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At the start of a new millennium White culture comes in two cans. The Hedonistic European, and the Commercial American. Deprived entirely of any vitality, both promise absolutely nothing.  Niggerism, as the dynamic expression of the Negro spirit produced in Commercial America, steps in to fill the void on both continents.

Whether Negroes are genetically stupid, makes absolutely no difference. Their possible stupidity is only as good as it is relevant to the stupidity of others. Obsessive pleasure seekers are by definition mentally limited (White Europeans); those confusing commercial success with a nation’s success are obviously dim witted (White Americans,), but blame it on the IQ of blacks.

Negroes are not a race lacking in energy or talent, and it is not  advisable to confuse America’s ghetto culture, with the full potential of the Negro. As it is not advisable to insist on genetics, when the entire population cohort of the Negro jumped from pre-agricultural economies, straight into the industrial a mere 50 years ago. Imagine Goths and Celts  trying to assimilate to the conditions of post 1950s Detroit.

Commercial America. Rewriting history to make commerce its backbone, children in schools are taught that all ideas are equal, provided they all make a profit. A profit for the psychologically dependent consumer of entertainment, a profit for the spiritual entrepreneur, a profit for the nation’s ideals of national security. As long as it brings us a profit, how can it be wrong?

Good luck convincing the world with the non-conviction of pragmatism. Total pragmatism isn’t an identity, it is the total absence of one.

Hedonistic Europe. Sex, drugs, and fun. NYLon – New York + London ++ Paris, in a Hilton or Intercontinental. Fashion, tourism, and waiting for America to provide all the bombs while the white European middle class slaves away to feed the ne’er-do-well students. Every immigrant who made it across the Middle Sea sweeps Europe’s streets while replacing a European population which no longer needs to reproduce itself.

Good luck, convincing the world with the non-conviction of pleasure seeking. Like its American brother, hedonism isn’t an identity, its the absence of one.

That both White cultures can possibly be related to their predecessors, boggles the mind. These postcards of cultural misery related to Cecil Rhodes, Livingstone, Lyoutay, and Yermak Timofeyevich? Men who shared a passion for the subjugation of ignorance and misery, and the necessary confidence to pursue such a calling are the progenitors of these  21st century honky twerps?

Into this thin cultural gruel steps in the Negro with his Niggerism. The Negro isn’t limited to his BIC. From the day he was invented , the Negro is keenly aware of certain of his superiorities,  and advantages over other races.

Having consigned to the dust-bin all notions of good taste, of physical territory, and of national history, Whites in Europe and America have built the infrastructure necessary for the propagation of Niggerism over their own dead bodies. With no self-identity to speak of, Whites  lack successful models for masculinity; white femininity is beginning to become marginalized, and the lack of reproductive success, promises global impoverishment.

Niggerification is the rise of Niggerism to cultural dominance in the White cultural vacuum. Niggerism can be observed in the following:

  • masculinity as defined by the Negro male:
    low behavioral restraint
    false emotional restraint
    lots of show, little to show for it
    posing, posturing
    low reliability, low esteem for results
    lots of indignation
    verbose when aroused, taciturn when disapproving
    importance of body, both sexually and inter-personally
    little in terms of honor
    emotional insecurity
    grimaces, faces, pursed lips, express either lust or negative emotion
  • dumbing down of the rational
    rise of the  impulsive, the inspired, improvised
    low effective communication skills,
    emotions used to legitimize a point, supersedes reason
    nauseating repetition over coherence
    emphasis on music, gesture, emotional stamping
  • decrease in:
    in manners
    in cultivated behavior
  • decrease in emotional sophistication and  meditative depth of reflection
    in day to day interaction
    in comprehension and understanding
    in expressive forms

The source of Nigger culture in the Negro, is his pre-agricultural heritage; the complex of cultural expectations, references, and aspirations that define the Negro in the Negro mind. The failure of White culture — for it was the only culture which dragged the Negro out of his habitat– to break the Negro’s pre-agricultural heritage is a contributing factor to the rise of Niggerism. The lack of vitality in White culture, is the prerequisite for Niggerificaiton to take place.

The Negro pre-agricultural heritage selects for physical prowess; selects for aggression and dominance, in the form of emotional posturing and fist throwing. The tradition for males established in the non-black world are weapons. For a modern it is incomprehensible how a camel ridding Bedouin could slave a negro. Forgotten in this historical void, is the awareness that a White of the 17th century could wield an exceptionally efficient fencing sword, not merely efficient against the barbarian tribesman, but equally threatening to a Japanese samurai!

Black males now dominate images of masculinity via sports, combat, and sex. They determine people’s accents, gaits, habits of jeering and threat posturing through music and popular shows.  Dancing has been Niggerised since the 50s, when the traditions of couples dancing, and of coordinated group dancing were replaced by the isolation dancing of the Senegambia, such that today’s clubs and discos are full of drunk mobs rhythmically jumping up and down to the beats of a jungle. When contact is made, it is for dirty dancing or grinding. Rare Negroes in the world of couples dancing are associated with pimps getting their hands on ass by unusual means!

The Negro female has taken most of her cultural cues from an absence of the nuclear family, and is defined by her sexual frustration. Need one repeat that White Aesthetics places no small amount of stress on women of color?  Lacking a culture of emotional self-restraint, the Negress often reminds society of this lack through fits of madness that best resemble observations straight out of Jane Goodall’s notebook. Rihanna and  Naomi Campbell or the secretary and sales clerk with an attitude? Not only is there no going back, this is the way forward!

Sexually, both the black male and female are endowed so that intercourse is largely physical. Courting is reduced to the animalistic. Even the formalities a black couple enjoys around a table, look like foreplay in heat. The female has no tenderness in her eyes, rather the look of a woman who would enjoy something other than a fork between her thick lips!  Compare this to the asexuality of the Asian, and the Romantically inclined and cuddling white. Pornography is now pushing everyone’s mind towards a Blacker model of sex. Towards emotionally disconnected physicality. Interracial porn combined with Negro male sexuality in mainstream entertainment, promises the further intensification of this trend.

Interracial porn tends to follow a White woman/black men model. As more and more couples seek out BBC for their White pleasure, little do they take stock that the White, Asian, or Latina woman has been — on account of the universal male obsession with penis size — transformed into a “cock hungry whore”  completely out of line with her actual feminine nature! The impact of this sexual Niggerification requires its own separate and sophisticated post!


Under the pretext of pluralism, Niggerification knows neither Richard Wright nor Langstone Hughes, but is proficient in baring knuckles and smashing hoops. Its essence is anti-cultural, and  alogical. It increases the attractiveness of shaking  one’s ass and of talking uppity or with head half-cocked. Niggerification is entertainment with the spice of menace sprinkled in. It quadruples the value of entertainment so the Trojan Horse of Commerce is ready to penetrate the  shaved mons pubis of the European hedonistic whore.

Pre-Agricultural societies lack the sophisticated emotional depth required for a Song of Roland or Genji Monogatari. Niggerification amplifies the importance of large gestures, of the caustic, and the menacing, and it leaves only those feelings, which scientist so gleefully identify in the Great Apes as proof of their primate Humanity!

Intellectuals, of nearly every stripe, left or right or center, will sense that some of  Niggerification must be a providential remedy for the moribund culture of the White world. They are advised to listen to less rap. Especially since they adore diversity and variety!

Like nearly all Negro music, rap fails to produce any gamut of emotions beyond the aggressive and tough, beyond the sexual, and fornicating. It has no concept of lightness, of joviality, of gayness, of playfullness. It is deadly serious, like every other artistic expression ever coined by a Negro. Even as comedians, blacks cannot move beyond themselves. They have no universality, they’re always bitter, even at their funniest. Music lovers who limit themselve to rap, inevitably limit all of their cognition to the level of a 15 year old. Even if they are 34 and married twice, their emotional maturity belongs in a sub-woofer.

Niggerism, as an anti-industrial,  and anti-productive culture has the heightened intellectual seduction of being anti-modern, and anti-stultifying. It boasts the charm of energy, of charisma, and of vitality that is long gone from modern White culture.  Niggerism seems to posses all the traits that a Euro-Asian culture dominated by the fastidious gook and the masturbating cracker, needs in order to remain on life support. Niggerism in the form of addictive entertainment makes the Asiatic despotism of indentured servitude in China possible. It’s entertainment which keeps the oblivious Ecstasy popping 24/7 partying Dutch “student” afloat.

Niggerism doesn’t understand nuance, nor depth, nor fidelity. As with most Negroes, the minute a favor is denied, the relationship suffers. Niggerification promises to undo eons of cultural development, which taught children to value the very notion of values! Niggerism is at heart hedonism and pragmatism carried to an extreme in the physically talented body of the Negro. As kids from Vladivostok and Melbourne to Anchorage and Buenos Aires start swaggering like niggers and lisping like 50 cent, those poses, those grimaces, those gestures, reflect the state of their brain. Cerebellums less and less receptive to anything produced by Eurasian culture since 1200 BCE. Fuck Homer, we have Biggie!

The answer to this intellectual fetish for interracial sex,  is simple. Either you can feel a symphony from Dvorak, or you’re part of Niggerification. When all the dust settles upon this world, one such symphony will have far greater value than the countless genocides in which humanity partook in its millenia of Dark existence.  To obsess over these genocides, while becoming unreceptive to the Symphony, is tantamount to obsessing  over failures, rather than praising success.

The gist of Niggerification is to pimp Hedonism and Commercial Pragmatism as the end all and be all. For when men are allowed to naturally acknowledge the superior achievements of Dvorak, they inevitably admit to  the abysmal failure of Negro culture. They find appreciation for the emotional and ideational inheritance of their forefathers, and they end up rejecting the wasteland that is Niggerism. This gives all of them, black, white, non-black and non-white, a greater chance of becoming human. Human in the sense that White men and women, imagined the term from 200 BC.

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