Boston. A prayer for White Terror.

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Welcome to the post-Post-modern age. Where neither the trains stopped nor the clocks melted, but the stew in the melting pot spilled over and short-circuited the stove. It’s 2013 and based on the colour of your skin, you either pray the individuals behind a few bombs in  Boston are gun-totting Rednecks,  or if you are a Redneck, that their skin tans under moderate solar radiation.

The simplicity of this racial division, is more base than burning witches in Salem. Niggerification, a form of the Dionysian, peels back the layers of Apollonian Post-Modernity right back to the chaos of Bacchanalian terror, cutting across all intermediate stages of Modernity, Pre-Modernity, the Feudal, and Antique Slave Economies, like a machete slicing through tropical brush.

The likelihood that the individual or individuals behind the terrorist attack in Boston aren’t White, is an order of a degree higher than the possibility of him or them, being lilly coloured; that his or their gender is masculine, is also without a doubt. The Global War on Terror has taught Counter-Insurgency one important lesson, and it’s called “secular trends.” Males, testosterone,  gainful employment, a woman’s place in society, Total Fertility Rates and youth bulges exhaustively explain conflict across time and location. Whites score the lowest on all of these trends and Non Whites  score the highest.

Tropics, the Equator, zones of intense solar radiation are breeding men, who, irrespective of religion, own multiple wives, and whose social bonds are short-term, opportunistic, and raw. The most powerful element of society in Mexico, and its immediate neighbours in the South, together with the Caribbean countries right down to mafias populating the South American continent, increasingly practice polygamy. Latin American crime lords openly boast several wives and concubines, and the Catholic Church discourages the media from raising the issue publicly.  Formally Christian nations,  the reality of Latin America reveals a patchwork of arrangements increasingly like those of the Middle East, where the practice of polygamy varies in intensity from its virtual absence in the Fertile Crescent, to its prevalence in Arabia, and Africa.

Equatorial social practices are unfavourable to women. Reducing their say in the social organisation of society, the  female is a sexual resource, minimizing her role as a mother and partner in a stable social arrangement. This deters the male from investing into long-term behaviour. The resulting high fertility rates spawn youth bulges where excessive testosterone latches on to even the smallest of slights, to justify bloody fireworks of violent confrontation. Channelled by the  organisational ambitions of national leaders, these bulges can be harnessed for a bevy of political objectives. One overriding ambition of the Tropics,  has been the destruction of the Western White male, who is perceived to be a unitary racial hegemon, obstructing equality and justice on Earth. That this agenda requires the willing participation of Self-Hating Whites, is a story well told. The rest of the script, is a work in progress.

A Global Insurgency predicated on Racial boundaries presumes active organised elements from all participants. Formal organisation has been normatively pre-empted in “White” societies, but tension between Racial groups has fuelled informal organisational structures.   Informality equals a Freudian subconscious.

Politically imposed Anti-Racist (Anti-White) policies have armed law enforcement agencies across the formerly White world with all necessary legal tools to infiltrate, sabotage, turn, and disarm any attempt at any group organised for the purposes of White self-defence, with scrutiny of the process reduced to a zero. Universally shared White Self-hatred has assured that even a favourable media environment in which  formulating such a consciousness were possible, would offer no change. The combination of law, policing, and political consensus, assure that radical, illogical, incoherent, and extremist groups undermine the link between White racial identity and self-defence, and is a useful political tool for marginalising any entrants who could legitimise White self-defence in the mainstream.

As long as the ability of Whites to defend themselves as a group is tantamount to the preservation of White dominance over non-Whites, so long any attempts at such organisation will be felt as aggressive, and potentially explosive, by Whites and non Whites alike. Affirmative Action is predicated on the legal definition of Race, in which all races except one,  are allowed Defensive Action, be it in rhetoric, or street and prison gangs. As the targets of Affirmative Action, even ideas about White self-defense, legal, rhetorical, or physical, are beyond the pale.

All formerly “White” nations, except one,  restrict their citizen’s civil liberties through strict government guidelines of what a citizen is allowed to think, believe, or say. Any proof of persiflage with radical Islam, or worshipping Hitler, is an automatic disqualification from military organisation of like minded peers.  America is the only country in the White world which places no limits on the Civil rights of its citizens to organise military. Whether they worship Allah or Hitler is of no concern to the authorities. Provided an organised group has not actually engaged in violence, even the intention to do so must present a clear and imminent danger to pass muster in an American court of law.

Lacking the legal rigour and democratic traditions of America, all other White countries (including America’s paternal parent UK) simply forbid any “discriminatory” civil society. If a group charter  in Germany, England, New Zealand or Canada dare determine membership on the basis of White heritage or Whiteness, the charter will be refused state recognition, and may be subject to prosecution, penalties, and even incarceration. “Diversity” is strictly demanded only of Whites. Others are  “Diverse” by definition. Discrimination can only happen against Non Whites. No matter what happens to Whites in organised society, it can never be called Discrimination.

Would updating laws to allow Whites the right of assembly, and even the right to bear arms in this assembly, lead to an increase in White violence against Non-Whites?



The total number of acts of violence by Whites against Non Whites, is breathtakingly low compared to violence against Whites by Non Whites. It is not a case of the last 4 deacades, but has been so from time immemorial.

Whites dominated non Whites, but they never resorted to assymetrical  violence except as counter-insurgency reprisals. Whites are traditionally the targets of physical attacks because it was European technical advances which resulted in inevitable ethnic cleansing and subjugation of Non Whites, and not direct physical extermination nor systematic physical violence. Native Americans lost the New World as a result of Disease, technological progress, literacy, and White economic innovation. This was Genocide by growth, not by murder and pillage. There was no need to rape and harass Non Whites in order to marginalise them. Holding a homestead for ten years would provoke an Indian raid whose effect was corraling and reservations by federal forces. Guerrillas, rape, sabotage, terror, harassment, and crime against the person, are the reserve of the subjugated, not the master. Dominance is obtained through law, implicit hierarchy, and Counter-Insurgency. Incidentally, the Whites who burst on to the New World scene and eradicated its pre-Columbian empires, came from Europe’s southern periphery, with high fertility rates, and under enormous influence of Equatorial Islamic culture, with its Arabic values of tribal subjugation, ethnic cleansing, and doctrinal warfare known as Jihad.  The resulting violence washed away nations in tsunamis of blood with special ferocity reserved for the tropical belts of Latin America. Still, even this blood letting  wasn’t deliberate, it was opportunistic; a result of a globalizing world economy made possible by European consumer demand, whipped by capital technology, and backed by horses, armour, gunpowder, and rapiers. This dominance didn’t need to target non Whites specifically.  The sheer backwardness of the natives assured their extinction upon contact with a fully functional Capitalist system, explaining why it is the Non White resistance to White domination which has traditionally pursued a blatantly Anti-White agenda via Communism or Islam overtly reliant on the systematic targetting of whites, with the methods of rape, terrorism, and murder. The target of the subjugated has always been the most visible aspect of Western European dominance,  White skin. Whites didn’t start the story with  assumptions of their superiority over Non Whites, they converted to White Supremacist as a result of Non Whites spitefully imputing White success to White’s distinctly pale tone.

The prayers of the progressives, liberals, and left-wing Whites — who have countered the Negro’s Black Inferiority Complex with a moralistic self-Narcissistic complex of their own — for an increase in the visibility of White terror, will never be answered. Try as hard as private companies like Stratfor report on intelligence agencies’ efforts to radicalise White Europeans to imitate their darker cousins by promoting bomb making know-how in Poland, giving visibility to Breivik support websites, or pointing us to the the exploit of Neo-Nazis, Templars, and White Terrorists for the last two decades, the reality remains that besides suppressing slave rebellions, Whites generally lynched Negroes and created segregated societies not as a result of spite for Non Whites, or any desire to them harm, but because Whites have always been outnumbered by Non Whites anywhere from 5 to 1 to nearly 10 to 1 in the next 30 years and came to rely on technological solutions to demographic problems.  Lacking the physical robustness associated with warmer climes, Whites sought out primarily defensive and technological strategies  to cope with environments where their visibility entailed physical vulnerability.  Whites have never managed the numbers necessary to engage in wasteful suicidal activity against non-Whites, nor does their technological orientation necessitate such aggression. The success of technology reinforces the reliance on defensive strategies, though its effect remains, unfortunately for Non Whites,   one of offensive decimation, impoverishment, and submission to Whites.

Democracy offers no alternative. Veering towards meritocracy, it reinforces White Supremacism, as we saw in the post WWII era when Racism proper, came into being. If it is to curb the tendency of Whites towards domination via technological progress, democracy must be reined in. Only Whites value free speech, competition, and legally mediated disputes, because only Whites know how to benefit from their practice. If Whites were to imitate Non White strategies of violence, this would imply that Whites have finally achieved a primitive group identity on part with Negroes, Arabs, Mexicans, and Malays. Post-Modernity was a celebration of cross-fertilisation, exogamy, and exchange. An age of debasement, congenital retardation, and racial retrenchment, in which Whites sink to the level of a Global Mean obsessed not with merit, rules, and success, but with rhythm, energy, and group survival, can be christened as a post-Post-Modern age, but the more accurate term would be a Neo-Paleolithic, since the word Niggerification refuses to bend to grammatical rules.

Whites are an objective racial group, but their historical success is only indirectly related to their skin tone. Lacking the physical robustness of Equatorial males, White Supremacy was the result of technological progress. Low racial solidarity explains why regions dominated by Whites are diverse, prosperous, and empowering; why there is no Slavery in the world, or Cannibalism, or females incinerated on funeral pyres. Whites will have to pay for wrecking the natural order of things, but judging by Terrorist Acts in Boston, a slight change in attitudes, is capable of producing devastating results of which a  history of early 20th century terrorism accross Europe, is useful reminder.

Chechens are as pure as Caucasians can get. They might not be blond, but a regular shave keeps them as White as a Spaniard, Greek, or Bulgarian. Then again, whether or not one considers the Tsarnaev brothers White, depends on one’s Skin Colour, and interpretation of the cultural and historic dimensions this entails. Seems there is still some room for the brain, in this new -Paleolithic; it doesn’t get any more ambiguous than a “White male with a dark complexion,” especially when referring to two males, and not one as the quote implies. Same parents, different race; post-Modernity is rough.


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    found that it is truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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