How it Explodes

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Combine a braggadocio adventure in a corridor linking Sub-Saharan African populations and the Mediterranean, with the pressure resulting from state mismanagement of white self-awareness, and imagine the potential of this powder keg!

So how will it all go bang?

All predictions presuppose error. Saying that the sun rises carries an infinitesimal risk of error. Giving the place and time of the start of a Racial War, requires a bucket of salt.

The basic argument for France serving as the epicenter of a Racial War scenario has already been given in the previous two posts. France has a unique history of revolutionary fervor, and is  equally unique in its enforcement of White Narcissism.

With the granting of political rights to negroes in the second half of the 20th century, Racial consciousness, or its suppression, defines 21st century identities in a handful of developed polities.

Africa, a negro continent fructified and simultaneously pillaged by White overlords, remains as marginal to the Racial War, as do Russia, or China. It is societies with negro populations and liberal democracy, that a Racial consciousness necessary for Racial War is present.

Just as it is impossible for anything but a racial fist-a-cuffs take place in Vladivostok or in Harrare, there are three objective criteria which rank America, France, and England, as the only possible sites for a Race War to commence.

The first criteria is the population distribution of non-whites among whites. Two, the degree of political liberalism of the country, and three, the role of white narcissism within this politically liberal sphere.

America’s chance of a race war, peaked in 2008. Barring a repeat of these elections in 2012, in which Race Baiting carried Obama to the White House, this threat subsides with each year that the Hispanic displaces the negro. The segregated nature of America’s housing  remains the cynosure of the country’s insulation from a Race War.

England, a once proud owner of 1/4th of the globe, is now serviced by American security institutions, which can be leveraged by English elites to stop any potential unrest in its tracks.  England is a nation whose White nature has been left to the hands of skinheads and hoodlums because its internal stability is in the care of Washington.

France, remains the only candidate country with sufficient national independence to prevent extra-territorial interventions in its body politic, by either the United States, or any other international entity.

Within such uniquely French conditions, the French Republic has developed its own idiosyncratic political approach for tackling negroes. The motto “liberty, equality, and brotherhood” is understood to mean that no extra-national identity is allowed.

Apart from the abstract notion of French-hood, no one, be they Jewish, Shia, Black, or Arab, can count on any official recognition of anything, except their nationality.

While making the likes of Affirmative Action absolutely impossible, it also implies the total non-existence of either French whites, or  French blacks.

40  years of de facto Socialism assured the country that negroes would surround anaconda-like the city of Paris, and be implanted in high-rise low-income housing in each and every village in order to satisfy the football ambitions of the local mayor!

France’s crime rate is non-white. It’s prisons are non-white. While Sarkozy, who is supposed to ignore the existence of race officially declares race-mixing the state’s policy, the French countryside and French cities are terrorized by a foreign criminal culture. Having unleashed a war on Libya’s Qaddafi, France is now faced with a tidal-wave of new recruits for this criminal import.

In 2005, the death of two useless non-white thugs who would rather incinerate themselves than allow polite white French police to question them, set off a week of violent non-white rioting.

The nature of the rioting was quintessentially French. By exposing the power of the new non-white French criminal culture in the face of a disappearing state it exemplified the traditional distance between French fantasy and French reality.

Greece is beating its blacks, because there are hardly any there and they’re already an irritant. Libya is beating its blacks, because Lybians are allowed to assert their non-black identity on a regular basis. It’s only a mater of time, before the blacks take to beating their whites, and that will happen in the country  where blacks have that unique opportunity.

What will it take to set them off? A sunken boat of Africans fleeing across the Mediterranean? A stern refusal by Sarkozy to open the flood gates to further Africanisation? Another black or non-white thug who fries himself on an electric fence? Or the plausible victory of the National Front in the elections?

Whatever it takes, France is the place holding the dynamite stick.  Paris isn’t Athens, and it’s not Tripoli, but it is the single biggest creditor to the first, and the biggest bully of the second. A default in Greece means a slowdown in France. A defeat in Lybia, is no different than victory – more and more non-white immigrants.

A casual look at the modern “post-racial” French male reveals a curious physical pattern. The virile ones, are not white. Those who are polite, well-mannered, and sport fancy haircuts, are neither black nor Arab.

While the white French 20 something male spends his time making love, smoking pot, and studying in college, his black counterpart is exchanging blows with Arabs and developing street-smarts while selling the pot to the white kid whose dad is chasing him for transgressing the law.

French non-whites now enjoy a completely monopoly on the means of violence and terror in the country. For a classical Weberian definiton of the state, this implies that the state no longer exists. When a spark lights the fuse French whites will note the color of the machetes that rain down on them, and they will have no one to protect them.

The racial war will begin in France.

Faced with the wicked question of living or dying, French whites will have no choice but to fill the vacuum of  the absurdity of state imposed racial self-denial, with the biologically imperative of survival. French non-whites firmly believe that such an imperative has been bred out of the French white – as they gloat over his inferiority and their presumed prowess. Like the French political elite, they are in for a rude, and vicious surprise;  one that will do no one, any good.

There is a reason history repeats itself. Blind and willful self-denial, programmed in French white DNA, is one such reason. Now, everyone will have to pay.

As with the French Revolution, and the birth of Socialism, France’s transformation of a paradise for non-white thuggery into a grisly War of the Races, will see the world’s oldest state once again set the tempo for the global agenda.

Obtuse as always, the Sceptered Isles  will be in for a replay of 1066. America will have to choose, whether to play host to a new Napoleon, as Russia did in 1812, or to remain synchronized with the French, as it did in the second part of the glorious 18th century. Cut off from their French intellectual succor, the demise of American White Narcissist, is assured.

The initial New York nerd reaction will be denial, and the claim that “it can’t happen here.” But no number of Obama sponsored kumbaya sessions will change reality. The age of unrestricted immigration  will grind to a halt. Affirmative action will be abolished, and deepening segregation will relaunch the White birth-rate. The prominence of Black American culture will nosedive, and the NBA disappear.

Still, the process of Mexicanisation of America can not be turned back, and the nation will witness the rise of a new non-black non-white component in its elite, which will help  balance it between the world’s two great oceans…hopefully sometime by 2020.

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