Please Rape and Murder Us and Our Kids

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This video reminds readers that until Whites become Racists, their days are painfully numbered in a nut-house as a way-station to a crematorium.  The video is a cornucopia of subconscious sexual, cannibalistic, and salvific desires, rendered lucid by a Freudian reading exposing the intensity of White dementia when the messages of Tolerance and Xenophilia are used to encourage genocidal hatred of Whites.

Stalin couldn’t have dreamt of anything more consummate. This isn’t a forced confession sealed with drops of dried blood over a prisoner’s signature. This is merely one of the more salient examples of White racial dementia in the name of White Self-Hatred and White Moral Supremacism.

Select White individuals take it upon themselves to confess not the sins they have individually committed, nor those of their families, or their associates, but those of an entire Race of which their membership is central to their message.

With the intent of battling Racism, Hatred, and Intolerance, they lustfully partake in the creation and dissemination of Hatred, Racism, Intolerance, and Xenophobia. It is no irony that in attacking White Privilege they merely remind everyone that all that remains of this privilege is the right to public acts of utter insanity.

These individuals  are engaging in crude stereotypes about a Race to which they belong because it is the only known Race among Humans which doesn’t grasp the consequences of transmitting self-hatred genetically.

They tag their own faces like animals, appropriately reminding the psychoanalyst of a genre within interracial pornography which illustrate the intended nature of such decoration – degradation.

Their beast like Degradation  intends to feed Non-White fantasies about supine Whites, in orgasms of of moral White Supremacism.  The masochism isn’t accidental. Using the language of murderous self-loathing they prostrate themselves psychologically in a position calling out to the Non-White subconscious to rape them, and then cudgel, dismember, and obliterate them out out of the fear their complete absence of self-respect elicits. Savages act on cues, and when self-abnegation reaches the kind of heights evidence in this video, obliteration is a defence mechanism against it’s possible transmission, which the Savage suspects will take place if he succumbs to the “Victims” enticements.

To any human with with a scintilla of dignity and a remnant of the rational brain, the actor’s  claims of patently proposterous  Priviledge are calls to murder them. They are supine, lying prostrate to faciliate the anal rape that someone who is determined to transfer guilt to an attacker uses to entrap him into the transfer.

These are freaks only in as much as they remain incomprehensible to those who cannot grasp  the Freudian paradigm of discerning intention from revealed behavior.

Some vieweres  will be reminded of a kind of Christ-like Divinity premised on a perverse death-wish whose effect is to absolve sins. These People are sexualised to their bones, with an intense longing to savor genocide of themselves by those whose own savagery they perfectly understand. Their moral perfection, rises to the heights of supreme self-hatred, they are literally forcing on the Noble Savage a box of nails for the crucifixion as a subconscious act of self-sacrifice that only fanatical belief in Moral Supremacism could engender.

It grants hefty legitimacy to the notion that Anti-Racism, Multiculturalism, Pluralism, and Diversity, have not merely supplanted traditional religions amongst Whites, they have reintroduced a bare-boned fanaticism into the White mind on par with the worst caricatures of the Middle Ages or Salem.

Imagine a similar video called “Black Priviledge.” With Negroes marked with phrases such as “hip hop artist, basketball player…three decades for murder…drug dealer…I can say Nigger – you can’t”. Or a Latino version with “fuck your border, my business is child smuggling, picking your letuce while I pick off the cops, while I pimp the Jane…” Or a Chiense version with the coloquial spelling reflecting the accent with “I steal job…I no say Hello…I don’t give Fuck about you…” it goes on and on and on.

Can’t imagine such a video? No one can. That’s the Crash of Races. Thinking isn’t allowed. White Nationalists dedicate their life to the internet, by resolving questions of genetics, and IQ. They can’t be bothered with reactions of Dionisian Humans,  saying “That’s fuckign Racist!” like everyone else on the face of the blighted earth.

The way the Crash of Races works, is that Everyone can be Anti-White, and down-right Racist, but no one except Whites will be asked to kowtow to the faith multi-culturalism in a way where Whites are a part of the package.  Only Whites are told by their own governments that they have no right to exist. Everyone is allowed to smear, slime, and hate Whitey, everyone is allowed to be a Racist – except Whites.

Everyone is allowed to assert their Right to Live, except the ones who either already Don’t Exist, or seeing as they insist on telegraphic their their death-wish to all and sundry,  want to be annihilated asap.

As long as Whites refuse to be Racists, a bloody Crash of Races is a question of less than ten years time.  In retrospect, videos such as these will become  like watching a fireworks of Freudian self-exhibitionism replete with schitzophrenic contradictions on steroids. Someone is bound to enjoy the genre.

  1. I love it!!! Where did you get your degree. Your analysis is so accurate. But what do you want Whites to do? Start a war? A self-fulfilling prophesy. No thank you.

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