Poland & Ukraine, Racists or Else….

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The reputations of English, French, and German Whites is on the line. The 2012 European Cup  is a test of their commitment to their Non-White compatriots. “Italian” Mario Balotelli has already issued them a red card: death, or genuflection. Ukrainians aren’t likely to kowtow to a gorilla and are ready to brandish bananas. The Crash of Races, continues.

Leading the Anti-Racist crusade is a BBC Panorama expose of Polish football fans as Nazis incarnate. According to Chris Rogers, the documentary reporter,  if it’s brown and moves, the Ukrainians take it out. Both Eastern European nations are unrepentant Hitler worshipers; swastikas, sieg-hail salutes, and Jew-baiting are rife. The Beeb’s got a certified racism expert on hand – Sol Campbell’s black skin. Calling for a boycott of the venue as if he’s never set foot in either Ukraine or Poland before. Multiracial teams have been playing in both Eastern European countries for two decades, but according to the media, that can no longer be the case with Euro 2012.

Never mind that both countries have some of the toughest Anti-Hate laws in the world to deal with their own internal divisions and historical controversies. There have been  zero Anti-Semitic attacks in Poland in the last 10 years.  England and France each boast more Anti-Semitic acts individually than all of the Eastern European Bloc put together.   Israel is viewed less favorably in Krakow and Lvov than in Manchester or Toulouse.

Never mind that France’s Canal+ holds monopoly rights over broadcasting the Polish league in which Western firms are invested at all levels. The stadiums are built by German and English companies, a few premier teams are owned by foreigners, including even – gasp – Jews, none of whom have previously raised concern in the press offices of Paris of London because actual violent acts, are – gasp again – fewer than in two days of the Notting Hill Carnival!

Listening to the BBC Panorama show it is obvious that the felony of Polish and Ukrainian youth is that they are proud of being White. Actual statistics of crime — racist or otherwise- are incomparably lower to either England or France. Slavs like themselves and they don’t like blacks and this is tantamount to genocide. What they yell in a stadium is obviously more important than the statistical rate and intensity of aggravated assault. Yes – Indians get beat up in Polish stadiums because they stand out. They get beat up along with anyone rooting for the visiting team.  Yes, the fists belong to kids who instinctively reject diversity, and they have are right to reject it.

These pale eastern Whites are painfully ignorant of the joys of being told by their governments who to like and dislike, where and with whom to live,  and what they can and can’t say in public. They haven’t enjoyed the privilege of seeing rape, murder, and attempted murder take second place to the crime of belief, profession, and preference. They haven’t experienced the sheer orgasm of forking over their tax money to thugs, or facing the Race riots they deserve!  For Mickey, Jack, and Pierre Eastern European football fans are an opportunity to earn moral brownie points and inch closer to that ever elusive moral Supremacism of elite White Narcissists while suppressing further their sense of alienation within societies where they play the role of sacrificial cows in the name of advancing Non-Whites.

This isn’t to whitewash what are, by Western standards, signs of barbarism. Ukraine is not Piedmont, and  the Poles can’t breathe without recourse to expletives. Neither have attained the refinement of middle class White culture of the West. Both nations are xenophobic, and they have good reason to be.

Decimated by two world wars, invaded and oppressed by foreign supported communists and Nazis, dismembered by foreign occupations,  and previous to that, plagued by centuries of of ethnic tension, xenophobia is an aspiration necessary to avoid repeating the past!! With the controversy over the Eurocup, Western White self-hatred promises to bring back this past with a vengeance.

There are genuine costs to being black in Poland or the Ukraine.  They weren’t there 20 years ago under a communist regime more socially conservative than the modern Catholic Church. They are a new import by Western Whites who have marginalized non-self-hating Whites out of the political mainstream. These White Narcissists are faced with the dilemma of what to do with entire foreign countries where Whites have yet to become self-haters like themselves. Do they marginalise the entire countries, or is it enough to spread their own self-hate? They’ve been working hard to avoid a middle way in this dilema, so the pickings are deliberately slim.  Foreign White elites will be bought off by White Narcissism. The hoi poloi – reeducated. This repression will then lead to radicalism, i.e. “White Power” slogans, Neo-Nazism, terrorism, and violence, is a foregone conclusion for which the Narcissist will never take credit. It’s part of the dialectical process by which the moral supremacism of White Narcissism asserts itself. It’s why there are so many Neo-Nazis walking the streets of Wroclaw, Krakow, and Gdansk.

English Narcissists are demanding that sports fans of a foreign country stop speaking a language that casts the English Narcissist in a bad light. Race is only an invention until Sol Campbell reminds them that their white skin is a racial obligation. To  Polish viewers the Panorama pieces reinforces the message that if you don’t fight against the Non-White plague more, harder, and more ferociously, then their days are numbered.

Poland and Ukraine want to remain White.  Highhandedly ostracizing Whites who don’t share Western Whites self-hatred, engenders the barbarism on display in both countries.  Twenty years ago Poland and Ukraine were liberated from the yolk of Communis totalitarianism, and they interpret the admonishments against Racism by  guilty Western Whites as precursors of a potential totalitarianism that is to come.

In the entire world, but especially in the West, every race except Whites, enjoys a right to pursue their racial self-interest. This makes the West an anti-White institution at an international scale. An organised Hitlerian/Stalinist body which  under the barrel of a gun embezzles the wealth created largely by Whites and distributes it to Non-Whites with the declared mantra that Whites don’t exist as anything except historical parasites. If economic power is supposed to create political power, then a situation whereby political power is used to destroy the economic, means that by abandoning the political, Whites will soon lose the economic. Because accusations of “Racism” are the one and only tool of their marginalisation,  it doesn’t take a PhD to grasp that Whites are economically and existentially moribund in the West on account of their political disenfranchisement as a group.  He who has no rights, will expire sooner than later.

The world is interlinked, and it’s a central aspect of the Crash of Races’ thesis ,that the Clash takes place on a global scale. Poles do not need to live permanently with Non-White immigrants to develop a Racial consciousness which will have impacts on  Whites in distant countries like America or Australia. It can be a big football event, it can be boxing, but it wont go unnoticed.

Polish men have considerable experience working in Western Europe by building its buildings and sleeping on public benches after downing a six pack. They’ve crossed paths with Non-Whites, and only another totalitarian system could shove diversity down their throats. The obviousness of this explains the particular savagery of their xenophobia. Poles  and Ukrainian correctly bet on xenophobia to preserve them from the onslaught documented by English, French, and German media.

Western sensibilities are not piqued by actual violence or social stagnation. Rape, murder, robberies are secondary when Racism rears its head. A few years ago, a famous “Polish” promoter of inter-racial love was an AIDS carrying Negro deliberately infecting Polish women with the disease. His actions will result in the murder of fifty or more White women – a racist crime no Ukrainian or Pole has yet to  equal. British sensibilities can’t be bothered. Easier to fulminate at slogans of “White Power” tagged on streets of Krakow, and monkey hoots aimed at Negro players, than ask why it is only White people who have to forfeit their rights to self-determination.

Poland is a safer country than England, even though the country boasts a fraction of England’s wealth.  Poor white Poles want it to stay that way. They may be drop-outs, but even the stupidest of Polish soccer fans can’t be fooled. If it quacks like a savage and walks like one, then it’s a savage. An influx of Negro egineers, architects, doctors, writers –  might change their mind. A migration of niggers would present nothing less and nothing more than an existential  threat. Their presence would elicit a totalitarian  straightjacket, their physical prowess the physical liquidation of Poles in ghettoes and prisons. Experience from building sites in London, like anyone’s experience watching American, British, and French  television,  taught them about niggers, not Negro engineers.

Ukrainians are violent enough, hence all too aware how much this would increase if Non-White got in on the act. Like Poland, it is White and wants to stay that way. David Cameroon, Angela Merkel, and Nicolas Sarkozy pronounced a dirge over multiculturalism. Why force a cadaver on countries only starting to dig themselves out of their own graves?  Borrowing from Rousseau, Western elites find everything that is Natural, to be very good. When it comes to the natural xenophobia of Whites, the natural suddenly becomes evil, along with democracy, freedom of speech, and the right to security, and sovereignty. Everyone in this world is a victim, and is organised into self-promoting communities. Whites don’t exist in this victim’s world because they don’t have political representation…soon, they just wont exist at all.

Finally, the World will have nothing to complain about. Polish plumber and Ukrainian peasants will disappear with the rest of the Crackers. One gigantic European Football championship will embrace the World from Kinshasa to Guangzhou.

  1. poorly written in parts, but brilliant insight.

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