Marriage of Male Cockuckers & Guns go a Banging

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Unless one consider the subconscious, marrying members of the same sex and limiting gun-ownership are irrelevant to the Crash of Races. These are  wedge issues designed by political scientists to fragment the political right. Vectors for the silent majority to express its existential anxiety in a faltering economy, or just caveats of an imminent social collapse caused by an overdose of omphaloskepsis.

The Crash of Races is about Sigmund Freud, and the dichotomy of the Dionysian and Apollonian. Little could be more fundamental to a global racial insurgency driven by the hate program, than whether or not you can cock something other than your prick, with your own two hands. Yah you, the male in the room.

“Gay Marriage” isn’t about the need for ugly butches smooching coochie to don a mock bridal gown. It’s about exhibitionist perversions. It’s about a celebration of male depravity. It’s about the possibility of taking it up the ass and of being sodomised even if most fags view anal sex as too risky and bothersome to practice it often. The ratio of gays sucking dick vs. inserting it or receiving it up the rectum is 500 to 1. The proposition of marrying two male cocksuckers, is one of a public spectacle of male pride in being fellatio whores. It’s about males addicted to sucking cock. Full stop.

The White male is increasingly marginalised by Non White males, and he is hamstrung in expressing his tastes, abilities, skills, and eloquence, in the narrow-minded causist environment of what passes for the Political Right. He chooses from the paltry options of religious, ethnic, or sexual orientation as a way of asserting himself vis-a-vis the kaleidoscope of Victims overpopulating the planet. Becoming a male cocksucker, he finds the assurance necessary to advance in the Victims Utopia.  Ironically the very same Cult of the Crucified One which invented the religion of The Victim, is now trying its best to head off the effort by Sodomists to displace it with a religion of chauvinist male cock sucking.

It’s no secret that male Mayors of major cities, and prominent male activists and administrators of political parties throughout the spectrum,  are particularly fond of sucking dick. Practicing what is essentially a taboo activity, these oral strumpets have cultivated the skills necessary for survival in the Post-Modern world, the practice of giving head, to get a-head.

The business of the White middle class is mediocre business. The results of its spurts of milt are either brainless jocks, pencil-necked masturbators, or talented poofters.  The pickings are slim. Apparently the ability to reproduce physically, has come to rely less on access to vaginal orifices, and more on the creation of social and cultural openings.

Conspiratorial, cunning, mendacious, duplicitous, irritating, nauseating, and of course steadfast, hard-working, coherent, and driven, the Male Cocksucker is closer to the White Supremacist of the 19th century than the dull-brained Neo-Nazi, left-wing brown-noser, or the colorless ameoba smoking pot in a gentrified suburb.

The Male Cocksucker has more in common with the hypocritical Catholic Conquistador of yore, whose attachment to the Sacraments was as thin as his skin, than with a pale bullshit-ingesting White Narcissist ejaculating over internet porn. For sure the Faggot can’t get pussy – but at least he doesn’t waste his time covering-up the fact and pretending he’s a stud in bombastic locker-room blah blah.

As prototypical male whores, Sodomites don’t bother with political allegiance. The new Global Gay project is inimical to everyone on Planet Earth. Outside the confines of White populations in steep demographic decline, neither East Asia, Africa, South America, nor the wacko world of Islam, have the slightest intention to accept even the more moderate postulates of The Rights of Sodomites.  There is no irony in the movement being the ultimate White Male imperialist project of the Post-Modern world. A movement that could sustain something as absurd and demographically costly as the social imposition of male cocksucking norms could only hail from the privilege background of White Masturbators, while its counter-movement could only come from the White middle classes where jerking off is least practiced, i.e. the French.

Notorious for its libertine ways, France offers its teenagers a reasonable sexual environment, and the mass transit necessary for a meaningful romantic relationships. Europe ex-UK and Germany, offers its inhabitants experiences which go beyond talk shows or television screens. Sex isn’t merely “talked” about as in America, but is actually quite commonly had. The media isn’t screaming abs and pectorals, as if intercourse were reserved only for supermodels and bodybuilders. It doesn’t obviate the possibility of joy merely because someone’s tits are flat or dick is small. In continental Europe, it is often the case that the distance between conformity and personal freedom isn’t as exaggerated as in environments where personal reality is only an inch bigger than what’s on the telly.

The “eccentric” title  common to England is a living testament of how the inflexibility of Victorian values spawned the counter-norms that an individual needed in order to secure his personal freedom from a typically stultifying Germanic environment. Much like Americans have to win the title of “weirdo” if they are to break the conformist prison that America has become due to an overreaching Federal Government and omnipresent Big Brother media.

In some parts of the world, extreme behavior is not necessary to counter extreme parochialism, because there is a generally tolerant pace of life, and so it is the French who are challenging the Sodomite’s Agenda, not the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. Led  by ex-military officers and dissenting gays, hordes of well to do French Catholics are imitating the methods of Occupy Wall Street and promising the world a French Spring modelled on the Arab revolutions of 2011. Historically unprecedented, the protests include the participation of families, of children, and the proverbial “silent majority” traditionally too shy to even show its face on the cover of Time Magazine.

The movement is controlled by individuals with strong links to former President Sarkozy’s intellectual circles, the same circles whose transatlantic ties in Washington led to the imposition of Cardinal Ratzinger as the Pope in the Vatican. Organisational success is assured by a French media instinctively contemptuous of White France and dismissive of its values. This is France’s Tea Party, and as befits the Toads, it is about libido, not law and economics. The frog-eaters thrive on resentment, and condescension. If leading dailies, pundits, and news anchors pigeon poop on a disheveled head of a French white,  the Cock naturally…gets hard.


Yes, in gay Pariii,  the male cocksucker has won, and the land of Asterix and Obelix, will never be the same. The Sodomite wanted to challenge something seemingly supercilious – marriage. Instead, he sparked a Revolution.


Marriage in White society has long been supplanted by masturbatory navel gazing, and no analyst worth his six figure salary, could foreseen resistance to the Rights of Male Cocksuckers from Frog-land of all places.

The French media were so shocked, they could only spew bile on the Catholic elements, libeling protestors as reactionary, far-right, homophobic, and plain retarded. More important to the Crash of Races,  the media committed an error which is in keeping with the importance of France to the consciousness of Whites world-wide, maintaining the country on course to being the flashpoint where the Races will Crash into one another —  they spurned the Anti-Fag movement specifically, explicitly, and in no uncertain terms, because it was too White.

No, nobody expected it, but when it happened, it was the Whites, universally proclaimed as  dead,  that got the blame.  France’s scribblers of conventional political garbage now proclaim having won the Battle of Waterloo. Instead, they may have just set off an entirely new War. What began as opposition to the judicial rape of matrimony, might be a historic first step in the inevitable challenge to the fabric of White Self-Hatred.

Matrimony for Sodomites  is  a question of social consensus, individual sexual practice, and taxation, but guns are about the second Amendment to the United States Constitution which belongs to the stratosphere of those basic and inalienable rights which make America America, and not Bangladesh, or Kingston upon Avon. That Americans have the right to purchase and stock arms, is as elementary as a pair of gonads is to human survival. Republican panics are largely feigned. One party can’t abolish the Bill of Rights, just as a mere law can’t abolish the centrality of the heterosexual family to the reproduction of the species. The public debate is irrelevant. The Federal government can introduce bills to limit access to specific types of arms to specific varieties of people, like repeat criminals and felons, and little else besides. Hence the subconscious debate is more central, and as is the case with France, it will get no public air time.

With all its professions of faith in freedom of expression, American society is as publicly duplicitous about guns, as the French media are about the Rights of Sodomites. You’d be pardoned if after reading newspapers about France, you’d conclude that only mental outcasts  could reject the idea of horny males tying the knot in pursuit of eternal fellatio in a matrimonial 69, just as after watching CNN or MSNBC you’d be pardoned if you had concluded that gun crimes by frustrated middle class Whites have cast doubt on the mental health of America’s Founding Fathers. In both countries, the divide between reality as knitted by the media, and the reality as lived by humans, couldn’t be more profound.  The Rights of Sodomites to Fuck without Abandon is a question of the survival for French Whites, just as in America, the government and media attack on the right to own guns, is a question of survival for White Americans. In both places, the public debate refers to Whiteness only in the negative, contributing to the premature evolution of White consciousness.

That this is occurring under the stewardship of a man whose Whiteness was deflowered by a Kenyan huckster isn’t a coincidence. Prior to Brown vs. Board of Eduction no Negro thinker, writer, or leader would denigrate the intentions of the nation’s founders to secure his right to holster a revolver and to sport a rifle, since he, like his White co-citizens, relied on it for his survival.  With the influx of American hating communists, and assorted fellow travelers, be they from Kenya, Kerala,  or Chechnya,  Negroes became Niggers, and Niggers became White bashers. Niggerification is like Sherman’s scortched earth. Once it passes through, the Bill of Rights becomes toilet paper. Literacy may not be enshrined in the Constitution, but that’s because the Founders  never imagined Apes and Sodomists bedding Whites like Sultans in a harem.

Niggers have a problem with guns. Just as they have a problem with literacy, articulation, comeliness, manners, and education. Whites and “Non White Non Blacks” don’t want their epitaph written in ebonics or rapped on youtube. They keep guns to keep Niggers away. The Mulatto can hate them for their   success, but he can’t rewrite the Constitution.

Americas gun debate has traditionally fuelled White solidarity movements, but it would take slightly more overreach by the Obama regime, to spark a French like consolidation of a national American identity reclaiming its Whiteness.


No, nobody expected it, but when it happened, it was the Whites, universally proclaimed as  dead,  that got the blame.  Scribblers of conventional political garbage thought they had won the Battle of Waterloo, when in fact, they had set off an entirely new War. What began as opposition to the judicial rape of matrimony, became the first historic step in the inexorable  challenge to the fabric of White Self-Hatred.

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