Euro 2012, Monkey Hoots Reserved for Blacks

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Monkey hoots, like the term “Nigger” are for blacks only.  Whites directing guttural noise at an African, are genocidal racists asking to be eradicated by the forces that be. If Mario Balotelli has his way, their parents will apologize for their children’s Racism conceding that any eventual death was deserved. In the Freudian subconscious of the White Narcissist, Racism is tantamount to death, suggesting that Racism and the Will to Life, might be connected in positive ways.

The world is on High Alert because at the Euro 2012 Spaniards, Russians, Poles and Croatians have found a way to survive the 21st century’s Black Onslaught. Imported from Sub-Saharan backwaters, it’s enough to remind  “naturalised” Europeans of their Great Ape cousins to pull the pitch from underneath their studs. Teams made up of native European players, might advance at the cost of Diversity.

To counter this “grassroots” and “grounds-up” perfidy of White Eastern European savages,  FIFA is pleading for NATO reinforcements. Giggling stewards will be  fired and all of Eastern Europe fined  billions of dollars by a joint Anti-Racism committee in Brussels and Washington DC.

The world is in a state of shock like it was when David Starkey said that Black culture was responsible for England’s decline and the London Riots. It is in shock like it was when the FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa where real genocides of Whites take place. When in shock,  bring out the artillery.

The unrelated question of  Anti-Semitism and Swastikas. In South Africa 80% of the South African Jewish community left due to the “Black Love” they were promised by the ANC.

Wait, none of this was mentioned by the world community, was it!? It wasn’t mentioned, since the ANC was “Anti-Racist,” and no one couldn’t quite agree if  Durban was Anti-Semitic or just Anti-Zionist.  Shakira sang a song and Spain took the cup.

Do Whites in France, AEngland, and Germany (“FAG” for short) take themselves so seriously? Patronizingly telling other Whites how to root for a team? Are they genuinely “appalled” by monkey jokes or is it only because it’s other Whites making them? It must be sheer jealousy of the freedom enjoyed by Whites in Eastern Europe to cleverly eliminate the “Black Factor” from a football tournament which has become the life-line for Fag countries whose populations have had their Will to Life decimated by 30 years of aggressive Anti-White policies to the point where only Afros could make up for the decline?

During the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, any questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s relationship with his “second father” Black Nationalist Pastor Jeremiah Wright were played down as “guilt by association.” Isn’t the association of the beliefs of Eastern European Whites with those of Nazis, nothing but a play on Western guilt?  Isn’t it the very same “guilt of association” or “amalgamation” of which minorities speak the minute the empirical relationship between their communities and Crime, Terrorism, Insecurity, and the vote for left-wing parties is brought up?

The linking of hooliganism, White power symbolism, Anti-Semitism, Racism, is just a simple reflection of the Simpleton mindset of Western Narcissists whose moral mana has become the Simplistic religion of Anti-Racism. A religion based on the fanatical monitoring of all Whites for the slightest deviance from admissible norms of thought, opinion, and belief, whose ritual denunciation is rewarded with social capital.

Does anyone seriously believe that 20 year old football fans attach the same value to a swastika, the term “white power,” and mocking of black players, as the Fags sensitised to these terms by totalitarian regime? Or is the fact that these fans engage in significantly less violent activity in an entire part of a continent than the ghetto youth in the single city of London, irrelevant?

The Fags,  you see, are appalled by words, thoughts, and jokes, not by crime, blood, insecurity, and urban terror wrought by the poor victims of “Racism.”  For them, the mind of one race – Whites – is more important than the actions of a hundred Mugabes, Trayvon Martins, and rioters in London, Paris, or Rotterdam.

Fags need a mission, to keep their self-love flowing, and nothing gets it flowing faster than discovering that other members of their race, have yet to drink from the sweet cups of suicidal self-hatred. Their own  totalitarian sensitives, nurtured by White Narcissistic elites, allow the Fags to instantly  vilify the youth of poor Eastern European countries, and justify Anti-Racist carpet bombing as reprisal.

The propaganda begins. Weary English fans supposedly avoided the Euro Cup for fear of discrimination. Had nothing to do with Blacks. Heavily Africanised teams no longer representing them, hence not commanding  the loyal following of the past, can’t be the culprits. Inter-ethnic violence between Russians and Poles? Who cares!? Not relevant to the guilt-complex of the White Narcissist.

The practical question of the use of a football player who can be completely demotivated by a reference to primate cants, remains unasked. Perhaps, instead of revealing their Freudian inadequacies to all sundry, White Narcissistic pundits would be better off treating incidents of “Racism” on the field as acts of “insult” and immunize their players accordingly?

Forget guilt by association (with the history of the German nation, ironically). Ignore the opportunity for a moral crusade. Don’t make swastikas a bigger deal than you did in the Nagano Olympics. Even teams from Western Europe, need to represent White Europeans, if the sport is to remain popular. Invoking Stalinist methods to inculcate White Europeans with the self-hate necessary to accept the dictate of a Narcissistic elite, will eventually lead to more than just hooliganism. Right now, a group of 300 fans can effectively shut down  a black forward handicapped by over-sensitisation to the color of his own skin. If their tactics are treated as the equivalent of crimes against humanity, then its just makes the  Crash of races more inevitable, and inevitably more bloody.

Demonising an enemy, opens the Gates of Hell. Over-reacting to a monkey hoot gives an opponent easily accessible and highly efficient weapons which cannot be detected with even the newest technology. Their ease of access encourages their usage in the worst of situations.

Turning a blind eye to gratuitous Anti-White violence, and staring wide -eyed at mere expressions of White mockery, results in poor Mario not being able to run with the ball, and Italy staying out of the finals. If all it takes is a hoot and a banana, then the German supermarket chain Lidl, prominent in Poland,  will soon be out of of banana stock. Ukrainians will be wearing monkey costumes to assure that no opponent of their lackadaisical team stand a chance of victory. For once, Europeans might finally be treated to a truly European football championship, after decades of ferocious government censorship of their desire to do so. When it comes to racism, even the free market is not allowed to listen to the needs of customers. One imaginary Black football fan, is worth all the quid of 10 White yobs combined.

Fag Whites offended by the conduct of Whites monkey hooting at African players, are admitting to a deep racial insecurity. In a perfect world, Whites, like Negroes, could make Monkey analogies at blacks, and call them niggers, without having malicious intent imputed solely to the color of their skin. Consider it a kind of recognition of a White Will to Life.

Self Hating Western Whites don’t even exist. They are irritated and jealous of the desire of Whites in other counties to continue to do so. They couldn’t be bothered with siring more than two children if it meant being perceived as perpetuators of  White Power. They are more than happy to benefit from  the perpetuation of Non-White inferiority if it equals a workforce of janitors, taxi drivers, and football players.

White Narcissists benefit from excoriating their own genetic kin.  When Lybians are literally killing Negroes, there’s no benefit, so there’s no noise.  Fags only care about what Whitey says, not Black lives! When Negroes are murdered just across the Mediterranean pond, the media is silent. No different from the South Africa World Cup, if it allowed for disingenuous PR for the abysmal continent.

update 1: edited article

update 2: coverage of Euro 2012. No reference for the violence perpetrated by Polish fans against Russian and Croats. Doesn’t fit agenda. So far, virtually no “racist” events of any note.

  1. ha ha ha

    both serious and informative (and full of grammatical errors, as usual Mr. Skin – but we’re used to that by now)

  2. […] on the heels of the Racist Euro Cup, where a banana loving Negro from Italy dishonored the Jewish race which adopted him, because the Anti-Semitic European media […]

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