France on its Knees, a President Panics

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They say he was a petty criminal, with a Road to Damascus moment turning him into a terrorist. They are classifying him as an “extremist” and make a public show of mourning loudly and poignantly.

Sarkozy is attempting to recalibrate his election campaign towards security issues, while proposing to jail anyone reading “hate” websites. All the election candidates are waving their hands like magic wands with appeals to solidarity and make-belief about the Nation.

Their actions are purely Freudian.  The entire French political establishment is shaken to its core, and no one dare speak the name of their emotion. It is Defeat. Humiliation.

On display was the Front National’s historical marginality.  Precisely seven years after France’s violent non-White riots, and asseverating to “fire-hose the scum from the ghettos”  the candidate of the “far right” remained silent. Tarik Ramadan justified Toulouse’s violent criminal as a result of the failure of Europe to integrate her third-world migrants. Marine Le Pen didn’t say a word. In a show of its shallowness, the official communique of the FN called its oponents “bastards” for having accused their candidate of fanning the flames of social tension in the country. The “salopards” statement probably exhausted the FN’s intellectual depths.

True to their narcissistic nature, pundits, intellectuals, and commentators, tow the official line, Zemmour and Finkelkraut included. There is a deliberate attempt to ignore the subject’s military activities in Afghanistan. No one dare point out the failure from the Champs-Elysee for allowing a criminal with 15 arrests, with illegal guns in two stolen cars, who partook in military activity against NATO forces in Afghanistan, back into a country whose nationality he should have legally forfeited the minute he had planted IDF bombs in the Hindu Kush.

DNAwars is a blog dedicated to the promulgation of a thesis. It is not a forum to discuss Islamism, Anti-Semitism, politics, or economics. The Crash of Races is the prism from which the events in Toulouse will be interpreted. A non-white immigrant murdered non-whites he considered accomplices to the interests of the French state. He butchered an entire white family who were identifiably practitioners of Judaism, because practitioners of Judaism have become very prominent in the defense of the French state.

The French state, as it is conceived by a non-White alien residing in White countries, is a White state. Islam is one of several social forces  which channel such perceptions into various directions of activity. Speaking of Islam as the ultimate cause of malaise in the modern world, is a trope which is more politically correct, than factually so.

Politically Correct groups such as the French Front National  will be among the few to utilize this trope electorally. No doubt a useful argument to have, but it cannot address the initial reaction to the Toulouse events, as evidenced by this blog. First, the French Breivik. Two, the sheer lunacy with which French society had decided to look for such a Breivik.

In some respect, the pushing of the Islamic terrorism line, is a refraction of the initial race based hysteria which gripped the French. From one extreme to another provided that the underlying Freudian mechanisms remain hidden. Even in an environment where only Marine Le Pen risks the Muslim card, Muslims  are already claiming that they are victims of media persecution.

A fundamental analysis of the counter-currents of each and every White society is beyond the scope of DNAWars. Attacking Islam is merely one way of voicing discomfort with non-white immigrants,  while Islam is only one of several ways to attack White society. The basic tension in White societies remains racial. The slogans initially read ” “In France, One Murders Blacks, Arabs, and Jews,” and non-whites who unfurl these banners, obtain means and guarantees from the state that a more obvious truth doesn’t see the light of day. Namely that ““In France, Non-Whites indiscriminately kill Whites (and Orientals), regardless of their religion.”

When Nicholas Sarkozy decided to invade Lybia, this attracted the attention the of this blog and refocused it on France as a flashpoint in the Global Crash of Races. The brashness of the invasion, the disinformation on which it relied, and the fallout which it implied were indicative of a kind of desperation unusual to mature and stable societies.

Toulouse isn’t  a shock for the nation because of Islamic terrorism. It’s a shock to the nation because the events are beyond the pale of what can be expressed, discussed, thought, or even felt by its countrymen. The worldwide  niggerification of White society assures that the intellectual tools necessary to tackle issues evinced by events in the South of France, remain unavailable.

France is now in the grips of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately for France, there are no shrinks which specialize in the troubles of a nation state. Only days prior to the Toulouse massacre, President Sarkozy suggested he would withdraw France from the European Union’s border free labour market citing the failure of member countries to secure their borders. Single handedly  Invading Lybia while destabilizing the entire North and Eastern Mediterranean region wasn’t the best way to increase keep pressure off of the EU’s borders.

If the president is as bad at understanding the consequences of his actions internationally as he is poor in following up his words with action (“where is the fire hose Mr. Sarkozy?”) then the only path for this PTSD patient is to a straightjacket. Sarkozy has been consistent on racial questions,  consistently in the denial which is creating the stress in the first place.

DNAWars is in the nasty business of predictions. The Crash of Races identifies the present period of French politics as transformative for the entire White world; denial, and greater denial, equaling mounting tension and eventual explosion. Watch the hexagon to be tinder-box tense in the months to come.

In 2005 the French establishment lied that days of riots by non-whites claimed the lives of automobiles, not living human beings. This was a false claim,  but it helped avoid PTSD. Today, the establishment is lying once again. It cannot admit the obvious, that besides further denial, it has no means of addressing a situation which has torn the country apart. The massive presence of very unhappy non-Whites within the country’s borders. It has thrown in the towel, on everything but the media circus.

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