Dear Whites, We Apologize.

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2013 at 10:22 pm

trayvoncampaignDear well-to-do, snug-ass, lily white Whites. Contrary to the scum which populate your media circuit, feeding your hypocritical goody-goody narcissistic my ass don’t smell as bad as yours bubble inflated ego, we the Negroes for Mutual Racial Respect would like to remind you that the circus antics of our half-human and fully deranged orangutang relatives providing you with the latest dosage of sacrosanct White Privilege to Denounce Racism, work against Blacks, and not for us.

Believe it or believe it not, there are those of us of the Negro race who do not identify with thugs, rapers, basketball players, airhead celebrities, prison inmates, AWOL dads, rapists, murderers, and big mouth empty-brained babbling shysters running the gamut of Al Sharpton to Michael Dyson so important to your feelings of superiority over your Redneck and Rube cousins.

These hysterical apes chimping the White man’s preposterous Protestant moralizing of 17th century Massachusetts’ Bay colony, demonstrate the infinity of the Black man’s talent for lame inanity, but in no way obviate the existence of kin, who live with integrity, honesty, and sincerity in the company of White men and women.

It is easy, in this cacophony of race baiting hoodlums and sodomizing Narcissists to lose track of the sanity inherent to some degree even in the darkest of peoples. While we cannot apologize on behalf of apes who mimic men, as men who refuse to be reduced to apes by the JayZs, Beyonces, and Obamas of this world, we want to remind those Whites whose credibility often suffers the most, that there are those of us outside the mainstream Black community who are sane, and who will one day triumph over the racial hucksterism presently roiling your world. Our victory will come, when educated Whites turn away from self-serving moralizing, and begin to define a practical racial identity in which the importance of their self-preservation, is greater than the worthless life of an average black thug.


We understand your right to survival. What we don’t understand, is why you let those elected on your behalf, take that right away from you, and ourselves by extension.

Our dear White brothers and Sisters, we’re feeling your Pain in this Hour of Black Racial Greed, and hope that someday it will merely be remembered as one of many turning points  on your Road to Redemption.

The Anti-Michale Dysons. Negroes for Mutual Racial Respect. (NMRR)

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