Why Whites Must Go, Because they’re already Gone

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No one questions the inalienable rights of Non-Whites to mobilise in pursuit of their interests, but what is the future of the World’s Great Oppressor if it can’t do the same? Anti-Racism is an ideology exclusively aimed at the political annihilation of Whites. It is the great hate dogma of our Age. It’s central enemy is every and any attempt by Whites to formulate a politics of self-interest which it ruthlessly vilifies so the White becomes the dehumanised Other. Whitey’s reaction? Pretend he doesn’t exist. 

In typical Freudian fashion, the supposed purveyors of Hate Speech becomes the victims of the greatest Hate. The label of “racist” for each and every attempt at White political assertion is the equivalent of calling someone a Nazi. Ironically, there is not one iota of difference between the discourse underpinning Anti-Racism’s fixation with White Evil, and Nazi discourse about Jewish subhumans. To hear it from the mouths of horses, Whites are humanity’s greatest butchers, murderers, crooks, and profiteers. Terms of loving tenderness and friendship on par of Hitler’s and Goering’s descriptions of the people behind “Judeo-Bolshevism.” “Racist” has become the equivalent of the early 20th century’s “Nigger, Hymie, Wop, Wetback, and Towel Head” all rolled into one. If you’re a Racist, you are subhuman. Full stop.

For the Crash of Races hypothesis, Anti-Racism is the Hegelian dialectic of the 21st century, replacing the struggle between Capital and Labour, between Christianity and Islam. Anti-Racism being the Anti-Thesis, and the Thesis being…?

If Whitey is the big problem everyone needs to justify their own Rights to political representation, then his political absences is equivalent to his death.  The Anti-Thesis has no Thesis, avoiding precisely the dialectic which Clausewitz would call – War. The result is that the Anti-Thesis will become Synthesis to the exclusion of the Thesis,  and this political death will mean racial extinction. Ironically, Whitey won’t need to die by then, since he’s already dead, since he’s figured that playing dead, he can avoid becoming the hated Other. Hated – obviously – in the name of countering his own Hate.

Two schools  are already arguing about the usefulness of White extinction. For some, White demise is key to the rise of Non-Whites. To others, once Whitey is gone, everyone else goes with him. The first makes up the lion share of Anti-Racism supporters. It is the Anti-Thesis, perpetuating the destruction of the made-up Thesis.  The second camp is represented by people like Pat Buchanan. Between the two, no one wants to take it further by an inch by arguing cogently for White political representation; begging the question of why?

The answer has a trunk, floppy ears, and is scared of mice. “White Nationalist” or “Race Realist” literature provides a glimpse of it  The arguments, tropes, and references throughout the “Right Wing” world reveal that the elephant of White demise is not so much the White Supremacism of Self-Hatred and White Narcissism, but the possible reality of White non-existence documented by the HBD crew.

The Anti-Thesis is forced to create a Thesis to which it opposes itself. It has to conjure up myriad instances of non-existant Racism potrayed as aiming to eradicate Negroes, Asians, and Mexicans, and still the Thesis stubbornly refuses to exist. Whites dont’ want to be Whites. Gays, Jews, Mormons, Italian, Christians, Handicaps, anything that can quack like a victim when the political gloves come off is preferable to the “White” label.

The Anti-Thesis churns out Race based report after Race based report documenting how the elite institutions of America, and the United Nations remain squarely in White hands. How the strings behind every Non-White Kofi Annan and Barack Obama are wrapped around the effeminate index  fingers of White Wall Street. It whines about how “Whites don’t have a clue what it’s like to be Black,” while having wet-dreams about Whites being shipped off as slaves to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2050 to pave roads for the Superior Black race so Whites do get that final clue about being Black.

Anti-Racism doesn’t  pretend to subscribes to any realistic White notions of political equality, since it’s very raison d’etre is in opposition to Whites. It’s ideas of equality are synonymous for Non-White assertion. It doesn’t promise Whites a “multicultural” utopia in which Whites and Blacks will frolick on any mountaintop, unless its a Negro frolicking with a blond – appropriate the only permissible concept of  ‘interracial’ dating in an America where Blacks can openly boast of liking white women, and Whites can’t do either.

Among all this, the Thesis refuses to budge, except for one particularly fat fringe. The contours of the elephant are the self-appointed internet representatives of Whites. Internet based, they can’t get anything straight, their script, address, or name. They beat their wings like a beheaded chicken running amok in ten directions at once clucking some dubious nonsense about genetics, truth, objectivity, and how the liberals are all deranged lunatics who hate logic, cognition, and reality. Borrowing a page from the oppositional nature of Anglo legislatures, they waste no time in making sure the Anti-Thesis can have plenty to chew on, while no Thesis emerges. Their single biggest references are  genetics and logic. Apparently, all that is needed to address a situation as nasty as the Crash of Races, is “realism” or greater “objectivity”. If everyone could just be brought around to genetics, to arguments from nature, then the Crash of Races would disappear overnight!

When a people need to justify their earthly presence with reference to a science invented in a laboratory 60 years ago, then maybe they really don’t exist? Killing them becomes a delightful, albeit absurd redundancy. It’s only a matter of time that their genetics join them in the graveyard. The DNA code of the new Whites which replace them, those who will call themselves White in 2050, will be 80% non-White. Black will be the New White, because White is already the new Black.

Focusing on genetics and IQ, while the question is a simple one of political representation, is the plight of scoundrels towards the safety of terms which remain beyond the reach of the masses they malign as “liberal idiots.” “Science” is a concept to which even Asians don’t pay any attention. In their purely practical approach to its learning and employment opportunities at most they may question its premise on nationalist grounds (“Indian science is older, etc”). Debates about the “scientificism” of “science” are the purview of Whites. It is only by hiding in something amateurs assume as “scientific” that the IQ obsessed perpetuate their monopoly over White questions by keeping them safely out of the sight of the masses.

HBD bloggers can’t get their heads around the simple idea that the biggest component of “human biodiversity” is political. Their ability to collectively believe the myth that their thinking is strictly limited to “fact based objectivity” is a practical admission that they are useless, moribund, and dilettantes.

Delusion are natural to intellectual posers.  A degree doesn’t make anyone smart. Character does. A PhD carrying HBD groupie lacks the modesty to recognize the limits to his grasp of community organisation and arrogantly snickers at Barack Obama. The sophistication of sociology is as good as lost on him. His “fact based” fantasy becomes the only notion available to his self-proclaimed superior grasp of truth.

The possibility that “Race” is a socio-biological concept because its genetic component is interpreted socially is lost on those who identify the  “social” with everything they’ve learned to hate blindly, precisely   like the liberals they despise and to whom they no longer ever listen.

The Anti-Thesis doesn’t have to work hard to become the Synthesis. If its only opposition is against a few textbooks about genetics, then even a community organiser will lead it to triumph. If anyone asks how an entire people became nothing but a bunch of textbooks, look no further than the old Nietzschean idea about the Apollonian. What kind of group justifies its political existence with textbooks about a science requiring electron microscopes!?

Living whites don’t exist. Get over it. The Crash of Races is between the Dead, and the Living. Niggers know why the Zombies are always a pale-yellowish White.

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  6. There is great irony, if not beauty, in the fate of peoples. Africans and those of African descent have been treated as untouchable and undesirable, but that has preserved the purity of the African, The European tells everyone it should be desired, and that leads to the mixing and diluting of the european stock. Consider the Americas where in 50 years the “white” will be the minority and already is except in North America. That is the price and irony of their media campaign – being bred out of power and out of majority status.

    The poverty of the African has also served to protect the continent. Europe and the Americas are populated by various peoples because wealth, be it land or resources, attracted them. So that now the Americas are the most diverse lands and Europe will be equally diverse in the future. Asia, to some extent, is already diverse if you consider that 1.3 billion Indians and 200 million Indonesians share the continent with 1,4 billion Chinese. Africa. otoh, is the most ethnically pure continent and will remain so because poverty keeps the birth rate high.

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  9. […] There is no doubt that White identity is under strain, but security agencies find it easier to monitor the extremist fringe of White “nationalists”, to co-opt them, to manipulate them towards the needs and ends of the political establishment, than their non-white counterparts operating accross the non-White world on behalf of Jihadi, anti-Western, or local nationalist causes. The threat from the fringes of White Nationalism is completely eliminated in the White world.  Down but not entirely out, the BNP and Front National are attacked with unrestrained ferocity, providing the bread and butter of the gatekeepers. The anti-White component of the body politic in the formerly White world has reached a summit so high, that mainstream political power is wielded exclusively by institutions with implicit anti-White mandates.   The vigor with which laws targeting White consciouses are applied in the West, vehicled by vigilant White Narcissists controling access to the public forum, fuels a pathological counter-reaction in White minds. Gay marriage, Abortions, tea parties, and bearded Austrian transvestites channel White frustration away from  racial displacement towards budgets, artificial insemination, adoption laws, and insipid exhibitionism of Eurovision tramps. The intellectuals of the White blogosphere are engrossed in “haplogroups” and proving their racial value “scientifically” with psychometric tests. Breeching the confines of their digital bubbles is a falsification of the g-coefficient, and crosses the line of their petit bourgeois comfort zone . They aquiesce to the abolition of democracy, and their rants serve to reinforce the  illegality of race based political mobilisation for Whites. The idea of “struggle” seems lost on men with doctorates and incomes above the median.   Opposition is costly and professionally profitless so blog away! For men who want their wives to prefer black dick to their own, no amount of the g-quotient will be salvific.  The study of male sexual perversion is more appropriate to understanding this haplogroup, than that of their Y-chromosomes. In a population whose psychological fibre is that of passive sodomite submission, repression is a fait accompli. […]

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