White Self Hatred

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The problem isn’t the Non-Whites, but the Whites themselves. The disease is White Self-Hatred. It relies on mental silence, public dissimulation, and emotional censure. It is a broken identity feeding the  forces of niggerification via a contempt of the self which encourages aggression in others.  The terminal phase of this condition is Annihilation of all and everyone in a nasty Crash of Races.

An individual who may be an occasional  reader of the Crash of Races thesis (DNAWars blog) published a pamphlet in France riling polite society with praise for Anders Breivik, the Norwegian Mass murderer.  In  “a literary elegy to Anders Breivik,” author Richard Millet eloquently develops ideas initially voiced here at DNAWars in reaction to events in Oslo on the 22nd of July 2011. He places the responsibility for creating the conditions which motivated Anders Breivik squarely upon the White Narcissist, rather than on movements to the right of the political center. Joining what has become a sizable intellectual movement in France,  Millet discusses the dispossession of Whites throughout Europe and questions France’s specifically extremist mainstream Jacobin culture of intolerance towards discussing Europe’s demographic demise. Millet’s publisher, Gallimard is under pressure to sack him. The media reaction is one of personal vilification rather than a discussion of the issues the author has raised in his essay.

Only fifty years ago the textbooks of White nations rimming the Atlantic ocean were full of racial references praising the historic exploits of Whites while referring to the factual state of Non-Whites as backward and savage. This was mainstream, it was everywhere, and  it was taken for granted. In the sixties, this  tone of self-praise for Whites coupled with benevolence towards non-Whites began to be viewed as highly patronizing, and  left-wing White Narcissists seized on this perception as a bludgeon against the great White Middle classes whose demise cemented the control of White Narcissistics over elite social norms. This marked a fundamental shift in two hundred years of Western history, and its impact has never been discussed in academia.

Today, the textbooks of only two generations ago are occasionally exhibited in a the few Black museums of the Deep  South,  as souvenirs of  the nation’s racist past, but are in large part deliberately forgotten by an American society not  mentally prepared to come to grips with their content. Comparing this content with that of modern school material exposes the scale of  White Self-Hatred in America,  raising questions about the physical  force necessary to anchor the politics such profound reorientation in society presumes. White Narcissists couldn’t have accomplished their agenda without resort to international and domestic force. Black Riots and  Non-White criminality  are a continuation of a tradition of Non-White violence, be it in the form of resistance, insurgency, or predatory attacks upon White dominance or opposition. The 1960s tapped into this violence at a variety of scales, and the menace of Black uprisings in the 2008 elections, not to mention the centrality of Non-Whites in America’s crime scene, are a stark reminder of the importance of physical violence to the psychology of White Self-Hatred. The Narcissism of an elite few is but the resolution of this Self Hatred reliant on the ability of America’s housing market to tolerate the segregation which makes the bubble of narcissism social plausible.

The Crash of Races initially referred to the main agents of the transformation from Self-Love to Self-Hatred as White Narcissist, because those Whites who led the “liberal” and “socialist” revolutions, took up the cause of Non-Whites out of self-serving interest of psychological comfort and social climbing. Following the writing of “From Imperialism of Self-Love to an Empire of Self-Hatred” it has become apparent that Narcissism is less important to the Crash of Races than the actual Hate which gives rise to it.  Self-hatred underpins White Narcissism, just as it underpins revanchist Non-White Narcissism, just as it underpins Niggerificaiton, just as it underpins the demise of an entire Civilization. It is the taboo whose name cannot be mentioned, and is the root of the disease eating away at Global prosperity.

The general subject of Self-Hatred has elicited a small expert literature. As with all modern academic products, the place of Whites in this analysis  is zero, largely because Whites have abolished themselves conceptually in pursuit of a dark Freudian desire to assure the proper sequencing of events necessary to their physical elimination.  Self-Hatred as a concept introduced by German Jewish intellectuals in the late 1920s, remains the domain of  Homosexuals, Jews, Mothers, Negroes, the Obese, and everyone else who finds ways of escaping White Self-Hatred by emphasizing something distinct about themselves to downplay their Whiteness. Religion, gender, sexual orientation, and in rare cases, simply not being  White to begin with, are nothing but ways of fleeing the obvious whose obviousness forbids it from being publicly stated. It is foolish to characterize as  “ironic” that the single largest self-hating population in the world is strictly omitted  from any discussion of self-hatredbecause this ignores the importance of taboo to the ability of this  hatred to perpetuate itself.

The essence of the Crash of Races hypothesis are Freudian ideas about social taboo. If it were possible to tell the facts and name the names in public, no Crash of Races would be taking place. It is because works such as Millet’s are unanimously decried and never discussed, that the Crash of Races scenario steadily  marches on.  The Narcissism of White elites is an expression of their Apollonian divorce from the realities of Dionysus. These are individuals residentially  sequestered from middle class life, pronouncing on the ills of the lesser world without ever having to deal with it in person. A position of privilege, and arrogance, and distance, which results in the exercise of a power over the masses in the form of taboos such as the one addressed by Robert Millet – taboos not about race in general, but the White race, specifically.

The historical emergence of White Self-Hatred has already been mentioned in passing. Its present dynamic has yet to receive its due, but its political value deserves more immediate attention because it is a term which goes to the heart of the dominant taboo of our age and the forces which perpetuate it.  If the White World were not universally plagued by an intense inability to articulate its own self-interests, speaking of White Self-Hatred wouldn’t present a problem. It’s the strength of the disease, which makes it unmentionable. The inability to define, determine, and practice self-interest cannot be explained by a  Negation of the Self which relies on Hatred as the primary mechanism.

Leaving aside the complexities of a vocabulary borrowing from military theory, from psychoanalysis, and from 19th century European literature, it is evident that Whites at the turn of the third millennium occupy a unique social position in the consciousness of absolutely each and every country where they once comprised majorities, or still do so. Whites are the only group who are not allowed to express any positive self-appreciation for their most distinct genetic attributes – their White skin and European heritage. They are the only group where such expressions are construed as uniquely nefarious. The only group for which freedom of speech and incitement are helplessly jumbled in “emotion laws” like Hate Speech. The only group where expression of positive self-perception  is viewed as a menace and threat to the fabric of social and economic life of a nation.

It’s not merely the sheer population of Whites, which makes this phenomenon extraordinary from the perspective of mass delusion. What ads to the mind-numbing nature of the situation, is that Whites were and remain the prime agents of their own censorship, their own subordination, their own self-effacement. The psychological foundation of such a processes simply cannot be described with any other term than Self-Hatred. This is the only notion which  explains how a majority group can justify self-annihilating behavior at a demographic scale. Imminently, the ultimate outcome of a behavior which at best merits the diagnosis of “schizophrenia” isn’t the mere destruction of Whites as a Race, it is first and foremost the immediate destruction of the global economy and the wealth on which all Races rely because the White Race was its progenitor and guardian.

Economists may not worry about the demographic implications of White Self-Hatred on global wealth, but then economists are not known to worry about anything until well after it has come to pass. It is inconceivable that  an entire nation which is driven in its political behavior by Hatred of its own Self, can produce anything but trouble for the “Selves” of everyone else. White Self-Hatred isn’t limited to purging the forces which ran roughshod through pre-Columbian America, pre-literate Africa, or pre-Opium China. It is about a uniquely negative force which is threatening the very social organisation which has produced the food and medicine whose direct result is one billion Chinese, a billion Indians, and billion Blacks. This  force doesn’t’ limits its expression to the Hatred of Whites among Whites. It feeds the Niggerification of Non-Whites and Whites alike, steadily and surely dragging the modern world back into  the jungles of the Congo basin.

Niggerification is nothing but an expression of White Self-Hatred. Whites co-habit with Non-Whites in formerly majority White countries. These Whites hate themselves essentially for being White. The result is that the identity of Non-Whites becomes uniquely self-promotional and self-congratulatory in reaction to the alarmingly suicidal behavior of Whites.  Not only does niggerificaiton encounter no  socially significant constraining force on its growth and assertion,  it is nothing but a  robust rejection of the dynamics of Self-Hatred observable in Whites. It is a rejection of the mindset of Self-Destruction, which by its Freudian nature invites virile males to quicken its demise.  White Self-Hatred creates a social atmosphere within which the worst of the Non-White is given legitimacy and potency.  Negroes are encouraged to become  Niggers, without society having a single means at its disposal to shut this process down while providing all the means of feeding and nourishing the process as a form of  civilisational annihilation. Non-White Non-Blacks are forced to react to nigger infested environments through a preponderance of arms and ethnic cohesion which further heightens social tensions and sharpens Racial divisions all around.

The Negroes of the modern world degenerate with each and every year, and everyone else follows them down the trodden path. Regression from humans to apes is made possible not by poor history, unfavorable skin colour, low IQ, or broken DNA, but by the consistency and fanaticism with which Whites are busy Hating themselves as Whites. White Self-Hatred, and not culture, economics, or heritage explains why prisons in the White world are full of everything but Whites. White Self-Hatred, and not slavery, reparations, colonialism, and imperialism, explains why Niggers murder Niggers in Haiti, Jamaica, Compton, Paris, and London. Why non-Whites account for all the rapes across the Whole White World. White Self-Hatred, not conspiracies, not the New World Order, not capitalism and socialism, explain why the world is falling apart before everyone’s eyes. White Self-Hatred is the disease driving the world to a brink, and it is only by naming the virus that the disease can be reined in and the brink avoided.

Non-Whites forced to share urban space with simians, see their own social norms impacted deleteriously. Chinese, Indian, and Latin American youth  in White cities find it imperative to act like thugs and brandish weapons in order to stand their ground in an environment where the state has no monopoly over violence. Every new conservative politician promises to reintroduce police authority into what are no longer ghettos, but simply new norms for urban life in “multicultural” areas, without ever obtaining the  slightest results. In America, the Republican party is attempting to re-package racial identity in religious and regional terms, for fear of tackling the issue head on. It too, doesn’t dispose of the means to name the culprit. It too,  fears reprisals from Non-Whites in the forms of riots and uprisings inevitably receiving intellectual and media backing from Narcissistic White elites.  White Self-Hatred is the driver of all White political behavior for virtually every  pressing issue of the day, but its power as taboo can only be diminished if the taboo is named, and until this is done, the disease marches on, relying on fear and incoherence for its ascent.

How, when, and why this Self-Hatred appeared, is for the psychoanalyst to describe. It was most likely a mere inversion of the White Supremacy which preceded it.  A Crash of Races is potentially avoidable by the appearance of ” White Self Hatred” as a term of public discourse. Resistance will initially be considerable, but the day it becomes legitimate is the day when the disease of seven hundred million people will come to a rest, and will mark the beginning of a Global Renaissance of prosperity and culture. To stop the destructive power of White Self-Hatred, it is enough to secure the usage of the words  in mainstream media and intellectual culture. The day should be made the nearer, if the world isn’t to descend into brutal and bloody chaos in less than two years time.

Once Whites assume the responsibility of Self-Love that any healthy individual is encouraged to feel by even the lowest paid  shrink, a redistribution of agency will take place in the identities of people throughout the world. The process of Niggerificaiton will come to a grinding halt because there will no longer be the oxygen of White Self-Hatred to keep it chugging along. Mutually beneficial Economic recovery will finally be made possible throughout the White world because Whites will once again value the social institutions which made economic growth possible in the first place. The abolition of White Self-Hatred as a psychological norm for Whites will mean nothing more and nothing less than the abolition of what is unquestionably the single most destructive social force in the world today. There is no more coherent a term  which Whites can use to reposition themselves without setting of global violence. All other forms of White self-assertion, will merely lead to a Crash of Races because they will still have White Self-Hatred as their primary driving force. Only by understanding White Self Hatred as the central disease of the modern world, can humanity regain hope in a decent future.

The Anders Breiviks of the world are not the solution. There is nothing praiseworthy or aesthetic about their Un-White acts.  Murdering one’s own children  is merely a form of extended suicide, revealing  Breivik’s act as nothing but a supreme manifestation of the disease of White Self-Hatred.  Curing this disease of Self-Hatred, means everyone’s children, regardless of their colour or origin, can look forward to a better world. Continuing White Self-Hatred, is a guaranteed way of breeding the Breivik’s of the world, who will multiply to  a point when the differences between an Al-Qaeda terrorist, a Nigger thug,  and a blond Scandinavian schoolboy, become zero.

If the tendency of modern society is to reduce everyone to a savage, then Jarred Taylor’s Paved with Good Intentions, will serve as the last reminder of when the lights went out all over the globe. Those assuming that White Self-Hatred has uniquely parochial ramifications, will never grasp the reasons for their own inevitable demise. Everyone on Earth  should be worried when a whole Race is inhaling and exhaling Hatred. Air on this planet, remains a communal good.

  1. it’s what your country deserves. you killed brown men and women in the South, now the South is going to eat you alive.

  2. Ha ha ha

    nut case. Whoever writes this blog – some white suppremacist KKK loser, is insane!

  3. The day whites begin to understand the depths of their ethnomasochism, is the day we’ll be free. Thank you for an amazing article. Please keep up the good work. Where can I send donations?

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  5. […] Islam is no more related to the question of Whiteness, than Socialism, Capitalism, or Christianity. Birth rates and territory are the Alpha and Omega, everything else is a disingenuous apologetics. With even their attempt to consider their racial interest criminalised, Whites are excluded from so much as a discussion of the racial future. The decisions are not only made without them, they are explicitly made against them, and with the sole pretext of destroying these interests as the undeniable rationale.  Lacking a social expression for their genetic heritage Whites cannot act in accordance with their own interest. This isn’t about deciding whether to intermarry, it’s about having a role in maintaining the stability of Global Order, or contributing to its erosion, by continuing to define oneself with Self-Hatred. […]

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