Want to Survive? Become Racist.

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm

A good reminder of  how naive Whites have become.  Even if Race doesn’t determine the feelings this video elicits, it does determine who takes up the 10 year old’s cause. The kid is White, so the video never made the news, but a viewer’s age, race, or gender has no impact on the the visceral hatred of the Chinese that is stimulated in everyone who isn’t Chinese themselves.

“Gooks, chinks, monkey-eaters,” float to the surface of even the most politically lobotomized brain, of Blacks, Whites, and non-Chinese Asians , illustrating the fundamental mechanisms of hatred which constitutes the human animal.

Males will feel aggressive urges, females will refuse to watch. Both will feel a weariness of Mongoloids. Their brains will recall their own experiences of scrutinizing gooks in public, pausing on their tendency to isolate themselves. To eat living animals. To expand demographically and cost everyone jobs and economic security. To be particularly insensitive to animals, and to different cultural sensibilities, and to be too inwardly focused. Everyone suddenly remembers that the Chinese have no humanist constraints on their behavior towards the rest of the world, their only deterrent being the American Navy.  The racial hiearchy that the Chinese adhere to,  is known to everyone.  If they can beat a White child, who’s to say they wont be even nastier if the child is black, mixed, Latino, or Indian?

While the more intense emotional reaction to this video persists for several days, its effect congeals into a reminder not to be naive about Race.  The more radical male reaction of wanting to accost, attack, or assault “chinks,” transforms into a permanent sense of survivalism.  Women become more guarded with their children or small relatives in settings with slanted-eyes cackling with signature Chinese accents. People retain the video as a kind of taboo anecdote to shares  in settings where no Chinese ear can hear.

Now if the video were indeed of child whose skin-tone provoked the priviledged minorities of this world into victimisation mode, it would have attracted considerably more internet, media, and perhaps government attention. It wouldn’t reach the heights of the Trayvon Martin affair, only because the culprits’ own Race retains a minority stake in the “Global Victims of White Racism/Colonialism” racket.

A Non-White child would enjoy legions of supporters frothing at the mouth, writting angry letters, demonstrating in parks whether or not television crews would be present. Whites are the only group on Earth, who lack such a self-defense mechanism. A White kid is kicked in the head by grown-up Chinese adults, his hands are crushed, and it isn’t anything more than a curiosity on Liveleak. The Chinese are proud of their xenophobia while Whites are stuck in the internet.

Judging by recent discussions of Euro 2012, Whites are more scared of being called Racists than of assuring the security of their own children in a world where everyone else is nothing but Racist. A world where the only legitimate business of Whites seems to be to channel everyone else’s Racism into a global Anti-White movement, whose outcome becomes sealed in stone with every passing day.

Even though it’s not certain whether Whites actually exist, one thing is for sure. If they had wanted to survive a little longer on this earth – they’d do what everyone else does – embrace Racism as their one and only guarantee that their children wont be getting their heads kicked in because of the stupidity of their parents gene-pool. Yes, Racism as an antidote to a pool of White DNA which reproduces self-hatred as a short-sighted social quality. The stupider the head, the more kicks it will take for a message this simple to successfully sink in.

  1. […] up the right to self-preservation, and the right to defend themselves  coincided with Whites  abnegation to territorial sovereignty […]

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