The Failure of White Narcissim in Oslo

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Let’s cry over 100 victims! Let’s send them indispensable post-disaster aid! For the second time in 20 years a White man (that’s right, White!) commits an act of terrorism. An opportunity for legitimate outpouring of hatred against non-PC whites which simply cannot be missed! Hitch up the horses Ethel, it’s a Gold Mine! Non-white rape of Norwegian girls is leading crazy Crackers to blow up crazy Honkies! Yeeehaaaaa!

Did anyone expect a non-White monopoly on terror into the 21st century? They mention DNA when they need a prescription, but they can’t be bothered when looking into the mirror! Ignore your fears and hatred, pretend only others are human!

Oslo isn’t unique in its violence. It’s unique for two reasons. A White man was behind it, and it’s a unique opportunity for White Narcissists to lash out at other Whites.

For the second time in 20 years a white guy went for the 72 virgins shtick. In typical stupid white fashion he forgot that the victims were supposed to be infidels, i.e. the one’s raping white girls, not the one’s being raped! But since white girls often claim they deserve non-white rape as remittances for historical white sins, where else but inward can a cracker turn the process of niggerification? After all, doesn’t’ he take his cues from Narcissistic White intellectuals?

The very act of terrorism is a symptom of the decline of white identity. A conversion to non-white notions. It does not fit any modern white behavior pattern. It amounts to an expression of self-hatred which can only lead to the murder of the victims of rape (the self), while suppressing mere malaise with those who commit the rapes!

Why stir the pot, when it’s easier to pick on the weak by calling them traitors and shooting them through the head? Raising these issues will land a white person in a prison with the very darkies whose love knows no bounds!

Honkies will probably get the victims right the next time. In a few years they will grow up in environments indistinguishable from a favela in Sao Paolo, and will finally assimilate to non-white low-class culture to the point of getting their targets right!  Wait another 10 years, terror watchers! After ten years and 10,000 instructive non-white terrorist acts the lesson will finally sink in into those stupid white heads!

The second reason Oslo is unique, is because of the terrific opportunity it provides for Mass Hysteria and Righteous Vilification of Whites.  An opportunity for one group of extremists — White Narcissist and their insecure non-white allies– to attack their mirror opposites, the insecure Whites. Since White Narcissists are infinitely convinced of their normalcy, it is impossible for them to resist an orgy of hatred of their little white bigot relations.

What is surprising if a handsome Freemason and supposed conservative Christ-worshiper concocts conspiracies of Knight’s Templar and plots out European history into 2083?

Hatred is normal. And violence too. The inability of Europe, and White Narcissists to understand this normality, is the aberrant Elephant in the Room!

While the media pour over an avowed killer’s manifesto, seeking to discredit everything right of the center on the political spectrum, they will do nothing but increase the intensity and inevitability of a Crash of Races . Behind the seemingly benign discussion of Islam and  Right Wing Christianity, lies the tendency of European elites to manage their way out of identity issues through predictable Freudian processes of denial, regression, counter-transference, projection, and externalization.

Oslo will not be used not to discuss the issue facing White Europeans in an increasingly difficult world. It will not lead to greater respect for their voices on a continent which is historically theirs. It will be used to further divide, vilify, and radicalise opposition to the White Narcissist denial of reality.

What could have served as a reflective moment to discuss the logic of radicalisation of a seemingly cultured and reserved young man, will become a Salem witch hunt aimed at destroying even the most innocuous forms of non-Narcissistic White thought.

White Narcissists have an issue with reality. The mere air of being progressive, endows them with a moral superiority rendering them oblivious of basic human nature. That this callousness can lead to anything but increased violence is as pathetic a delusion, as is the hypocrisy of those who bomb others in the name of democracy,  but refuse to provide more than managed dialogue in the realms they rule.

Nearly 100 years ago, Europe began a descent into violence which resulted in two terrifying genocidal wars that left nearly 70 million dead, and witnessed the elimination of Europe’s best minds. The dynamics behind this savage brutality were the same as the those which presage future calamity.

Three camps oblivious to anyone but themselves. Each convinced of the extremism of the other. The Communists thought Fascists as nothing but reactionaries; the Conservative concern for family and values, a mere product of middle class monstrosity. The Right gazed upon the Communists and witnessed an aggressive ideology bent on depriving them of property, of continuity, of stability. They saw danger in a messianic radicalism which had bombed and tortured its way to power. Between the two “extremes” stood the intellectuals, the opportunists, the public men who palliated with literature, classical music, and notions of propriety, lacked the emotional energy necessary to view either side in the conflict as anything but deranged; forgetting that their own neutrality was itself a form of privilege paid for by the lives of lower-class whites in exchange for middle-class tax remissions, i.e. the policemen, Pinkertons, law-and-order types, scabs, etc.

Today, the White World wants to remain oblivious to the results of its own Narcissism.  Preaching Freud on the one hand, and ignoring his most basic lessons about civilisation, is a feat of mental gimmickry that would make Copperfield jealous.

While there is something unexpected in the ability of a young White man to slaughter nearly 100 of his countrymen — almost incomprehensible considering a lack of military experience or any violent precedent in the subject’s biography– such aberration was to be expected. The predictability that the reaction of Europe’s elites will only encourage such acts further, is almost as farcical as is the short-sightedness of this reaction.

Aside from a suspicion of a false flag operation, the eerie sensation that such violence is inevitable derives from precisely the manner in which Freudian mechanisms of denial and suppression produce surprise, outburst, and Crashes, rather than Clashes, or gradual Evolution.

No matter what words Narcissistic Whites and Non-Whites choose to describe the conduct of the White terrorist in Oslo, they will obstinately refuse to reference Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood oration. They will deny any and all responsibility of any possible link between their progressive ideology, and that of the Terrorist.  In a fit of historical amnesia they will vilify as a terrorist calumny , the mere suggestion that their outlook has led to policies that were explicitly anti-white and anti-democratic.

But democracy is not a choice, it is a necessity. Suppressing the needs of the productive majority, claiming that such needs are irrational, ignorant, and dumb, presumes the right of kings. That a continent, which contrary to all its garish prattle of “Democratic Values” has no more than 60 years experience with the notion of Democracy, and two millenia with pure Despotism of Kings whose subjects went by the name of servioi and esclavoi, so quickly reverts to forms of established Tyranny, is no  surprise. Behind every learned white intellectual’s pince-nez hides the arrogance of his Narcissism and Privilege. That the price of his privilege will be paid by the lives of simple and honorable people, white and non-white alike, is a historical constant with which he can hardly be bothered.

The value of post-colonial studies was to emphasize the racial nature of intellectual privilege. Narcissistic Whites accepted this dogma, but conveniently transferred the debt of this privilege off their backs! They drew the dubious conclusion that recalcitrant Whites deserved to be robbed of all their rights due to disagreement with colonial guilt while they – the Narcissists – could maintain their White privilege by virtue of their agreement with the dogma of post-colonial studies!

The non-White world suffers the burden of toil and unemployment, from which the the White world benefits via oppressive pleasure seeking and a chosen avoidance of work. The Narcissist answer is to ignore this relationship and merely beat non compliant non-whites through outsourcing to Chinese slave labour. Discontent Whites will be vilified and made guilty by association with some nutter in Oslo. They will be provided with free IPhones to coax them from even thinking that a part of this nutter’s logic, wasn’t anywhere as nutty as the wet-fantasies of White Narcissists are already proclaiming them to be. The same Narcissists who don’t have to deal with the question of non-whites raping whites in Europe, which is conveniently beyond their pale!

Instead of turning inwards, to face their own inner daemons, Narcissistic Whites the world over, will demonize those that dare voices similar concerns to the Terrorist of Oslo, because they’ll claim such concerns lead to violence. That these concerns are born from the same Stalinist conditions which produced the Terrorist, will be immaterial. The White Narcissist who created this world, wears the mask of Stalin. No one is allowed to complain. According to White Narcissists, complaints will now be signs of terrorists intentions.   Those who dare question the new Stalin are all part of subversive plot, and will subsequently be tortured to confess their Racist and Nazi affiliations!

White Narcissists will do anything in their power to further raise tensions in inverse proportion to the intensity of their Freudian terror of assuming their genetically given identity. Assuming failure on their part  would presume they admit that fellow Whites throughout the world are being forced to exchange increasingly useless economic advantages in favor of total and absolute political annihilation. Such an admission is impossible for the White Narcissists, because it would undo his privileges of voting left and preaching White Guilt,  while snorting cocaine in an all-white dinner party in some swanky neighborhood of London, Paris, or New York; the token black hipster, included.

If the process of the political annihilation of Whites did not involve the total rewriting of history, and was possible without serious psychological costs to the general White population, the Narcissistic vision would have been feasible. But because it is based  on an externalization of suppressed pathology, just like their cocaine habit, someone will have to pay for its continuation.

White Narcissists are the creators of the terrorist of Oslo. He is the manifestation of their disease. As they annihilate their own people to maintain their privilege, they employee Stalinist political disenfranchisement through exaggerated vilification of their opponents. In calling everyone who disagrees with multiculturalism and diversity a bigot and Nazi, they produce the very terrorism required to give their own “enlightened” extremism an air of normalcy.

It is a vicious circle, from which there is no escape. The disease of White Narcissism results in  obtuse arrogance. They soothe their egos with symbolic gestures to non-whites. These gestures only have meaning if there is a Nazi around the corner. To create a Nazi, they externalize their own extremism in the most disenfranchised population of the day – Whites.

Far from being a mere conflict between the Right and the Left, the Christian vs. the Muslim, it becomes a Racial conflict of genetics. Of deoxyribonucleic acid, of the nucleotides  of Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine.   Oslo is the great opportunity for this conflict to progress,  and wherever it explodes in France or in California, is  a question of when, not how.

The Crash is On and the rules are simple. Genetics, demography, and territory. Young males white and non-white are overwhelmed by their hormones. The arrogant solution is to tranquilize them via pharmaceutical fantasy.

  1. Amazing! From the coverage in the media you’d think they guy shot up a bunch of Muslims! I mean they are making him out to be an Islamophobe, while all of his victims were regular white Norwegians, some of whom were in the Labor party.

    As a minimum they could have called him a right winger who gunned down radical lefties!

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