The Swedish-BBC Rules, a Nazi designed Reality

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Repression_sect278a_austriaConstitutions and Freedom of Speech? Forget it. This is the 21st century, not the 19th. Everything cool is brown and digital, everything White  is old and dried analogue shit. Copy and paste, delete, and restart to your heart’s delight, the cranky old radio goes in the bin.The World is virtual, and the Bill of Rights is a day dream of the White Man’s past.  In a context where the medium is the message, power devolves to the Editors, who acquire the combined competencies of Eichmann and Goebbles, new technology giving them the means to transform their enemies into subhuman receptacles for their santorum.

Following the end of the Second World War, business elites consolidated around an international agenda of bigger markets, tariff free trade, and deeper regional and global integration. With the opposition of the obsolete Soviet Union evaporating by 1992, their agenda became global, and its monopoly on international institutions,  hegemonic. It can be summed in one sentence: don’t touch my fucking money!, on the basis of the formula:

globalisation = more wealth for the wealthy

From the perspective of the world’s richest men, anything which ideologically challenges this formula is called “friction” and can derail the relationship between wealth creation and free trade. In perennial elite conclaves the means to minimise this friction are explored, and agendas are coordinated to do so.

Reducing the tension generated by globalisation by framing trade as an issue of better global management puts a premium on political “stewardship.” Aspiring prime ministers/presidents and party leaders looking to finance their career ambitions are instructed to “educate” and “sensitize” the electorate on key issues if they are to secure reliable campaign contributions for a successful electoral bid. Thus, an aspirant’s political trajectory is not a function of a Common Good of a people, a nation, or a country, but the sum of the deals he’s made with various interest groups on how he will manipulate policy, law, and public finance, to their immediate advantage.

An atomised society of Narcissists can be no match for the influence of those bound by money. Politicians are beholden to a select group of businessmen and union bosses, who have both the pecuniary and electoral resources to suplant a national agenda with their own narrow objectives. Pundits, experts, academia, and various pressure and donor groups are used to enforce deals between politicians and elites via control over broadcasting and print media.

The sheer obsession with Racism by media in formerly White countries is an indicator of the degree to which global elites consider White Consciousness the ultimate threat to globalisation; a fear so deep, they dare not even mention it by name in private. They prefer to speak of “right wingers” or “nativists” or “reactionaries” than of anything where the word “White” might figure. This goes for both their public analysis of Globalisation’s “friction,” and for intimate discussions with their lovely spouses.

This relationship between elites, their globalist agenda, and the media conglomerates at their disposal, has spawned curious policies across the entire White world. Known as the “Swedish Rules,” these are informal agreements between a nation’s leading media conglomerates to avoid or phase out the mention of Non Whites in relation to violent crime such as assaults, battery, and rape. The rules are applied in countries where racisms is a legally protected belief (America, Russia), as well as those where  it has been criminalised (European Continent, Commonwealth).

Swedish rules were first proposed in the late nineties in the UK, when leading businessmen were encouraged by intellectuals and well placed advisers to  introduce editorial guidelines in their media holdings avoiding the mention of race/ethnicity in suspect descriptions during prime time news coverage. Controversial by their very nature, the formulation of these rules was, and remains, deliberately kept from public knowledge. It was their serendipitous discovery in Sweden, which earned them the eponymous title, even if they are  British in origin. Swedish/BBC rules went on to conquer the entire White  world with the exception of America, where a variety of factors have coalesced to keep Race in the forefront of a national dialogue, and permit the continued existence of political groups explicitly concerned with “White” issues.

The initial practice of the Swedish Rules was to downplay the correlation between minorities and crime by substituting “black,” “arab,” “latino,” and “asian” with the race-neutral “youth.” Ironically, on-the-ground-reality assured that “youth” shed its race-neutrality in favor of becoming a convenient euphemism for “immigrant,” “Paki,” and “nigger,” which the BBC had to counter by linking youth to “Chavs” and “Yobs,”  as a deliberate editorial policy. This linkage required that British media take great liberty in preselecting photos of White “youth” for general articles devoted to crime, leading to what is perhaps history’s greatest peacetime effort to distort the true dynamics of violent crime in a nation. In 10 out of 10 cases the “clipped art” did not represent the race/ethnicity of the crime suspect of the story.

As the Swedish/BBC rules took root, it become impossible to provide feeds of crime scenes such as the riots of 2011 while simultaneously identifying the race  of the rioters, murderers, butchers, sadists, pimps, or drug dealers on live air. Subsequently the rules were adapted to the the reporting of sporting  and entertainment events. Documentaries quickly followed. Shows about Elizabethan England illustrate an obsessive need among White Narcissists to portray White English culture as historically churlish so as to “remind” British Whites of their own proclivities for violence. The BBC and Channel 4 got into the business of dumbing down English history for the sake of Pakis, Banglos, and Yardies. What started with the reporting of crime, now applies to the reporting of sports, entertainment, and even a nation’s history. Initially a mere attempt to obscure the racial origins of crime in the White world, became a totalitarian distortion of the world as such.

The myriad threats the Swedish rules pose to democratic rule, social stability, media responsibility, and the mental health of entire populations, merit a separate discussion. The rules are directly responsible for the Niggerification of Whites and Non Whites alike, as they increasingly radicalise “youths” with their “disparate impact” of promoting anti-White  violence by blacks, Arabs, Asians, and Latinos, while steadily increasing the retaliation threshold for Whites in self-defence against such attacks.

If fiddling with unrelated photographs and suppressing comprehensive race based crime statistics isn’t  costing White countries enough, Swedish rules are presently morphing into outright Get Whitey Agendas as American, British, and French media  increasingly exploit incidents of rare White-on-Black crime in ways reminiscent of the Anti-Tutsi propaganda which shook Rwanda prior to its genocide in 1994. The intensity of this exploitation was first signaled by last year’s Trayvon Martin affair, and has moved up a notch with the less than delicate government of Francoise Holland where a tag-team of brown-nosing blowhard Emanuelle Valls and a dusky bloated African rhinoceros Taubira (an Eric Holder copy-cat) scour the country for incidents of “skinhead” violence against France’s peace loving and defenseless excrement-tinged vermin.

First it was the very fortunate homicide of  suicidal left-wing poop which Holland’s media catamites used to smear shit over Anti-Sodomist activists using guilt-by-association with some loopy Lebanese run  “Neo-Nazi” coffee-sipping Parisian ex-convict. Then it was the qualification of gooks punched by inebriated provincials to the taunts of “slanted eyes” as “xenophobic” by dimwit Valls. Now, it is the pure invention and concoction of some Arabo-Negroid cannibals from Paris’s Islamic ghetto of supposed “skinhead” attacks on women whose clothing attire should qualify them for a one way ticket to the Mecca of Love for all things feminine- Saudi Arabia, which has Holland’s government and its legions of media odalisks inciting an Anti-White genocide like there was no tomorrow.

Were the drunk assailants of Chinese oenology students Whites? Thanks to the Swedish/BBC rules, no one will be allowed to know, and one is free to assume they were Arabs, Turks, or Gypsies since no follow-up will ever take place if they are identified as Non White.   When a self-hating and white-bashing member of Europe’s equivalent of America’s “Bloods” gang (Antifa) dies as a result of his gang activity, the Swedish/BBC rules will assure that no one hears about his prior criminal record. Getting to the bottom of a typical Arabic false-flag operation where Ismaelite scum either kill or violently knock up one of their retinue of females while blaming it on “White Racism” is made inconceivable with the Swedish/BBC noose the elite has put around the neck of fact-based reporting.

In the name of combating Racism, Obama, Cameron, and Holland, wont leave a stone unturned when the opportunity to reinvigorate their credibility presents itself at the cost of insecurity for Whites. Whether for short term gain – to dampen the enthusiasm of the Tea Party, gun purchases, or Anti-Fag movement – in the long term the elites who depend on politicians to enforce red lines, rely on their media Eichmanns and Goebbleses to pour aspersions on everything associated with Whiteness – White preoccupations, White values, and White concerns, because only the White Middle Class is capable of throwing a wrench into the wheels of globalisation and wreak havoc on the bottom line of the Rich. As the White Middle class succumbs to a full blown security meltdown, elites have to exert more effort to preempt White counter-mobilisation and defend their ill-gained earnings.

It started innocent enough. Distorting the criminality of minorities and non-white immigrants was supposed to help them assimilate. With a booming economy, who had the foresight to imagine the erosion of the security of the White Middle Classes?

After decades of lies, a global economic collapse is forcing the masks off of the petty Eichmanns. The risk of facing intransigent White population more concerned with their survival, than the unearned reputation of Non Whites for their rhythm loving ways, is growing. The predictable elite reaction, will be repression and persecution.

The Internet is the final frontier, and a Crusade against “Internet hate” is in the offing.  An unfortunate  car accident in which an inebriated redneck screams “niggerrrr” as he plows through a carnavalesque flash flood of human debris, will present the NetEichmanns with the opportunity to catapult the stamping out of “Internet hate” to the top of the international agenda. The prosecution rate for “racist” or “inconsiderate” Twitter and Facebook comments always outweighed those of any would-be Islamic terrorists. The NSA sucks up taxpayers money to vacuum everyone’s  Web activity, and rather than preempting attacks by Chechen “youth” from Boston, the FBI tramples privacy to dispatch investigations into racist “tweets ” with astonishing success considering the response time and ability to avoid putting an entire city on lock-down.

The media Eichmanns are waiting with baited breath for a new Anders Breivik for more reasons than taking away the Civil Rights of nuisances likes Pamela Gellers or Richard Spencer. Together with their buddies in elite Anti-White institutions the budding Nazis have prepared a well crafted and all encompassing campaign designed to mobilise enormous public pressure on Internet service providers to eliminate laxism in removing offensive Internet material. Their targets go beyond taking down the publicly hosted HBD Chicks and GalliaWatches, to destroying the entire segment of the ISP industry whose business model thrives on circulating controversial content of David Duke and Stormfront notoriety. It takes only a few keystrokes to adulterate a search results with in-house Swedish Rules, and Google’s alliance with the country pioneering these practices, should not be a shock. The means are such, that in one fell swoop an entire digital community can be marginalized, making them game for observation, infiltration, and disruption. More vulnerable members can be “turned” for false flag operations, allowing the consolidation of political power under the pretext of combating “extremism.”

Part of this totalitarian vision stems from the technology itself. The one-on-one relationship between a user and a computer terminal masks the public nature of digital intercourse. A search feels private, but Google’s income is generated by the efficiency with which it can make this information known to a paying public. A user doesn’t have to speak from a tribune or see his readers/listeners, but if he assumes no such audience exists his behavior becomes carelessly  exhibitionist and its traces can easily be translated into vicious political repression.  The recent decision to encompass not just anti-ass-fucking judgments within the “hate” category, but even those made against   human compost paying surgeons to slice off their testicles and replace them with fake vaginae are prima facia evidence of the attractiveness for public authorities to engage in just such repression for the sake of political gain. This is one of the essential attributes of the Eichmann mentality. A second,  but more important aspect, is the quintessential inability of the Eichmann to assume the real world results of their actions, whether immediate, or of the  inevitable type.

The thirties of the Swedish/BBC rules have passed. Their logical conclusion, the forties, are upon us. A decade of chicanery by editors and media owners has put a premium on the security of medieval rug covered obscurantists and sooty thugs shooting off rap lyrics and hustling acrobatics as a modern dance form. Reversing the order of its appellation to “hop hip” reveals its troglodyte origin, and the glamorization of this niggerification has made it impossible for the fans of this monkey jumping “hop hop”  to treat white security concerns seriously. “Youth” of all colors condescendingly dismiss systematic rape of White women, and the physical liquidation of Whites, as paranoid and racist.

The mentality of a  White Narcissist is defined by his death wish. That’s the nature of Apollo  subjugating Dyonisos. Freud interpreted male sodomy as a suicidal tendency intrinsic to Narcissism when expressed through Homosexual deviance, in whichanal sex becomes an attempt to exterminate the Id’s life giving qualities. The internationally coordinated political ascendancy of male sodomy in 2013 marks a symbolic sacrifice of biological reproduction, presaging a ritualised butchering of Whites as a group who following the Second World War, traded-off Apollonian comfort over the  Dyonisiac imperative to reproduce.

Play with the Will of the deities, and pay the price.

Whites thought that the Internet would save them. Having missed a central rule of the digital realm, they transferred their activity from the danger of the real world, into the misleading safety of computers. They went digital too quick;  the Delete button would have remained irrelevant if they hadn’t rushed headlong to the false promises of the virtual.

Great Repression Human Brain in Cage

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  2. This is excellent.

    It codifies the situation nicely, from the desire to either “offshore” the elites businesses and the importation of illegals for cheap labor to the “anti-racist” campaigns when normal citizens point out the horrors and unemployment that ensues to the codling of negros who go on killing sprees at the workplace to the kid gloves used on the Fort Hood shooter vs the vile treatment of Zimmerman.

    My only issue is the use of “Nazi” as a pejorative. The Nazi’s loved and venerated their culture and their race and used the modern state to promote its success. These “internationalists” care nothing for their race and are actively working to bring their race down. Its a tiny nit to pick in an otherwise brilliant article.

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  4. amazing article, so prescient and comprehensive. Sweden submits to a rape wave – silence, denial, lies.

    all over the “white world” lies lies lies

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