Hussein Bolt? Olympics, and Niggerification

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London 2012 is about Niggers. Little wonder that in 12 years time the city will look no different from the homeland of its ultimate symbol. A former epicenter of White Imperialism, in 30 years London will draw its final breath as a modern city. It will by then have spent half a century as the HQ for the Niggerification of all formerly White states into hell holes modelled on Jamaica.

Negritude in the Caribbean distils the region’s Christian heritage to something between voodoo and the offspring of Marcus Garvey’s pan-Africanism in all its bastard forms. Christian parents can transform Hussein into Usein, and bring into the world of marketing and brand promotion the equivalent of what Barack Hussein Obama is to politics. The same world of marketing which is capable of branding Carribean cesspools as virtues of athletic achievement. They may not know how to read and write, but they sure know how to run.

Hot on the heels of the Racist Euro Cup, where a banana loving Negro from Italy dishonored the Jewish race which adopted him, because the Anti-Semitic European media decided to make his adopted parents religion a major issue in their anti-Racist drive, the London 2012 olympics are following in the footsteps of FIFA by banishing, shaming, and ruining the careers of any Whites who twitter a comment on racially sensitive issues, or have a past of doing so. London is out to teach the world a lesson, Whites are Dead. Get it, or get out.

For those curious about the Hussein Bolt phenomenon, look no further than the masterminds of Olympics branding. Every four years the world’s organised crime community gathers to launder billions of money on Olympic bets.  The sports system is corrupt to its core so it’s only a question of time before it is dominated by black thugs,  allowing bookies to make behind the scenes deals with disadvantaged third worlders with media wary of casting a critical eye.

The olympic price tag of this crooked undertaking assures that what are by definition nationalist games, are diluted into the only kind of nationalism Narcisstic Whites consider game. The advantage enjoyed from the billions wasted into building stadiums in countries whose debt burden should have had them bankrupt five yeas ago – and not wasting tax payers money on major international events-  is branding. Hussein Bolt, is just the latest sell. Once the Olympics are over, his portraits will appear on every conceivable corporate logo, from Coca-Cola to Nike and everything in between until the inevitable day that the press gets his first mug-shot.

The thesis behind DNA Wars, that of a Racial Crash, would be implausible if it weren’t for precisely the kind of social phenomenons evidenced  by Obama, Bartolli, or Bolt. Experience, intelligence, and character, are thrown to the wind when the possibility of exploiting unknowns whose skin colour is used to affect the behavior of Whites, for whatever purposes possible in the neo-Stalinist system, rears its distasteful head. Don’t count on any Chinese, Koraens, or Whites, making it big off of corporate sponsorship. Their skin colour implies that they just doesn’t make the cut.

The White world is witnessing an increase in violent crimes by White Nationalists against non-Whites and left wing Whites, whose politics put them in the Anti-White camp. The numbers are a drop in the bucket when compared with the number of non-White crimes against Whites in White countries, but they are on the uptick, reflecing the early stages of the Racial Crash. The London Olympics showcase why this Crash will be far more painful for all the participants, than any of them can imagine.

Only 20 years ago, the Olympics were dominated by White athletes from the former USSR and the somewhat former USA. Today, countries of the Eastern Block have lost all of their prime positions in sports requiring the discipline that these states boasted in totalitarian times, while the Whites of the West have ceded all sports leadership to fast-legged Blacks. Put a hurdle in front of a Negro sprinter, and he seems to do less well. Where American Whites are concerned, the country’s Racial dynamics are the equivalent of a home turf advantage for Blacks from Hawaii to Maine. The combination of Black pride with White passion for interracial cuckolding (aka literally brown-nosing) means that from the U to the A in the US of A, is psychologically Black territory. White Russians can take more boxing medals than everyone else, and outjump Americas blacks, but perceptions linger on in America’s racially handicapped consciousness, becoming handicapped realities. As Beijing showed us, pride is the sinew of physical prowess.

London 2012 is seeing the undisputable rise of Asia, as the single most productive and organised unit on the face of the Earth, solidifying the security situation of non-White Orientals vis a vis Blacks and Whites. The decline of Whites is not made total with the rise of the black Husseins, and Anti-White media racism in the form of punitive hyper-vigilant thought crime monitors. It is finalised by the displacement of White males as a physical reference for masculinity. There is a gaping hole between the survivalist discipline of Orientals, and the “athleticism” of Blacks in Brown-Nosing societies. Whites stand in the middle, throwing discs, javelins, and metal balls;  outdated, and irrelevant, their brand value –  zero.  Even if Usein Bolt becomes a hustler of drugs in 10 years time, until he gets his first conviction, the global commercial system will milk him for all the profit his politically manufactured “star power” can muster.

It is apposite that London, the original capital of White Imperialism, thought it appropriate to spin the centerpiece event of the last 20 years and perhaps the next 20, not with the promotion of English gents and damsels, but with what is obviously an impudent, and disrespectful Caribbean thug.

The savages of this shit-hole in the Greater Antilles, indistinct from Haiti on its paradisical quality of life indicators, are the driver of London’s crime rates which have made it the European epicenter of Niggerification.

The plague of Niggerification, like other plagues before it, requires hysterical irrationality in its victim population, so this population can justify sleeping with rats and lice, while burning those who suggest daily showers and proper habits. The same London-centric system which used FIFA to send a message to all Eastern European holdouts against Niggerification, but seemingly failed to do this effectively when an Italian magic Negro lost against an all-White Spanish squad, is passing the Anti-Racist baton to a consumer packaged “Usein” as another of the million potential disease vectors for the mindlessness necessary to keep the plague running. Breaking world records on the side is reduce to a mere publicity stunt. The reality need not worry anyone;  no one will plan a  quick visit to the country of the latest Racial fad if they want the brand value to stick.

Welcome to Jamaica. Another tropical heaven which swallowed up White civilisation alive. Once the bones were expelled they were covered in shit, and no volunteers to wash them, let alone bury them, were forthcoming. Marketing doesn’t do externalities.

London will eventually look like Kingston. Most of the former White world will obsequiously follow the trend. Asian scholars of the future will look to 2012 not as Armageddon, but as the end of the White epoch which preceded the rise of the Asian. It will be then that with the  good graces of Asians, some talented White athlete from the slums of Paris or Berlin will be branded by firms from Seoul to sell the latest gadgets dreamed up in Tokyo and Honk Kong. As with the current ape-men, the money will be made by the ones who already have it. The new London will remain as indistinct from the Kingston of today, as the Jamaica of today is from the Haiti of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  1. I would like to connect hussein bolt via email

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