Hi Tech White Consciousness

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The Internet and portable recording devices are changing Racial consciousness. The proliferation of surveillance cameras is sending the message that middle class life isn’t something Divinely ordained for all of humanity.

From the ability to organise information by subject and theme, to viewing Black exhibitionism of savagery on hip hop video aggregators, the ability to bypass centrally controlled information services is shaping people’s awareness of themselves in new ways.

With very low costs of monitoring global news outlets, and leisure time the only price for publishing on a specific subject , the internet creates new epistemic communities.  It provides various shades of anonymity. From near total invisibility to a general anonymity of contacts.  The industries behind the web of webs  adhere to principles of not  hosting racist and terrorist content, but the laws remain complicated and servers dedicated to the First Amendment are a cash model for entrepreneurs. This has had direct impact on the growth of websites dedicated to Race relations from a White perspective.

A hierarchy of websites services a community of Whites who are interested in racial issues bearing upon their skin tone. Unlike other epistemic community, this one is largely secluded to the internet. Connections to reality are severed by law, and safety concerns for readers and writers, assuring that no dominant players will emerge to consolidate the community via truly international reporting, accross a variety of mediums, and meeting higher journalistic standards. Movements are parochial in nature and developing trans-national ties is not their priority. The number of websites catering to higher brows, is picayune. Knowledge of the audiences demographics doesn’t exist.

There is no website with a take on White issues that can be described as truly international. The community is divided along controversial topics. Language and national experience remain barriers. Meetup, Facebook, Twitter, i.e. the “social web” are irrelevant due to state persecution.  Government instigated clamp-downs have assured complete demise of parties such as the BNP who had the means to make Web 2.0 relevant.

A handful of public stand out as very limited bridges to the real world. Each country has a focal personality. America has Pat Buchanan, Britain has  Peter Starkey, France has Eric Zemmour. They operate as outsiders with no support or political base. They never speak on anyone’s behalf, never cite letters from readers, never cite experience on behalf of a tangible public.

Missing are pressure group organizations, a legal fund, and investors, because the ideas necessary for their creation, are as inchoate and impractical as the community itself. Reader numbers have yet to be calculated. Left-wing vigilantes will exaggerate them,  apologists will minimize, but the rise of the community remains an indelible fact. No one has an up to date international list of all the sites, but everyone, of every colour, is familiar with their country’s “right wing” web-portals.

The proliferation of surveillance technology and reporting on incidents in the mainstream media are fueling their rise. It’s hard to find something more grass roots than the spontaneity of blogs which are run by “lone woolves” grinding their Racial axes following traumatising events. Personal, local, national or international developments which first seed doubt into  “liberal progressives” eventually turn them into full blown consumers of the latest “Race Gore” in the privacy of their homes. How long can this “community” continue be limited to a virtual world of zeros and ones?

As long as the black community continues to record its crimes on cell phones, and posting them on myriad black-tubes, as long as the behavior of Non-Whites continues to hog the lion’s shares of criminal activity in what used to be the developed world, the potential for a media dedicated to their coverage grows. Only a fundamental transformation of the internet could serve as obstacle. Such transformation is increasingly possible, and being put into place.

Five years ago, internet file sharing was all the rage. Two months ago, coordinated international enforcement under a well designed MPAA strategy began to choke it off. The internet Eldorado is over.  With knowledge limited to databases inaccessible to mere mortals, and with increased monetisation of  readerships evident across a plethora of newspapers, television programs, and prominent personalities on both right and left, the internet is looking more like an addicts alley of porn and the tweeting of farts and burps. It has found its nieche in a larger media ecosystem. Wikipedia remains useful, but the general move is towards consumerism and cell phone applications, where Racialist usese are unknown.

One final prerogative of the net, with immense racial relevance, is pornography. In a not so distant future, a portal dedicated to aggregating Racialist information across platforms and subjects will provide room for deliberation about Interracial porn. What does it mean when white men spend hours watching  black men copulating with white females in explicitly racialist scenarios?

Critics of ethnic porn – exclusively found among the left, describe it as a outright racism. Mandingos and BBCs is the White man’s vision of Savage Blacks. Such a description is stunning to those who might consume interracial porn, since the genre is everything but antagonistic to Negroes. Sub-genres such as White male Sisies and cuckolding, not to mention MILFS and teens and twinks that go black, reveal submission, accommodation, and are significantly more racially transcendental than anything Martin Luther King uttered.

Interracial pornography is another proverbial elephant in the room. Evidencing a massive gulf between the totalitarian censorship of ordinary lives contrasted with information consumed on the internet. The White man sits for hours watching Lexington Steel receiving oral from a dozen blonds screaming how they “Love Black Dick,” the White teenager listens to an uninterrupted stream of “nigger, ho, bitch” on his mp3 player, desktop, and phone, yet not a single think tank, academic, or investigative reporter treat the subject in a public meditation! The community which is the likeliest candidate to provide a forum to do so, remains White, and is dedicated to Racial questions.

It remains White, because Whites are the only race with any tradition whatsoever of freedom of conscience, of intellectual pursuit, and political liberty. This united them culturally, and divides them politically. Such divides remain barriers to further consolidation on the internet. The most significant of these divides are linked to politics, economics, culture, aesthetics, and religion. Few, if any, are easy to transcend.

Free markets vs. the chaos of the “Anglo-Saxon” model. Limited government, vs. protectionism against Globalism.  American ruggedness and individualism vs. European collectivism. Punk Rock vs. Classical music. Soviet Communism which recognized minorities and majorities, vs. Far right nationalism. A European Union for Europeans, vs. a European super-state destroying Europe. An essentialist identity vs. one where Whiteness connotes a certain culture. The right to be left-alone vs. outright aggressiveness towards Non Whites. The right to exclusive clubs, vs. a right to accepting mulattoes as Whites. Pro-White government policies, vs. minimum government with no regulation. If the list comes across as one which is divorced from reality, its probably because the Racialist internet community is precisely that.

Practical concerns do not dominate. It’s a concern of loss, and drifting, of having no identity to which to cling. Religion or it’s secular opposite are becoming the last straws to grasp. This is where the question of Jews comes up. In America, it is an intellectual divide. In Europe, one of practical action. Jarred Taylor and Kevin McDonald divide the community in two. Girt Wilders and the English Defence League channel its energy to combatting Islam. Taki Theodoracoupolous and Pat Buchanon are perhaps the only centrist option available to the community globally, remaining unpalatable to the majority of Jews.

From interracial pornography, to questions about Islam and the state of Israel, online fans of websites covering questions of Racial identity from a White perspective are not allowed to gather in public to openly discuss issues which divide and unite them. You can fit only so much space in between a zero and one. Its certainly not adequate to allow for a robust debate permitting the formulation of more effective political organisation. Weighed down by laws, vigilantism, and safety, the Internet is transforming the way Whites perceives themselves in the World, but so far, it is doing little else besides.

  1. ould you write more on internet porn please?

  2. dude, take off the picture! if you’re not gonna discuss interracial porn, then your pic is totally irrelevant

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