Jihad Against Self-Hatred, the French Maneuver

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The security forces of the entire White world were mobilised. From Canberra to Washington, via Moscow and Paris, police were monitoring social media for signs of potential urban disturbances initiated by non-Whites.

Riot police were prepared to counter eventualities physically.  The focus was on Islam, and public disturbances. The reality was  one of general panic linked to a  Crash of Races in which Islam is merely the brass knuckles of overall darkness.

For the first time, White populations throughout the world were – to various degrees – feeling something long forgotten. Until present, the results of third-world  Muslim outrage over seeming “Western” slights were  limited to Muslim territory. Following the murder of an American ambassador and massive violence thorough the Global Middle East,  it is European cities with large non White populations which found themselves in the grip of a sort of unease they haven’t felt for approximately 70 years. If the period which has elapsed is any indicator, the fear isn’t linked to anything particular to Islam, but rather something unique to Whites. Islam is merely the avant-garde of the global Anti-White tidal-wave, and it’s ultimately made possible by, and is a reaction to, White Self-Hatred.

Compared to other religions, Islam successfully integrates male aggression into theological doctrine . Its ideals of equality, universality, and social justice, make it the ideal vector for militant Anti-Racism. Unlike all post-Colonial ideologies its birthplaces is far removed from the intellectual saloons of Paris, New York, and London, and it has never enjoyed any popularity amongst Whites. Its origins and militant nature explain why on occasion Islam morphs into the modern world’s most virulent Anti-White movement. Its demographics are a perfect mirror of the Socialist alliance of White Narcissists and assertive Non-White minorities except that  Islam dispenses with the sham  Moral Supremacist of White Narcissists key to the Liberal coalition.

Having seen through the fig leaf of Whites’ pretentious Non-Racism, Muslims are under no illusions who they are dealing with. White elites tenaciously refuse to see the obvious about themselves, but those Non Whites who smell White Self-Hatred from across the Suez channel and the Straight of Hormuz, not to mention south of the Sahara, the Rio Grande, London’s East End and New York’s Bronx, are empowered by the defeatism this Self-Hatred implies.  Islam is just one among many  ideological systems intuitively rejecting Self Hatred as an ideology, and it takes its Anti-Hatred  jihad right to the heart of the metropolises of the former White Colonial empires. Rotterdam, Brussels, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Paris, Marseilles, Barcelona, and while the banner of Islam was unfurled in England and Athens, one place decided to put a stop to it. One city, took a stand. One government, and one newspaper, decided to speak out.

The link between France,  Africa, immigration, Racism, and future turbulence, was picked apart in “Why France, Why Now.” As the Muslims in MENA enjoyed orgasmic levels of riots to mark the annual Blasphemy Carnival, it was specifically the city of Paris where police were preparing for social unrest from  Ghetto thugs assembled under the pretext of Islam on Trocadero Square.

The response from the  government of the Socialist president was based on a preparedness plan inherited from its Centrist predecessor. First, a  blatantly anti-democratic and anti-constitutional ban was imposed  on any gatherings  aimed at defending the honour of the “Prophet of the Non Whites.”
Second, as part of a broad anti-crisis campaign, ministers initiated a multifaceted public relations campaign , seeking to minimize risk of social unrest by creating the impression that  everything was under control, that guilt by association is wrong,  that French Muslims are mature and responsible, and that the Muslim community should be respected and not treated as a monolith. The same ministers instructed their underlings to approach France’s official Muslim institutions with requests for order, and   placed calls to Rabat and Algiers, to leverage wealthy Maghreb allies with influence over France’s immigrants to back up Holland’s message. Security was increased in 20 French embassies, some closing for an entire weak.

Facebook and other social media were actively  monitored for both Islamic and Anti-Islamic sentiment, and rabble-rousers of both the left and right were under surveillance. Certain individuals, so far only Muslim ones being reported,  were swiftly incarcerated when evidence of  incitement to violence could be documented. In short, the French government reacted with uncanny professionalism to break down any organisational attempts to mount protests in the country, painfully conscious that the publication of Anti-Islamic caricatures in a widely read French daily, would serve as pretext for Non-White riots. The government’s reaction reveals a full-spectrum crisis management method for which the Socialists cannot take credit, but for whose implementation they deserve their due.

The prominent French magazine which published Mohammed cartoons did so shortly after one of its chief editors was nearly lynched due to her Anti-Islamic views  in an annual mega-event dedicated to multiculturalism, and progressive politics. Police had spent 5 days planning for disturbances not in ghettos and Non-White suburbs, but in the very heart of the City of Lights. The monitoring of social networks was  not limited to Islamic websites, but included emergent Black and Arab street gangs,  as well as right wing groups which, with the defeat of the Front National, have switched from electoral to feet-on-the-ground strategies.

The success of France’s Front National in the 2012 presidential elections required French White Narcissists to sacrifice democracy in order to prevent the party from obtaining a low of 20, or a high of 70 representative in France’s legislative bodies. The full cost of this sacrifice are uncertain, but one immediate effect was an up-tick in the number of far right organisations which now regularly take to the streets in the name of law and order. Largely limited to smaller towns in rural areas, strongly represented in the North West, these groups of White young French men, are taking matters into their own hands. Acts of violence are yet to be documented, but the rejection of Self Hatred will inevitably lead to occasions of self-assertion which will spill over into violence.

More robustly than any White society, France has decided to counter  White Self Hatred, with French Self Love. Unlike their American and British cousins, the French establishment is continuing the policy initiated by Sarkozy, in steering France’s non-Whites in the same direction its Whites are parked. Towards ethnic, religious, and racial self-effacement. Under Sarkozy France’s Islamic institutions were purged of Saudi influence, and all Non White communities were forced to choose between France, and their own particularism. France’s elites are unanimous in this state building exercise, and their vision of the future is one of a citizenry without hyphens, in which skin tone simply doesn’t exist or is so mixed, that coherent grouping around one colour is marginal.

Because Non-Whites have zero tradition of democracy, they  couldn’t formulate the basic argument against the injunction not to protest in public; France’s White elites exploit this simple weakness for their assimilationist agenda.  If the present government continues in the path of its predecessor, France will reduce the  potential of a Clash of Races as Non-White particularism decreases and identification with the state grows.

“The racial war will begin in France” was the whimsical conclusion of “How it All Explodes“. The reaction by the Elysée Palace (France’s White House) indicates that the government sensed where the winds were blowing for more than seven years. The current strategy was formulated following the 2005 riots, and  Islam was taken into account as an aggravating factor in France’s searing social fabric. A Socialist government whose demographic coalition relies on a 95 % Muslim vote, is likely to underestimate the potential for national instability caused by a single event in which the first Molotov cocktail isn’t going to be thrown by a scrubby hoodlum of Ghanian origin onto a Parisian rooftop, but by a skinny White boy from Bretagne who will finally perceive a danger to his well-being  in the confluence of darkies burning his country’s flag abroad, and darkies burning the same flag at home, as worthy of the sacrifice of his personal safety.

The next Molotov thrown in Paris, might very well be that of a 16 year old Jewish Parisian,  into a crowd of bearded fanatics calling for “death to the Jews.” France successful assimilation of its non-Whites into a colour-free nationality, presumes that White Self Hatred can be check-mated with love for a Presidential Palace. While reaching out to Maghrebin elites for support with domestic Islamist groups, France ignores the role of events abroad, paying no attention to the possibility that a united Muslim world will be positioned to take apart French statehood as easily as the Arabs initially conquered the Byzantine and Sassanid empires. France never imagined a world in which any country would attempt to counter its assimilationist domestic agenda. Just as the Romans and Persians never imagined bearded fanatics defeating their armies in Arabia, the success of France’s assimilationist utopia rests on the presumption that non-Whites can become as  self negating as their Whites co-citizens. Whites whose Self Hatred will also inevitably run its course. The new Jacobins are like the old – fervent believers of social engineering. They cling to top down solutions convinced that state centred strategies are more powerful than biological forces and genetic affinities. It is a noble experiment, and as always in France , blow-back will be aimed at the state.

The fundamental problem with a government driven approach, is that without  acknowledging White Self-Hatred as the root of society’s ills, it further isolates Whites as the only group within the state, without recognised group rights. Most importantly, that of rights to collective security. Whatever the manner in which a formerly White state chooses to tackle its racial divides through a new emphasis on loyalty to symbols of the state, it is all too little, and too late. Whites are stuck relying on the state for their security under a colour-blind pretext of “obeying the law.” This effectively translates into zero protection in the majority of all aggravated circumstances. It is enough to read newspapers from the UK, Belgium, America, or Russia, to grasp the unprecedented threat to White lives encountered in those areas of their  countries, where even numerically small groups of illiterate Non-Whites are concentrated. From civility on public transport, to the army and prisons, as long as Whites are the systematic target of Anti-White racism known as Anti-Racism, as long as they are not recognised as a group warranting the right to self-protection equal to any other recognised group, the states systematic suppression of their security concerns in conditions where all state institutions are crumbling, promises to see the next wave of radicalisation not in the Islamic, or Non-White world -but right in the home of all Western politicians. In areas where they least expect it.

The state is miscalculating. In France, a battle has been won with an outright sacrifice of democracy. Neither the country of De Gaulle, nor that of Churchill, Stalin, or Roosevelt, have the means to win the larger Global War, if they plan to sacrifice Whites for a reified raison d’etat. Seventy years ago Whites the world over knew the feeling of fear that accompanied the feeling of existential menace. Today, they are slowly but surely rediscovering this oppressive sentiment. Government policies which fail to identify Anti-Racism as outright Anti-White Racism, and which cannot enunciate the words “White Self-Hatred” will become primary movers of potentially the most destabilising radicalisation of the next decade. That of Whites, for whom the life and death nature of their Narcissism, their Guilt, their Self-Hatred, and Self-Effacement, will finally put them before choices whose starkness will begin to wean out those who want to Survive, from those who Don’t. The Elysée Palace, Downing Street, White House, and Kremlin, have got it all backwards. States are born of the people, and not vice versa. An attempt by a state to create a people, by wilfully obliterating some part of them, is defined  internationally as Genocide. NATO did not choose to bomb France when the Front National was unceremoniously and undemocratically deprived of dozens upon dozens of parliamentary members, but White experience in the 21st century will eventually destroy NATO, faster than any external enemy ever could.

Round one is over. There are at least 9 more to go.

  1. the frogs are also assuming that Whites will forever remain lackeys and toads. That they will never rise up “enough is enough” and fight. Another bad assumption.

  2. this is one of the most fascinating sites on the internet. a heady mix of argot and analysis. Have you heard about the Qatari funds going into French suburbs? It’s what you describe in your post. Foreigners are already starting to pick apart France.

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