their war against Whites, isn’t a war on civilization, and the source of their unearned privileges.

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