From Imperialism of Self-Love, to Empire of Self-Hatred

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The last 300 years of world history rotate around the central axis of the White man whose rise from the western frontier of the Eurasian landmass to global dominance has been accompanied by the development of a Racial consciousness still evolving under our very noses. It’s a 300 years of steady racial triumphalism passing from a 19th century Imperialism of self-love, into a 21st century Empire of self-hatred.

It began when the British supplanted their swarthy European brethren in the Senegambia, and  continues with a World Wide Web steadily supplanting centrally controlled mainstream media in its impact on determining people’s racial self-identity. Whites, their rise, dominance, and decline merit teaching in schools for the sheer relevance of the facts to everyone concerned, including Blacks.

The Unmitigated subjucation and submission of Negroes to colonial Whites only began in the 19th century. White exploitation of Negro slavery peaked in the same period when the great scramble for Africa’s hinterland took off. It was during this time, that Slavery in the New World caught up with  slavery in black Africa numerically. White involvement in black life became total. From the Congo to the Parnaiba casts, ethnies, and religions lessened in importance to the opposition that the stark contrasts of black and white skin evinced in the economy of 1850. Suggesting that this situation has grown into a 21st century Crash of Races sounds whimsical to Whites, but Non Whites take it dead seriously.

The year is 2012, and White society can easily tolerate systematic murder and rape carried out by Non-Whites in White societies, but it will terminate, persecute and prosecute, censor litigate and imprison, anyone White, who points this out.

Basically, White society passes racist laws against itself, which equate any White criticism of Non White buffoonery with genocidal hatred for Non-Whites. It deems such mania as worthy of elimination  along with the subhuman Appalachians and Rednecks who suffer from it. White society  masochistically enjoys enacting methods to execute its self-hating laws in a manner which aids and abet reprisal murders against itself! It partakes in orgiastric self-hatred with the added benefit of celebrating its own annihilation.

The way White Self-Hatred goes, when a White (a non-existent race) faces off against a Black, one side of the isle is always wrong, the other always right. One side can do anything it likes, the other side – no matter what it does, no one is allowed to like. The Black is always the victim, the White, eternally the oppressor. Slavery never ended, it was eternal. One side always has the right to speak, the other, can only listen, and is always obliged to do so. Challenging any of these precepts can cost a life. Via reduced livelihood introducing paleface to terminal life in the Hood, a possible prison sentence among savages who share AIDS like Rumsfeld shared chemicals with Saddam Hussein, or via direct murder encouraged by mainstream Black figures on government and mainstream corporate and charity payrolls.

Hitler and Stalin are no longer monsters from history textbooks referring to someone else’s totalitarian regimes – their methods have become staple in White societies. Few are keeping count.  Paul Gottfried once mentioned annual statistics of victims of Germany’s PC totalitarianism. A generation of South Africans tallies farmer deaths in a country where nearly 40 % of the White population has emigrated. England and France incarcerate “racists,” while American’s are fired if they are White and commit thought crimes against Blacks. The Nation’s president relies exclusively on “racism” to win elections and while Redneck America is armed two barrels to the man, neither Hillary Clinton nor John McCain had the balls to stand up to Obama when black hordes stole their votes in front of video cameras on election day.

If formerly White societies are as prosperous as they claim, beacons of multi-racial harmony and fraternity, why are the states of every single White nation busily destroying the foundations of freedom which had earned them this prosperity? If the idea of a Crash of Races is so whimsical and sophomoric, why do some go to prison for refusing non-White immigration, while others can openly encourage and participate in genocide of Whites?

America, France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Australia, Canada,Brazil are all panicking. The 60s marked the defeat of an assertive White identity in the West, and  government policies reflected this. The culture went to the other extreme – self-hatred. Now, the internet is providing space where this defeatist self-hatred and its political consequences can be questioned. Popular support of official policy is threatened with erosion. Elites have convinced themselves that if such erosion leads to policy change, then the state will disintegrate. Society is unanimous that its well being is derived from a strong state. If modern governments have to incarcerate White teenagers for racially offensive comments on the internet, then one can only conclude that their panic is hysterical, and an admission of abject failure. Talk of diversity and tolerance are cynical bromides. Effete palliatives uttered with as much conviction as Catholic professions of faith or Marxist orthodoxy in China and the USSR.

Hysteria is a clinical condition. Whites who are enamored with themselves due to perceived transcendence of millennial prejudices and hatreds, would be prime candidates for neurosis of the hysterical type. Farrakhan is not far off the mark with his Negrocentric analysis of Whites.  White Supremacy is a Fact. It is rooted in the White Identity of the 21st century.  Whites whose moral credentials bestow them with a degree of self-love that blocks them from grasping why a Non-Black victim of Negro crime might come to hate Negroes, but gives them free reign to encourage hatred and vindictiveness on the part of Negroes for any slight they claim to suffer. The internet is calling this neurosis into question, and in as much as the state relies on the disease for its existence its biggest priority is to attack the internet. That it has done so is evident in its legal precedents. No one dare keep count how many websites are censored on the basis of content deemed as “hateful” or “racist,”  because such censorship is perfectly legal. Why are White states aiming to prevent the latest developments of this White consciousness?

For the last three decades official policy in every White country is to deny the continued existence of a specifically White identity. Without taking note, the internet challenged this policy becasue the impact of websites which inadvertently partake in the heuristic cultivation of racial identity is almost seditious to present elite orientations.  The development flows organically from the developments of the last 300 years which concluded with a phase where White Supremacy must maintain itself via the Moral Supremacism of White self-hatred. Challenge this, and you challenge a State reliant  on White non-existence for its very own, existence.

Modern White  sentiment sees the history of Africa as an unremitting Tragedy. After an initial 200 years of exploitation of Blacks by New World Whites, fringe Christian groups of the New World began a push to eliminate slavery from the Western Hemisphere. Without truly grasping the consequences, they pioneered the annihilation of the Negro way of life by promoting equality between Negroes and Non-Blacks.  They pursued this policy into Africa proper, declaring a civilisational mandate to introduce higher forms of social organisation to Black society in its homeland.  It was during this later period that economic relations of exploitation grew into a political relations of exclusion. Segregation and apartheid dealt with the Central Problem of Blackness, an insurmountable barrier to successful co-existence.

In the 60s, White America attempted to address the marginalising effects of BIC (black inferiority complex)  by denying White Americans fundamental rights provided by their  Constitution, in exchange for an official Federal policy of Racism that favored non-Whites in accessing public and private goods. This was made possible and accompanied by an official government ideology  systematically seeking to portray all of White history and culture as unmitigated permutations of Nazism.

Whites, and only whites,  gave up their rights of assembly and association. Worst, they lost the right to choose their neighbors, tenants, employees, and their childrens’ peers.   Enforcing these measures required that the Federal government remove them from the jurisdiction of the state, the private sector, and individuals. The Federal government is tasked with assuring equality before the Constitution, within all federal borders, and an abstract argument of “Civil Rights,” trumped the rights of everyone else. The granting of Civil Rights presumed that Blacks didn’t have any. The “exchange” of Civil Rights for Constitutional Rights was flat out ignored. The costs of the “exchange” were simply never noted. Intellectual elites chose to ignore all of these issues as their discussion remains strictly vertbotten.

The issues wont go away. In America, it is enough for a Negro to whine, for a White to take the fall. White are not allowed the usage of certain words and expressions, are not allowed to pursue certain thoughts and ideas, are not allowed to feel certain feelings and emotions. Whether you can say the word “Nigger” depends on your Phenotype. Whether you can call for lower taxes, meritocracy, and the abolition of Racist quotas, depends on your origins. Whether you can fire someone for their political opinions depends on their skin colour. It doesn’t work the other way around. Infinite counts of aggravated assault, incalculable prison rapes and AIDS, the wholesale destruction of the social fabric necessary to sustain America, all in the name of Civil Rights.

A massive industry of repression and exploitation has taken over America’s legal and cultural landscape. Yellow Journalism no longer need to focus on the Maine or UFOs. The refusal by some Whites to join the Self-Hating chorus is all the rage. Shoot a nigger hoodlum who is about to pound your prissy head into the pavement? Federal hate-crime and capital punishment. The deliberate rape and spread of HIV in America’s prison, has no ACLU or SPLC fighting it.

Denounce negro PhDs in Universities, lose tenure. Express dislike for monkey’s rampaging in your downtown, fired, and sued. There are no gulags, there are no concentration camps. Who needs organised butchery when the chaos of non-white Ghettos perform all the same functiosn? No need for need for capos or enforcers. Fired, moved down three income brackets, mugged, murdere body disposes free of charge! We even save on the Dictators!

In modern day America, you can lose your job for being white, and you might never get a job for it as well. Whites in White countries don’t have Living Rights, provided someone else’s Civil Rights to insult, rob, and murder, would be limited by White people’s concerns for safety, education, literacy, and wealth creation.  No rights to self-interest. No rights to self-love. No rights to survival. No rights to choose where you live. No rights to choose your children’s school. No rights to speak. No rights to think. No rights to choose who works for you or who you work with.

Nearly two trillion dollars worth of social programs following the Great Society debacle, it is clear that with their rights of assembly and association, Whites gave up the the right to their safety, defence, and destiny, or put another way, the right to Live.  What started as an assault on the KKK, led to an abjuration of America’s freedom of thought in public and prviate. Even more obviously, and hence never noticed was that Washignton elites circumscribed market mechanism to reflect official government racism in favor of Non-Whites. A variety of Standards and norms suffered severely. Tests, examinations, work performance, or norms of behavior conduct, and execution, had to be lowered in order for Negroes to more fully exercise their “Civil” Rights.

Perhaps the greatest factor in the Crash of Races, remain Whites, and White Supremacism. White self identity knows two extremes, self-lauding triumphalism or self-abnegation. The White liberal believes all forms of White identity are essentialist, and he cringes at the thought of his own Whiteness. The essentialist, all too often claims to have a monopoly on what it means to be White. Proclaiming the Confederacy, Hitler, and the KKK as the sole exemplars of his order. A coterie of groups develops, who claim that their religion, sexual oriengation, or gender, exempt them from their racial ancestry, and navigates the dangerous waters to their minority advantage. An entirey psychopathology develops, fueling and feeding global empoverishment and descent into violence. Its a crazy world, when everything is watered down to two stark choices, and the scritp of history, is rewritten to fit.

It wouldn’t be so terrible, if its results weren’t to be tallied in blood and Catastrophe. The World needed a confident White middle class to grow it out of millennial of poverty. White Elites are convinced that Whiteness is incidental to wealth, and the idea of Capitalism is trans-racial.  Using the media they divide the world between self-hating White liberals, and lunatic White Racialists who dictate that Heavy Metal must be the new expression of “Nordic” purity, referencing nativist terms of 1920s speaking to a minority of former prison convicts and Appalachian White trash. The Crash of Races is only possible when rational choices must be made between irrational alternatives of gloating self-love, or contemptuous self-hate. When its either the hammer and sicle, or the swastika, then there is no reasonable middle.

It is the year 2012. Whites can not breed, for fear of the world into which they bring their children, and hence they see no value in creating and maintaining stable families. They cannot produce their own people to clean their own streets, build their own homes, or police their own streets. They no longer have a right to do so, because they no longer want themselves to exist. From the conquest of half the known world, to a conquest by the savagery they failed to emendate off the face of it. Once the lights go out for Whites, they will be out for everybody. It will be Darkness at Noon, worldwide, literally, and genetically.

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