Just don’t call these Niggers Savages!

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David Starkey set off a furor in Albion. When homes burn, Whites must bear it stoically! When Whites identify the race of the arsonists, Narcissist and Negros get spitting mad! This emotional imbalance spells something obvious. To paraphrase Enoch Powell,  in some way “the black man already has the whip hand over the white man.”

The outrage of the Narcissists and Negroes over Starkey’s remark betray their  radical anti-White partisanship, and their deep sympathies with the forces of violence. Starkey merely pointed out the Negro origin of the riots! He reiterated that it was started by Blacks, and that Black “culture” was, in his opinion, the cause of England’s social collapse. One blog calls such formulations of fact, hate facts. The Clash of Races hypothesis calls them collisions.

While the BBC patrols the streets censoring those who dare tell us that the rioters aren’t White, the British bleat in unison that the looters are rather impolite, a bit dodgy, and perhaps poorly coiffured! Starkey raises his voice, and  he’s body-slammed right and sundry without a single voice of support in our free, democratic, and oh so full of variety media!

The mental imbalance is deep, very deep. Freud is rolling in his grave. The suppression is volcanic.

People who partake in the looting and destruction of England do not merit anything but the vilest epithets and cursing. They must, by every law of decent human civilisation, be called everything and anything which denigrates, humiliates, and express total outrage at their conduct, at their persons, and and their attitude!

Just not on the BBC please. What you do in the privacy of your own home, is your own business. Tea and crumpets, anybody?

This was no multicultural youth of England storming the streets in a bread riot, these were savage Niggers, shit-faced apes smashing and terrorizing Civilisation into submission! To call it otherwise, is submission. David Starkey called them black. He was immediately asked to recant and submit.He didn’t. This blog will call it shit-faced savagery, because free thought is by definition incompatible with submission. Apes of the largely non-White  variety flexing their muscles, shitting down everyone’s throats, starkly proclaiming themselves kings of an environment they are systematically degrading to a jungle!

The Negro riots of England began due to the justified gunning down of a piece of shit nigger thug. Rather than shaming their criminal tendencies,  his community, Nigger women, men, children, and adults, decided to burn half of England.

The Negress began with personal aspersions that Starkey was diving England between an us and a them. The Chav chaffed that Starkey spoke of blackness as analogous to evil. The moderator took the mention of race, as an affront. Starkey had merely observed that Black ghetto culture militates against education, and is a bit too stuck on violence.

The Crash of Races hypothesis maintains that Black “culture” is an oxymoron. The distinction between Black Ghetto culture and a general Black culture is superfluous. Africa’s pop-music is as distant from Reggae and Rap, as Hip-Hop is to the Viennese Waltz. African blacks are not the Niggers of the White World, they work for a living, and are realistic about their failings. A statue of Leopold stands in Kinshasa, no matter the confabulating fancy of the Narcissist Adam Hochschild! But none of this  changes that Niggers and Negroes and Blacks, do not have anything which constitutes a culture in the proper meaning of the term.

This blog has discussed Negro history in multiple posts (1, 2, 3, 4) a history akin to that of Papua New Guinea. Pre-agricultural and without basic social organization. The blog has also described the process of Niggerification, a process by which Negro lack of culture is undoing the culture of others, undermining not only norms of behavior and communication, but more importantly, the very emotional nature of those undergoing niggerification.

For millenia, the Dark continent was cut off from contact with Civilsiation. The closest thing its inhabitants had for neighbors were Gorillas and Chimps. Two World Wars have caused Whites to renounce White culture, and unsurprisingly they are now unlearning how to buckle their belts, and confuse their thighs for their waist. They speak with monkey like hoots and intonations, and instead of walking they swagger like apes. The change is written on their faces. Instead of calm and inviting expressions, they sport a tight lip and the “Nigger stare-down.” If Negroes can’t recite poetry, and their offspring in London are limited to Rap songs, non-Blacks somehow feel invited to ignore Shakespeare and Blake. They no longer compete for graces and courtesy of the faie sex. Their consumption of pornography has convinced them that White women are now more interested in suckin a Big Black Cock (BBC) in front of a pansy White or Asian man recording an interracial cuckold on camera!

Mr. Starkey misses a central problem in his Black culture argument. Not having Culture, Blacks are stuck with Attitude and must make ado with Energy. Whites have reached the pinnacle of civilisation, and inebriated on its heights by renouncing the latter and significantly altering the former. Once at the top of the pinnacle, they became enamored with all things which precede it. Spontaneity, vitality, charisma, energy, nature..wants, desires, impulses, dreams, and fantasies. The primitive was good, the savage was genuine.

The Negro, was always pliable. He isn’t the piper nor does he pay for one. He dances to the tune the Whites play on their radios. Whites decided they needed to listen to Niggers. Some though the pinnacle was too high, they got dizzy, and acrophobic. They descended to earth, but lacked the energy, the vitality, and the charisma to compete with Real Niggers. A few others invited the Negro up to the pinnacle. The Negro couldn’t seem to make it, since his music was already dominating the airwaves, and his music was all about an attitude, antagonistic to climbing. He could bang drums, his women could shake their asses, he knew how to posture and how to express outrage. He couldn’t do opera, or read a classical score, and it got real lonely at the top. Just look at Starkey, if you aren’t convinced.

A few basic hate facts, for the Negress, the Chav, and the Moderator. The Negress knows her power lies in her impunity. She can accuse Starkey of dividing, and Narcissists will applaud her. She is allowed to be outraged by his comments because he is White and she is a Black Victim of his White Patriarchal past.  She shows no outrage that her fellow Niggers nearly burned down London. She gets personal because she has taken personally Starkey’s remark about Blacks. She is keenly aware who is they, and who is us. Her us, is unadulterated. She knows her fellow Niggers started the riot, and she knows they wont stop until there’s nothing left to destroy, and she knows she’s instrumental in making it possible. Like 99.9% of Negroes, she feels no connection whatsoever to any non-Black history or community. Slavery is her interface with the non-black world. She bears nothing but resentment for a system which she’ll vengefully see destroyed. She is allowed to, by the Narcissists. Who encourage her to pursue her Nigger attitude.

The Narcissistic Chav is a mediocrity waiting for a Road to Damascus moment when he’ll be sporting Nazi regalia. He’ll remain a mediocrity. The moderator, is in the worst situation. She’s expected to play by a set of rules whose transgression will amount to her total ostracizing from the social circles to which she is now a prisoner. A fall from grace which coupled with her visibility, will result in violent crime against her person. The Negress will be there to justify it, and accuse her of having asked for it.

Like all her cousins, little  shit-faced thugs rampaging in the boroughs, she’ll spit in your face, as you lie dying on the ground. Reminding you, that you forgot to kiss her ass, before opening your mouth and stating the obvious.

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  9. And you expected the blacks to be civilized? what planet did you wake up on?

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