Galic Hysteria – Nation Hunts Whitey

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The banner reads: “In France, One Murders Blacks, Arabs, and Jews.” The court of public opinion has passed its verdict! We know who is Guilty. The finger is pointing at you, Whitey! The fantasy of the banner, becomes the sadistic reality of the masses. Because two of the victims were non-White, the murderer can only be White! The verdict is read. The penalty is to come. A newer, twisted version of 2005, in 2012.

A nation in the grips of mass hysteria, needs no facts, no truths, nor evidence. That precisely this sort of hysteria is best explained with the Crash of Races hypothesis.

In France, honest banners would read: “In France, Blacks and Arabs indiscriminately kill Whites, regardless of their religion,” (Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist). Whites? They  don’t kill anyone, period.

Jews have suffered more deaths at the hands of Non-Whites in the last 50 years than anyone else since the Holocaust. An exception would not  make a rule. Left wing Jewish organizations hoping to capitalize on the tragedy so as to recreate a 20th century alliance of Jews and “minorities,” shouldn’t hold their breath. Violent Anti-Semitism is always the purview of the lower classes.  Middle class neighbors don’t bite. As with the Department of Homeland Security, French police forces haven’t been protecting Synagogues from rogue bikers.

In keeping with the Crash of Races emphasis on Freudian mechanisms, French society is presently in the grips of rhetoric which is grounded in societal presumptions about ubiquitous White Racism, and the incorrigibility of Racism in Whites. Everything related to the status of non-Whites, be it immigration, the Front National, or public dialogue, is now linked to the shootings.

Rather than admitting that Anti-White demographic policies are an abject failure whose only natural result can be a Crash of Races, technocrats all over the White world hope to find a way to once and for all shut up and extirpate the pressure their policies have introduced into the system. The Freudian mechanism guiding their conduct, is know as hysteria. This hysteria is now imbued in the body politic.

In France, speculation has become the order of the day. Suspicion has become truth. Innuendo and suggestion, touchstones of media coverage and public discourse.  France is angry. France is indignant. The country has a racist murderer on its hands!

This blog has long argued that France, not England or America, not Russia or Argentina, or South Africa (pace) will be the epicenter of the Crash of Races.

Initially, it was the invasion of Lybia which attracted attention to France’s fragile social balance. Behind a carefully curated show of national dialogue and solidarity, Sarkozy’s right of center rhetoric on social norms applying equally to immigrants and hosts, revealed an elite which was very nervous about it’s ability to hold on to power. Lybia promised destabilizing immigration flows, with potential to upend the ability of technocrats to deal with salient racial tension.

When a string of murders is circumstantially connected into one plot by the media,  prefabricated schemes surface. Three men in uniform were gunned down by a man on a scooter. This made no news. Four Jews were murdered near a Jewish school in the same manner.  The two events were immediately connected by a hysterical Anti-White interpretation. The news was made. Racist (i.e. White) murderer, behind the murder of seven people. The evidence?

A whopping white flag: no whites were murdered! Conclusion? France has a Hate Crime of Millenial proportions on its hands.

The hunt for Whitey, is on! No evidence. Pure Freudian speculation.

The assumptions in the dominant schema are that neither Jews, nor Abel Chennouf, one of the paratrooper victims, are Whites. It’s a patently false assumption. Nothing about Abel indicates any “minority” status. The murder of Jews cannot be carried out on racial grounds. Judaism is a religion. Jews are Whites.

The French nation’s present convictions, a massive manhunt, reveals the intensity of the clinical psychosis underlying the present relationship of Whites and Non-Whites in the White world.

A modern country, a member of the UN security council, armed with nuclear weapons, boasting about its heritage going back 1600 years, Voltaire, Napoleon, Charlemagne, and Josephine Baker, is in the throes of violent apoplexy not as a result of investigation, knowledge, and reflection, but as a result of sheer and  pure undiluted  fantasy.

Based on the coverage, one would be forgiven if one assumed  that Non-Whites are facing genocide in France. The  Panic is war like! Down with the Bastille must be in the offing!

What, if not a dying nation is a country, where an Anti-White schema can assert itself with such ferocity and maliciousness, in the blink of an eye on a mere suspicion? If all it takes is a scooter, and a gun, to expose the Freudian underworld of mistrust and fear underlying the veneer of state imposed political correctness, then events can come all too quickly.

In the last two years of his presidency, Sarkozy managed to create a few enemies on the world stage. When Britain burned, vague suggestions that Qaddafi may have had a hand in encouraging the fire, surfaced. Sarkozy’s lieutenants are keenly aware of the social weaknesses of their enemies, be they in Syria, China, Russia, Lybia, or America for that mater. Who is to say these enemies are not aware of Sarkozy’s weaknesses, and can’t return service in kind?

The Crash of Races, is about an an insurgency which involves  symmetric, and asymmetric tactics by warring parties.  If America can exploit the minority divisions of the Entire european continent, including that of France,  what would it take for Bashar Al-Assad to contract precisely the kind of killing carried out in Toulouse, with the explicit aim of exploiting the same weaknesses France is exploiting in his country? If not Assad, then Gaddafi’s forlorn daughter, presently the mistress of the Sahel? Or Erdogan’s Turkish thugs, as upset over Armenian Genocide resolutions  as always.

Without mention of ordinary murder or sheer nutters, these are just a few, of the many  possible explanations for the recent murders in Toulouse.

France is having none of them. The people are  convinced that Toulouse is about terrifying White Racism. The  only plausible explanation for the death of a Catholic, a Muslim, and four Jews, lies in Fascism, Nazism, Racism, and the KKK, in the bowels of White idenity.

In France, Arabs, Blacks, and Jews are regularly the victims of a powerful crypto-Vichy society, out to suck their blood.  Yes, Amelie Poulin, the music is nauseating and the windmill is grinding bones. Arab, Black, and Jewish bones. Not White one’s mind you. No Ilan Halimi’s or burning Rue de Roisiers here! Murder in France? Of course the gangs of non-Whites could have absolutely  nothing to do with it!

Medically, France is projecting its deepest anxieties on the the tabula rasa of current events.  A splendidly candid show of a countrys’ deepest phobias, the most incendiary, lying dormant in its depths, showing that a nation of formerly noble Franks, has been reduced to brainless bleating sheep, as a result of a hysterical coping mechanism with the trauma of two world wars.

The weight of the past has been made to weigh so heavily, that a free reign of the imagination is left to evoke the most dangerous of sentiments – blood-lust masking as a call for Justice. A dystopian irrationality producing nothing but hate, in the name of what?

  1. In America, if a “non-white” is victimized by a white criminal, there is “automatically” a racial motivation at work. If a “white” person is attacked or victimized by a “non-white”—or group of “non-whites”—social injustice and “oppression” by “the white man” drove the perpetrater(s) to commit the deed. Race-hustling black “leaders” have even found a way—via convoluted logic—to blame “black-on-black” crime on the “white man.”

    Personal responsibility and personal achievement have become passé. In this brave new “multicutural” America of non-assimilated sub-cultures, everything is now viewed from an “US vs WHITEY” paradigm.

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