Why France? Why Now?

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Because the Crash of Races is prevented only by two factors: lack of racial awareness, and the existence of White Narcissism, and France is the epicenter of both. France drew the West into an African war because Qaddafi looked like a push-over, and it would be a cakewalk. France forgot, that one cannot have one’s cake, and eat it.

Historically, when we aren’t leading the world, France is. Under our first non-White president, France is wearing that mantle. It is a conceit to envision history as merely the product of the Anglo-Saxon,  Hebrews, or Chinese. For while America gained her liberty from the British, it was the French Revolution which assured liberty for the rest of the European continent, and hence, the rest of the World.

France has a history  of grandeur and self-delusion, no less intense, but perhaps less dramatic, than our own.  It has a history of pathetic defeat, and glorious victory, and of outstanding glory, and pitiful cowardice. Of gutsy leadership, and humiliating loss. It has a tradition of stubborn denial of reality, and a counter-tradition of bursts of energy where this denied reality transforms France, and via France, the rest of the world into something unrecognizable from the past.

France is the oldest state in the world in a strict historical definition of a State. It is a civilisation in and of itself, part of Western Civilisation, conveniently bridging the Latin South and Germanic North.

France is a culture of state building, and it is its role as a state builder that that make it the likely source of a momentous explosion in the Crash of Races. Under president Sarkozy, France raised the stakes in this traditional project by addressing the question of people-hood.

Tackling the intractable question of assimilation Sarkozy introduced a country-wide dialogue on France’s national identity. Via letters to the editorials of leading dailies, via cronies in the media, and via  government sponsored debates, France became the first nation in the Western world, to attempt to provide its native (i.e. White) population with channels to vent their frustration with non-natives, and to envision a future “together,” i.e. not “apart” from them.

Thinking himself, as befits a pompous French president, a king of the world, Sarkozy naturally underestimated his ability to manage such delicate debates. Their intention was to frame questions of French identity culturally, any mention of race, beyond the Government accepted imperative of race mixing, was strictly chastised; any expression of anti-immigrant sentiment, equally so. Underling  ministers and party whips went out of their way to shut up low level party members who dared deviate from this no-race no-immigration line. But as with all monarchs, Sarkozy forgot one little detail – the remaining opposition of the Front National.

Marine Le Pen, heiress to France’s Front National party, was independent of the president’s party, and an open debate preempted media from refusing her a voice.  In keeping with French tradition, when others mouths are being shut, Marine would open hers. Delicately avoiding Race as an issue, she hit out at immigration,  roiling the president, and forcing a premature closure to the “open” debates.

The French elite is always comically galloping to catch up with the tortoise of its populace, and Sarkozy’s strict limitation on an open discussion backfired. What marked the start of a daring glasnosts unique to a Western world besotted by self-immolating censorship, produced its opposite – greater awareness of the totalitarian limits on  French White identity.

Marine Le Pen’s visit to the island of Lampedusa, coincided with her spectacular rise in the polls, and marks the beginning of the awakening of White France to the numbers of non-whites in their vicinity. The potential for these numbers to increase has been put starkly by the demise of Qaddafi.

Crowding on the shores of Italy, Negroes and unwanted Arabs are either going to increase the cognitive dissonance required of White Narcissists’  Freudian suppression mechanism, or produce the racial self-awareness which presages an inevitable explosion of race relations in the country which until 2005, had been telling everyone not only that Race didn’t exist, but if it did, the French state, French ideology, and French know-how, knew how to make it go away.

So long, la douce France, so long, gay Paree.

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