Don’t forget to Lodge one in Spike Lee’s

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Give it up for Zimmerman! What a mensch and what cajones! Good job mofo! A standing ovation, a laurel crown, a purple toga…wait, hold on! The dirty nigger’s corpuscular breeder is trademarking Trayvon’s name while Zimmerman is getting death threats via MSM!

With the help of the Nigger Combine (Sharpton, Obama, Farakhan) the fat bitch that birthed the turd -TRA-Y-VON is gonna cash in on her little gangster all the way to the grave! Whose grave you say? Why yours you motherfucking white trash  – the Grave of the Fucking Dis-Your-Ass-United in Hell Amerikkka!

No matter what Obama’s thoughts on your shinny cracker-kike ass Zimmerman, you may be a hero, but your not gonna die like one. Niggerland is angry with ya, and no one, no one so much as dare suggest to Spike Lee, Jay-Z, the NBA, the Rap Industry, the Affirmative Racist Shakedown 90% of the Negro Population Whiner Industry, that their tweeting your address, and calling for vengance and punishment are tantamount to incitement death threats meriting full punishment of the law!  Certainly not the police. Not the media. And fo’shou not your damned tawny president!

The initial, superficial issue of Apollonian failure are found in questions about Zimmerman’s racial identity. Zimmerman is partly White because of his father, but racially he couldn’t pass either in any White country, including Israel. He isn’t Black. He isn’t Caucasoid in the broad anthropological sense  because unlike Middle Easterners and Iranophones, he carries more Amerindian genes than most Native Americans living on Tribal Lands.

At first glance Zimmerman is Hispanic, but  Americans are used to calling South American’s by their country of origin.  Zimmerman’s Jewishness also puts dampers on calling him one. To the Non-White American mind then, Zimmerman is a White of convenience, a vato to bridge the Peruviano-judio divide. To the White American mind, he is a Hispanic, because that’s what he looks like.

The Negro reaction to the shooting of Trayvon is Dyonisiac: evidence? Reflection? Rules? What the fuck are you talking about!? It’s a knee-jerk we gonna wax your fucking ass whitey! It’s a nigger  reaction. Not black, not negro, not…it’s human.

The price for an orgy of blood for the black dregs of an Apollonian society is nothing. Blacks are, after all, the last reserve of Dionysian, in Apollonian society!

The price for blood whose platelets are Apollonian, always appears higher. That’s the intellect, it loves itself more infinitely than any bachannalic elixir.

White society has devised a law, which it applies selectively to Whites and rule abiding non-Blacks, which forbids incindiery calls to violence against other groups. In the name of such laws, it bombs other nations, and allows victims to die while criminals boast of their exploits.

These laws are so written, that when niggers call for a race based vengeance for the death of one of their own criminals, this does not constitute a call towards genocide even if it can’t be differentiated from Hutu broadcasts in 1994. If Non-Blacks, do the same, in significantly more legitimate defense of the wanton murder of an often studious child at the hands of consistently black thugs, they will face jail time.

Spike Lee or Jay-Z can divuldge the address of a “White” man amid Nigger calls for his death on the grounds of their victim’s race while nigger provocateurs publicly state that America is in the business of black genocide against which Blacks must defend themselves, no one even asks if this is legal.

If Whites were to do this, they would be slandered as Nazis and meet the full force of the law.  Apollonian intellectual traditions interpret any attempt by decent people to defend themselves againts identifiably rapacious groups as tantamount to calls and attempts at ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Perhaps this isn’t Apollonianism, just plain retardation? The potential for Nietzsche’s term sneaks into the possibility that the brains of Whites who invent concepts that pass into laws to be execute in a manner where their own security as a race suffers while that of criminals, thugs, murderers and would-be-genociders increases – is hyper-Apollonian in exactly as invidious a manner as Nietzsche intended when he coined the term more than 100 years ago.

The Apollonian doesn’t seem capable of a reasonable reaction to the Dyonisiac Negro. Rather than making an aggressive case for the Apollonisation of the Black, it stands paralyzed, mouth gaping, ready to bend over, always ready to offer apologies, even for cases like Zimmerman’s. Ironically, even the act of praising and publicly supporting Zimmerman is criminal, and will be treated accordingly.

Unbalanced laws, which encourage the Dyonisiac in one race, and the Apollonian in another, are laws which underwrite the Crash of Races. They are the source, reason, and only possible explanation why in today’s White world, Blacks represent the Dionysian and Whites the Apollonian, with hardly any middle ground. The laws are basically written to underwrite an Orgy of Blood.

Pick a hero, because with laws which legislate conflict, either Spike Lee will get Whitey- or Whitey will have to get Spike Lee. With his Dionysiac brain, and Whitey’s  Apollonian, both are wanted, dead, not alive.

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