Will they Exterminate Whites physically?

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Sweden’s niggers enjoy a bonfire of the vanities, England was in emergency session due to a muti crime,  and France detains mothers for wearing the wrong kind of T-shirts. The destruction of public order in formerly wealthy countries has become so common place, it is as banal as niggers shooting up a Carnival in New Orleans.

The usual  suspects are not as catchy as teenage Chechen terrorists putting a million Americans on lock down, so they don’t make the news. Professing the religion of Mohammed (Peace Be Not Upon Him, or PS-BS for short) helps contextualise some violent events in a manner earning critique on the margins of the mainstream media, but it fails to bring the real thugs into the limelight.

Criticism of Islam is as tedious as any off-the shelf theory ignoring the role of Whiteness in America’s political evolution.   The politicised and unimaginative obsession with camel-fuckers reduces the destruction of White Consciousness in  formerly White countries to a question of religion and social values.  They are as  predicated on the fear of White Consciousness, its possible consolidation, and resurgence, as is the core of left-wing ideologies permanently in bed with the harshest forms of non-White ethnocentric culture and terrorism. Easier to talk about Islam, and social class,  than to tackle the question of Whiteness.

There is no more abhorrent crime to the elites of White countries, than the very thought (forget the utterance or institutionalisation) of the White racial category.The legal, institutional, social, and cultural barriers necessary to repress, stymie, and eradicate the very idea of Whiteness, today tower as the invisible Atlas supporting the Modern World on its shoulders; a heavy modern world which is starting to wear down our hoary titan.

Islam is no more related to the question of Whiteness, than Socialism, Capitalism, or Christianity. Birth rates and territory are the Alpha and Omega, everything else is a disingenuous apologetics. With even their attempt to consider their racial interest criminalised, Whites are excluded from so much as a discussion of the racial future. The decisions are not only made without them, they are explicitly made against them, and with the sole pretext of destroying these interests as the undeniable rationale.  Lacking a social expression for their genetic heritage Whites cannot act in accordance with their own interest. This isn’t about deciding whether to intermarry, it’s about having a role in maintaining the stability of Global Order, or contributing to its erosion, by continuing to define oneself with Self-Hatred.

Giving  up the right to self-preservation, and the right to defend themselves  coincided with Whites  abnegation to territorial sovereignty and reproductive presence. They have literary given up on their own existence, and find it easier to direct violence against other Whites who remind them of this, than against those who are directly destroying their offspring’s chances of a peaceful Earthly presence.

The assumption among decision makers is that the Western Order can not only be maintained independently of Whites, but in spite of them; with the idiotic moronism that  Racism (i.e. everyone has the right to homophily except Whites) presents the only serious threat to this Order. Even polygamy with 9 year olds in Saudi Arabia is deemed less newsworthy than a  pundits opinion  on racial equality!

The case of socially systemic violence against Whites,  reveals how misguided the Jihad against Racism has come to be. The speed with which it has arrived is as disturbing as the reason why it couldn’t be predicted, and still cannot be discussed. The 2001 Oldham Riots ushered in a new era of censorship and the collapse of the White Order.  Neither Orwell nor Enoch Powell could protest since  they were been reduced to worm-meal and collective oblivion. The English are coerced to pay a telly-tax but they can face prison sentences if they are White, and decide to say anything about this on the BBC or its blogs.

2005 saw France held hostage by non-White mobs. Sarkozy came to power, and responded by adding racial mixing into the nation’s official constitutional principles. Everyone was discouraged from thinking racially, while a nanometric jump in France’s birth rate was heralded as the triumph of national solidarity, provided that any possibility the government could break down the data racially, was illegal according to executive guidelines.

2008 saw the world’s superpower held hostage to the threats of non-White mobs rioting, and the democratic process was, at the start of the 21st century, sabotaged by demographic change which required that a mulatto be elected if the peace was to be kept. Civil Liberties have been suffering since.

The number of rights sacrificed in a wild manhunt across Boston, would make the rereading of the Declaration of Independence appropriate for John Stewart’s Daily Show. When Francois Holland raped what remained of French Liberty, under the pretext of social harmony, it was obvious that the measure would not be limited to Islamists. Provided a White group of French youth raise issues of race, origin, and ethnicity, whether or not it does so violently no longer matters. With a wink from Obama’s State Department, the Kremlin’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and all the Human Right’s Watches and Transparency’s international combined, these groups are now illegal in France.

Globally, if Whites engage in any activity or communication which  has something to do with their race, the den of thieves which passes for the international community will not blink an eye.

Some time ago we predicted that France would be the epicentre of a Racial War. The reasoning was that invading Libya would set off France’s accumulated reserve of subterranean Racial animosity in the public sphere. It is the marriage of male sodomists, carried out by an exceptionally inept president, whose inability to speak to his nation as a nation, rather than as a captive of the LGTB community, which has consolidated France’s White middle class and prepared the grounds for this prediction coming true.

In keeping with his asinine character, Holland’s inevitable granting of immigrants the right to vote in local elections, concomitantly with a general amnesty for their illegal African cousins, will guarantee that  he go down as  perhaps the Western World’s single most incompetent leader since Louise XVI in France and George III in England, although his name will become significantly more marginal for the annals of history to which he relegated his country. Even for his cherished LGTB community the single-minded stupidity of a leader so out of touch with his country as to drive it to the brink of collapse under the pretext of progressive ideology, will come with the cost of losing all legitimacy in the eyes of what used to be a very tolerant sexual culture.

In 2013 the world stands on the brink of a precipice. Only 10 years ago, no one could have imagined that the central form of systemic violence in the White world, would be Anti-White. It’s speed and structural nature is now at a point of no return.  The Jihad against Racism was supposed to prevent precisely this scenario from arising. As is often the case with self-righteous good intentions, it is the Jihad itself which is entirely to blame for the entrenchment of the violence.  Anti-Racist sentiment was always based on a deep seated unease with  White Identity, and hence a Freudian Self-Hatred for most of its practitioners. There is no need to search further  for the origin of the Hatred which is now persecuting Whites in the streets of Sidney, New Orleans, or London. It’s source is the White mind. The same mind which once climbed to the Apex of Empire, is now galloping to the pits of Annihilation. The contours of its demise are as unpredictable, as were the contours of the borders of the British and French empires circa 1900.

A Crash of Races presumes sudden and gratuitous violence with unprecedented degrees of hatred, confusion, uncertainty, and above all with an extremely sudden impact on the vector of all subsequent development. Sigmund Freud and Greeks deities of orgiastic violence lay out a blueprint of future conflict  beyond the subdued asymmetric manhunts of bearded camel-shaggers. It is the degree to which Racists are the new Witches in the Global Salem which provides the bulk of the argument.

To fully appreciate the possible scenario of this sudden explosion of gratuitous violence, imagine the possibility that Anders Breivik shot not the pale white offspring of Norway’s left-wingers but the spawn of Scandinavia’s Diversity Projects.   Imagine that  a certain Zimmerman had not acted in self-defence , but with some innate contempt for monkeys who pillage America’s cities. Imagine or that Mohamed Merrah had indeed turned out to be a roving skinhead. Missing a centrifuge to take your nuclear program weapon grade?

It’s the mindset in the media; White  Narcissism‘s ability to drum up self-hatred, censor the colour of perpetrators skin, and overall talent for creating mass delusions and inverted realities. An act of deliberate murder by a White of a few non-Whites, might not lead to an all out genocide against Whites, but it will ineluctably seal the fate of the White world on its path to Kingston or Port au Prince. Those who proclaimed that Global Stability could be assured by the extermination of White Racism, will discover their Utopia like the Rich of the Christian Bible,  whose place in heaven requires them to pass  through the needle of the Anti-Racist’s eye. Simplistic solutions,  coupled with hysterical emotional involvement, reliably  produce history’s greatest Catastrophe’s. In retrospective they are always explained as unpredictable. Censorship inevitably makes them so.

Like the proverbial Eichmann, bureaucrats and assorted conformists of all classes and income levels, rarely entertain the possibility that their mere “carrying out of orders” is a gesture which consolidates the totalitarian machine. Far from any poetic notion of the “banality of evil,” theirs is a deliberate argument against bearing any responsibility for their own actions, and today it is ideologies of Anti-Racism which absolve Santa’s little elfs from consciously associating their idealistic actions with the physical destruction of others.

Hannah Arendt may have attained an intellectual nirvana when describing a genocidal German colonel as merely “doing his job,” but her ideas mask a disingenuous Narcissism in quest of a moral superiority at the cost of the greatest Holocaust humanity has witnessed in its earthly existence.

  1. fuck the niggers!

  2. Serves the West right! After oppressing us in the Third world, now your turn has come. History is vindicating the black and brown, and the Whites deserve their lot.

    • You are a complete and utter idiot. Speaking for the ” white devils ” just what part are we responsible for oppressing your third world country? You do realize that most of us do not run the country right? We have no decisions in making foreign policy. Nobody of this generation or the generation prior has owned a slave. We just happened, without having a choice in the matter, to have been born in the West. Believe me, our Government has and continues to screw over its citizens exponentially compared to any slight that you might have perceived. So when you generalize the people of the West as such a terrible people, you show your ignorance in not only World Affairs but also in humanity in general.

  3. […] and wreak havoc on the bottom line of the Rich. As the White Middle class succumbs to a full blown security meltdown, elites have to exert more effort to preempt White counter-mobilisation and defend their ill-gained […]

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