Toulouse, the Latest Farce.

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Toulouse confirms the Crash of Races thesis. Supposedly unexpected Racial friction is immediately exploited by the Narcissistic elites against Whites and  each development is in the direction of more encompassing tension. Every scenario feeds suspicion, hatred,  and creates new threats.  It is a slow and unyielding escalation in a Freudian conflict, promising to one day erupt into all out genocidal war.

This is the French Oslo, but there wont be any more deaths.  The French gendarmerie is no Scandinavian foot patrol. The police are pursuing either Islamists, or Neo-Nazis, while the media is pursuing Marine Le Pen, aka “uppity Whites.”If conspiracy theorist are correct, only the media will get their prey. If the murderer is a hired gun, his mask will protect him from the hounds.

Even if Toulouse turns out to be another White male, it will be that of a man hardened by military service and inspired by Non-White violence to commit acts which are condoned only among non-whites, and fail to constitute White culture.

As in Oslo, much of the victims in Toulouse are Whites. Because of Race, France is a powderkeg, regardless of the body count or what your G-d’s name is.

As with Oslo there will be no soul searching among the Muslims, the Narcissistic Left, and nationalist non-Whites who perpetuate the conditions in which such murders take place.

While there is yet no evidence  that this is an Oslo, there is evidence that Whites are again the victims in the French media, and the English speaking media. There is a fear among the nativist French right, as they are vilified by all and sundry.

Operationally, the targets were better selected than in Norway. Non-Whites in uniforms are presumably patriots. Killing them for their skin colour conveys unambiguous intolerance. Murdering Jews, is doubly complicated.

Jews have a difficulty balancing the past atrocities of racist Nazis, with the more immediate question of  “underclass”  status of anti-Semitic non-White urban youth. Jewish populations remain left-wing everywhere outside of Israel, and can only gravitate towards a right, which doesn’t shoot them. (duh!?)

Short of being exposed as a raving Communist loony no amount of denunciations from the pro-Israeli “nativists”  will repair the mistrust this single event sows between the Laurence Austers and the Nick Griffins.  Provided the attacker is White, the verdict has been read.

This blog has noted on numerous occasions, that France is a country which is on the front-line of the Crash of Races. It is the epicenter of genuine tension because centralized planning eliminates any hope of housing segregation while a state driven anti-racialist Jacobin demagogy is the petrol dousing the fire.

Reason argues for simpler and more moderate reactions. If Toulouse is a repeat of the 2011 Oslo butchery, then it’s both an exception and the rule. Those lying dead are white. In one case of the Jewish and Catholic faith,  in the other case of the left-wing faith.

Reason includes statistics. Simple incontrovertible numbers show us that violent White crime against Non-Whites are extremely rare. Annex 2 of Europol’s annual publication for  2011: no “right wing” terrorist acts, compared to 45 from the left, and more than a hundred by religiously and separatist motivated groups each. Whites are not known to have committed any acts of terrorism on foreign soil, outside of the military chain of command.

Additional crime statistics, need minor mention. Virtually every attempted or successful murder in Western Europe is carried out by non-Whites with White comprising more than half the victims. Cases of the opposite – White on Non-White crimes, are simply unknown and are statistical anomalies.

The difference between the media’s treatment of White Crimes and non-White crimes is equally incontrovertible. In White societies, it is impossible to publish or discuss non-White crime against Whites. When the hard left is behind a murder or explosion, the media do not take the communists or socialist to task for “hateful” rhetoric, nor are the media allowed to associate a religion, or popular sentiment in a region, with acts of murder.

When a girl is gang-raped to death in a British subway station by non-Whites, the BBC will not invite the Carribean community of London to issue apologies on behalf of their racial collective.

In the case of “white” crimes, the media elites whip out their matches, and with ritual schizophrenia douse the entire White middle class with kerosene. The not so subtle message that “If only whites didn’t exist! Or stopped trying to!” sounds like Hate, to any homo sapien who still cares to think. Calling it racist at each and every turn, has reduced the term to the very opposite of what it was intended – mainly a term of hate against Whites who think about their own welfare in precisely and only precisely the same manner as non-Whites think about theirs.

The minute an Oslo type event occurs, Whites are reminded that they live in Stalinist times, where their very right to self-preservation has been taken away constitutionally in every country except the United States of America. On the one hand, this reminding fuels the fires of anti-White hate. On the other, it marginalises Whites and forces them into a corner, from which they increasingly have to choose between survival, or futile resistance.

The minute one negro is found shot at the hands of an angry white male, the Front National will be banned from national elections. Any individual association with groups asserting that Whites are a persecuted majority in their “own” countries found advocating a policy to reverse this situation, will be suspect of collaborating with Hitler in WWII extermination camps even if the individual’s parents happens to have died in them!

As with Oslo, the detectable hate rhetoric originates with, and only with, the boys crying “racists!” at every turn.  The litany of accusations against every single public figure, writer, or even blog (!) who dare question the sanctity of immigration, of multiculturalism, and of diversity, are fair game for slander, provocation, denigration, vilification, ostracizing, spleen, threats, fines, and imprisonment.

Niggers burn a city? Bring attention to their niggerhood? Bang, it’s bigger news than the dozens of non-Blacks hospitalised in the niggero-thon!

Fortunately for this website, such reactions only reinforce its central thesis. Unfortunatelly for real live human beings, such reinforcement equal more violence, and spilled blood.

If Toulouse is Oslo, than as with Oslo, there is only one solution to avoiding a Crash of Races scenario. It’s a simple solution, and it requires that White Narcissist become a bit simpler.

Whites privileged with the hypocrisy of living in enclaves from which to preach universal love, have to do precisely the opposite of what they do. Instead of telling everyone about the hatreds of Whites, they should take stock of the hatred pent up in themselves against themselves, and projected away from themselves, by demonizing White’s who don’t suffer the same syndrome. Give the  dear enemy effect a chance, for your own sake!

Toulouse isn’t Oslo. Following France’s Lybia adventure, the scene is set for tension that Norway can’t imitate. France is populated by restless non-White youths waiting for opportunities to mobilize their aimless lives into national acts of looting, pillaging, and violence against Whites. Elite criminalization of the White middle class constitutes precisely the sort of “hate speech” these thugs are looking for in order to perpetrate pseudo-genocidal crimes that will escalate into an all out insurgency in the blink of an eye. Fundamental aspects of the French project of statehood, will be irreversibly undermined in a split second.

Balkanisation, is only minutes away if careless left-wing rhetoric allows non-White violence against Whites as an act of vengeance. The left will then be as silent as it was unable to decry the savage torture and murder of Ilan Halimi. When a Jew is tortured to death by non-White darkies, the French press can’t even discuss the court trial.

The solution to avoiding a Crash of Races, is to give peace a chance.To avoid a bloody future that self-fulfilling hatreds are letting loose in the countries where so many Whites had to die to assure two generation a standard of living unsurpassed by history, reason must prevail. 6 million of Jewish origin. 5 million of Slavic origin. 3 million of German origin, etc died for the welfare of two generations. They were torn asunder by the horses of violent nationalism, and violent communism.

Present day catastrophe avoidance requires the inclusion of the Front Nationals of the world in national dialogues rather than them serving as the continuing targets of the hatred of White Narcissists and Non-Whites. A hatred which lies at the very heart of the failure that is driving the Crash of Races – extremist diversity promotion.

Toulouse has yet to be unmasked. If it is an act of the deep state, it will remain masked for ever (although unlikely). The media reaction we are witnessing, will be all that’s left.

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