Love Haiti!

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Oh where is the love indeed?  A mere three months following the Western Hemisphere’s greatest humanitarian disaster, Haiti has slipped from a 24/7 media obsession back to non-existance, with the emotions of patronizing Whites exposed as shantier than the homes of Negroes dying on the forsaken Caribbean hellhole.

The virtual disappearance of Haiti from the news reports, succinctly summarizes the nature of racial relations in the age of the Coming Crash of Races: Fake, Freudian, Duplicitous, and Manipulated.  Perhaps a new bumper sticker is in order: Remember Haiti – since the Alamo is once again  more memorable.

In January 2010, perhaps a quarter million people perished as a result of an ordinary earthquake. This happened right under our very noses in a part of the world  erroneously called the Gulf of Mexico; the Mexican Navy is equal in strength to Denmark’s. It’s 7.o Richter Scale  was equal to tremors which took place in Japan, and inferior to 8.8 which shook Chile.

Compared to 2004 when underwater quakes of 9.0 swelled Pacific Ocean coastal lines into Tsunamis that took a quarter of a million lives along the lengths of the entire Pacific Ocean, the devastation of  a single earthquake localised to the town of Leogane, requires some explanation. But explanations require memory, while politics require action.

Sensing a unique opportunity to play the part of Anti-Bush, the Mulatto in Chief used the possibility of a large Negro death toll in Haiti, to mobilize America’s politically correct emotions into personal political capital. With gestures broad and preened, Obama commanded outpourings of sympathy as sincerely post-racial as the very campaign he waged to enter the nation’s highest office; unique tax loopholes to encourage private American “donations to Haiti,” and 24/7 media bombardment of the country with images and tedious discussions of Tropical suffering.

The tax credits amounted to tax subsidies and losses for a Treasury busily socializing the private losses of fat-cat  robber barons with Americans’ hard earned tax contributions. “Donations to Haiti” implied donations to the Haitian Relief effort, again little more than stealing tax payers money to finance an exercise in Racial Politics by a Mulatto in Chief.

A quick glance at Google’s news timeline reveals that as early as the end of February, Haiti’s news prominence collapsed by a half, and was back on track to its pre-earthquake marginality by mid March; 250,000 million lives,  and incalculable millions spent on mass hysteria and moral chest-beating.  Money thrown at emotional masturbation, and 21st century exercise in social vigilantism.

As with the 2008 presidential election, humans failing to partake in herd behavior were on the lam. Inability to express proper emotions of sympathy for something more appropriately understood as the missing link between troglodytes and the modern homo, attracted suspicion and danger.

Now that the show is over, those who refused to masturbate in public, prove once more, that our interest in “humans” who deliberately refuse to join the ranks of “Humanity,” remains stronger, and more genuine, than the conformists who chucked pennies in the direction of Port-aux-Prince.

As the name would suggest, the city once served as Port to Princes. Negroes are particularly familiar with it, because their equivalent to Bolivar now is part of the name of its main airport. At the start of the 19th century Toussaint L’Overture decimated France’s attempts to retain control of her North American colonies before declaring Haiti the Carribean’s first “independent nation.”  America’s crucial role in assisting Toussaint L’Overture in his revolutionary undertaking will forever remain a footnote. Ignoring L’Overture’s own dictatorial tendencies, Haitian history is best summarized by the title of the man who followed (Dessalines) – “Emperor of Haiti.”

aint no hollywood movie

That's right, this isnt a Hollywood production - unlike the fake hystria over Haiti's Earquake, in early 2010.

Four years after its nominal “independence” a Haitian Negro proclaimed himself “Emperor of Haiti.” When a Mulatto educated in Paris tried to reclaim the Republic, Haiti split in two, and another Negro became its “King”. Fast-forward 200 years and its either Papa Doc, the French SOB with his Cote d’Azure villas, or Bertrand Aristide, America’s SOB, today a professor of Zulu living off of South African government pensions, in a massive villa in Pretoria.

Whites Narcissists and Negroes (N&N) trumpet Haiti’s “history”  as prima facie evidence of Blue Eyed devilry. From L’Ouverture’s education in England, to the death of a nephew of Cincinnatus Lacont on board the Titanic, N&N’s attribute all of Haiti’s failure to someone else’s inadequacies. France, America, England, Whites. When a slightly above average earthquake takes a quarter of a million Haitian “lives,” (for is this life?)  Narcissists know where to lay the blame…hint: it’s not their own Narcissim.

One little organisation  appropriate called Love Haiti is around on the web. The verbal tense is unlikely to be in the imperative, but the call for love certainly could be. Those of us who have managed to grown out of either Narcissism or color-based ethnocentrism, remain focused on how much money has gone where (?)  to whom (??)  and done what  (???) while others just brag how great it is to masturbate in front of others.

Masturbation is as useful as a crush, if it lasts a mere two weeks after a massive overdose of government ordained and media orchestrated sympathy. Emotions manipulated to political purposes, in pursuit of shanty and shallow color-coated highs are drug addictions which obliterate both memory, and the capacity for responsible human behavior. Haiti’s coat of arms might serve the antidote. The phrygian cap, hung on a pole growing through a palm tree (?) –  victory booty and mockery of a dead Civilisation.

30 silver coins might buy you fame, but there’s a point where you’ll have to attend a crucifixion. Tax credits and donations can soothe your heart, but its a heart too weak to go on beating throughout the inevitable terror.

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