History of Black Violence

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Nucleotides occupying a codon on the double helix are adaptations to environments whose diversity assures that the  human capacity towards violence is heterogeneous. Negroes are physically more confrontational, have a shorter fuse, and disperse conflict horizontally. Non-Blacks allow violence to fester  and prefer intense vertical outlets. This is adaptation, it’s in the DNA.

Thanks to the forces of progressiveness which Whites unleashed 50 years ago in America, the middle class is not allowed to inquire into the uniqueness of violence of Non-Whites. Are Whites beyond the brutality of the Non-Whites? Were their crimes ever as bloody, nasty, and heartless, as those of everyone else? Are Negroes uniquely interested in male sodomy, and cruel attacks on animals and  man? Were the Aztecs genetically programmed to enjoy gore and savagery on a scale never seen before or after? Are their descendants in Latin America still carrying such genes when beheading opponents of thedrug trade?  Are Chinese more insensitive to the suffering of living beings? Are Indians immune to the horrors of suffocating poverty? Are Whites less violent, less extreme, less gore than everyone else?

It is certain that Whites have partaken of their share of genocide, and terror. Whether they had reached the  amplitude of the Chinese is a question for the historian of statistics. In its two thousand years of reliable written records China had never been a free country and its chroniclers exaggerate everything serving the national interests. If it is true that the organisation level of White society sits in the middle  of the chaos of the Negro and the despotism of the Oriental, then Whites own a middle share of calamity.

Having conquered an entire Hemisphere, Whites dispossessed as many peoples as Islam had dispossessed Christians and Hindus in the Subcontinent. In North America the fracas of the frontier  eventually gave way to pacifying democratic institutions which minimized the amount of internecine violence permissible by the state.

It is hard to square the presence of Non-White masses in South America and The Yucatan with stories of Native American genocide, but the outright rape of organized Pre-Columbian society was a heinous racial crime. The rulers of Latin America, were and remain White and hardship for the poor was always brutal, but the causality isn’t necessarily from top to bottom, as it never was for Black slaves in the Americas who were no more innocent victims of slavery than Native Americans weren’t paragons of genteel culture.

Enslaving blacks was no easy task. It first presumed a maniacal force exercised by blacks against blacks in the Dark Continent. A force transferred to slavers and merchant over the Atlantic  to mulatto overseers of plantation owned by White Lords who in turn were sustained in their Anti-Black counter-insurgency methods by a majority of an indentured White population living in fear of constant black violence.

From time immemorial Negroes were intransigent populations for whom corve labour was the only form of labour they knew. Until massive white disruption of Africa’s native cultures in the 19th century, work for Negroes was only possible as a result of political submission. This is what the White man confronted 500 years ago and what he dragged out of Africa for 300 years later. Africa’s neolithic culture had nothing else to offer the Global economy, and it carried its offers of intransigence into a bloody new world.

It was not a reaction to the bestiality of the Slave System that drove negro blood-lust. It was a primordial tendency of Negroes towards gratuitous crime that elicited the bestiality required to enforce slavery and latter provoked the birth of Racist institutions such as the Klan after slavery was shelved. It is the same tendency which explains black incarceration rates in a modern society which favorably grants them wholesale amnesty from the standards of polite society.

In such polite society the story of Black violence would be christened a “History of Resistance” to obfuscate its autochthonous origin. Yes, the Negro was rudely transferred to the Western Hemisphere as an oppressed slave.  Yes, he was never intended to be anyone’s equal. Yes, the conditions sometimes became worst than the Inferno that is Africa. Forgotten is the violence from which he came, the violence to which he resorted, the violence from which he can’t escape if all he’s offered are palliatives and excuses from Non-Blacks.

The traditional Negro warrior brandishes a spear, not a sword, rapier, or gun. The question of metal works in Africa is hotly debated. The lack of evidence of highly weaponised warfare at any given point, is not. Even today, kalashnikovs and guns are adapted to hand-to-hand combat. Cavalry, infantry, and fortifications, have modern equivalents in Air Force, Army, and Navy technology which Africa possesses in negligible amounts.

A history of strictly person-to-person combat eloquently explains the genetic development underlying the Negro male physique. Tribal warfare in conditions of technological parity encompassing the entier Sub-Saharan continent of Africa places a greater premium on demographics, and a mentality of sensitivity born aggression.

As an infant, the black male is exceptionally gregarious in order to avoid infanticide by the  Alpha male owning all the females of a warring tribe. His exposure to male bellicosity begins as a toddler while exploratory threats, aggression cues, and the limits to humiliating behavior are explored during adolescence. Adulthood peaks with an exaggerated sensitivity to status cues of others, which he can then discern as possible incentives for initiating violence against them. The pattern is genetically imprinted.

Worldwide experience at all levels dealing with Black males, starting with the special education teacher and ending with the coroner, passing through the corrections officers and cops who are on the beat, is amazingly uniform. Negroes are characterized as unbelievably impulsive, incredibly confrontational, and irredeemably vicious. Terms like animal, savage, beasts, and apes, barely lurk beneath the surface. Non-Black Nucleotides have no other way of reacting to the maliciousness with which the amino acid in the 20 something black male confront them on a daily basis. That the patterns of heightened sensitivity to posture, prosody, gaze, and vocabulary which justify outbursts of destructive violence from Blacks are universal, must be the world’s best kept secret which everyone is highly aware of. It should make historians aware that their narratives of African history are naively fallacious. The history of black Africa was written not by the pen, but by the fist of the genetic adaptation of Africans to intense one-on-one physical combat.

It is no coincidence that Cannibalism, Sodomy, Witch and Albino Hunting, wretched slaughter, massacres, and tempestous hatreds remain the hallmarks of lands which have not changed from the days of their peopling. Hallmarks of neolithic combat where physical forces is abstracted away into concepts of consuming your enemies brains, testicles, and limbs so as to capture his manhood. Where mutilation and extreme humiliation are the only assurance that your own virility will be effectively communicated.

Chattel is the universal currency of such primitive society. Wars on the African continent always resulted in either slavery or death for the defeated. As a result of White conquest of the New World, Negro chieftains found a new market for a currency they could breed in abundance

Sent off to disappear in work on Sugar and Coffee plantations in Surinam, Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas, blacks were an explosive force even before they set foot in a Hemisphere where only a tiny minority of Whites came anymore willingly than them. Where they also had to adapt in order to eke out survival from the bogs, jungles, and venomous vermin.

The New World was inhospitable and welcomed nobody. The Spanish and Portuguese emptied their prisons to seize the lands for despoliation. Protestant and Marrano elites fled the inquisitions and clung for their lives to the first available crag. Indentured servants made up the bulk of the remainder of the White population. Death tolls on their journeys were worst then on slave ships. Made unwillingly diseases and Indians resulted in mortality rates as high as those of the dispossessed Natives.

Forced to make this journey like everyone else, Negroes fought more mindlessly against it. Not for freedom. Not against slavery. Out of genetic adaptation.  Without objectives and aspirations. Fighting for the sake of fighting, as befits a robust male in a society where the only position of social success is one of arbitrary tribal tyrant.

At most, Negro violence was co-opted by budding colonial powers, seeking to dislodge the dominant Empire of their day. Countless insurrections, and rebellions sponsored by one European Metropolis over another, led to the establishment of zones beyond the reaches of the law where Negro fugitives took “refuge” to and dreamt their African Dream.

Long before the recognition of the first non-Colonial states in the New World, maroons had come to dominate parts the Spanish Main and created independent enclaves metropolitan powers could not govern. The Dutch and British never recognized the sovereignty of such states, but they did affix seals to treaties granting them self-rule. The run-away slaves made no attempts to befriend the Indians, who assured a handsome profit from Whites for the capture of fugitives, couldn’t be bribed with palms leaves from patois speaking Negroes.

The logic of the new world was of economic extraction. Prior to 1776 no settlements were self-sustaining. Every speck of land in the Carribean, and every trade route tracked from Arcadia to the mouth of the Mississippi, from the Orinoco to Cartagena, were outposts of mercantile exploitation. One percent slave masters, 9 percent indentured Whites, 90% Black slaves.

First Sugar, later tobacco, coffee, and then cotton. One giant factory made on the tears and blood of workers grinding away their life cutting cane, pressing it in refineries, and expiring at age 40 in the simmering heat of the summer.

Every decade was marred by famine, and business collapsing. Profit was driven to a bare bottom, and lives lost all value. Panics of hunger and  insecurity befell  societies torn by fear, suspicion, and incessant war between the British, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese navies.

In this heady mix, Negroes had the least place because they brought the least. They reacted with blind fury, and turned their moribund fates into orgies of blood, burning islands and terrorizing Whites and Natives. There was no way to get along, since there was nothing to offer besides blood.

The first imperative of White society became defence, begging the question of which came first, Negro rejection of Whites, or the rejection of Negroes? The same questions plaguing modern society defined Race Relations at the Dawn of the Atlantic world.

Haiti was not the only “Slave Rebellion” the Americas knew. There were hundreds of others. Not a year passed without one.  Today consigned to oblivion because they don’t fit the make believe narrative of academics. Not a day passed without Negro crime of various gratuity. These were of daily occurrence. Censored from the fiction that is called History.

If not for the brutality of the New World economy, no one in their right mind would have invested in the Black Slave considering the permanent counter-insurgency this required. The vigilantism of the later KKK, was a direct extension of this military adaptation by Whites to Black  DNA.  An adaptation of legitimate violence, sometimes extreme, countering an even worst and no more legitimate violence which was always extreme.

No form of labour could have been begotten for the America’s without force. In order to integrate a population as violent as Blacks, Whites resorted to exceptional, but  measured enforcement violence. Driven by bare boned imperative of survival and common sense, Whites never envisioned a day when a population seemingly incapable of pacific life would be forced upon them in Civic Union.

Not limited to tales of self-defence forces from the Surinam, from Parnambuco, from Cuba, or from the Antilles, a chronology of the lives of ordinary people in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries is unpallatably indistinct from that of modern day Haiti, Sao Paolo, and Detroit. It is simply impossible to tell, which is worst – modern day Atlanta, Maryland, and New Orleans, or Lesotho, Brazaville, and Luanda.

The Americas weren’t envisioned for settlement, but for short-term gain. Coolie labour, equally coerced, replaced Negro slavery by the end of the 19th century. Its participants left hardly a trace. They weren’t black. They weren’t violent. They offered more to the world than sports, hooliganism, promiscuity, hystrionics, grandstanding, clowning, animalistic aggression and fear. Born in the darkness of Africa’s violence, the Black brings this darkness wherever he is brought of his own will, or that of others.

Today’s Crash of Races will continue to pose the same challenges it posed in 1500. How to deal with Negro violence in societies pursuing collective goods. How to avoid entangling Non-Blacks in the darkness of unredeemed Negritude, while defending their ability to create such goods. How to break the reality of Negro DNA to a society whose self-love is based on its self-hatred?

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