DNAWars, a Review

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DNAWars was conceived on the premise that a massive racial war was to summarily envelop the earth, superseding all ongoing religious, political, or economic conflicts; that the 21st century would undergo its own World War II; one more brutal, more direct, less nuanced, and less restrained than the horrors of 1942-1945.

A Crash, not Clash would spontaneously drag the planet to its galactic nadir.  Concrete scenarios were delineated, and the exercise of free, uncensored, unrestrained, and un-mollified language became the primary vehicle for their elaboration.  A momentous, immediate, and outright eruption of racial violence was forecast not as much as a Black Swan event, but as an extension of recent trends in a newly  globalised racial White consciousness.

The postulated script began with the invasion of the hapless Allice in Desert-land  sheikhdom of the Qadhafa run Great Socialist People’s Lybian Arab Jamahiriya.  NATO’s ouster of the Berber Prince of Africa, was identified as the “initial spark” for a Crash of Races because it announced decline in  Europe’s ability to govern its Southern periphery. Straining Brussels by the sheer number of negroids and witless, humorless, and listless camel-shaggers paddling their way across the Med towards the Oz of EU Paradise, the gargantuan media frenzy to accompany the drowning of some hapless niggeroid in Homer’s wine-dark sea would pressure European identity politics, and radicalize the fringes to a point of explosive carnage.

France and England were identified as the staging grounds for the eruption of race based terror, because both remain Europe’s intellectual powerhouses marred by historical failure to manage their social tensions away from riotous expression of politically transformative violence. Both are burdened with post-colonial demographic flotsam accumulating as racial self-hatred in the psyches of Whites. In an atmosphere of asymmetric racial tension (where one participant group perceives any and all acts of communication from another as genocide signals) the minimum singular event required to trigger an explosion of global violence would be an Anders Breivik gunning not at the offspring of White Narcissists, but at a group of non-Whites loitering somewhere in the alleys of the urban failure blighting the continent’s once-fabled cities and towns.

The Crash of Races hypothesis staked out a clear timeline, location, and chain of events. None of them were correct, and a review of the ideas espoused at DNAWars concludes that while nothing prevents the Crash from taking place in the years to come, it is premature, preemptive, and largely avoidable. The hypothesis stands falsified by current events. The idea that the fabled long-war of armchair strategists in Washington  think-tanks was less about Islam, or Huntington’s civilisational clash, and more about a predictable explosion of racially driven carnage that would redefine our global political order, is patently wrong.

There is no doubt that White identity is under strain, but security agencies find it easier to monitor the extremist fringe of White “nationalists”, to co-opt them, to manipulate them towards the needs and ends of the political establishment, than their non-white counterparts operating across the non-White world on behalf of Jihadi, anti-Western, or local nationalist causes. The threat from the fringes of White Nationalism is completely eliminated in the White world.  Down but not entirely out, the BNP and Front National are attacked with unrestrained ferocity, providing the bread and butter of the gatekeepers. The anti-White component of the body politic in the formerly White world has reached a summit so high, that mainstream political power is wielded exclusively by institutions with implicit anti-White mandates.   The vigor with which laws targeting White consciouses are applied in the West, vehicled by vigilant White Narcissists controlling access to the public forum, fuels a pathological counter-reaction in White minds. Gay marriage, Abortions, tea parties, and bearded Austrian transvestites channel White frustration away from  racial displacement towards budgets, artificial insemination, adoption laws, and insipid exhibitionism of Eurovision tramps. The intellectuals of the White blogosphere are engrossed in “haplogroups” and proving their racial value “scientifically” with psychometric tests. Breeching the confines of their digital bubbles is a falsification of the g-coefficient, and crosses the line of their petit bourgeois comfort zone . They acquiesce to the abolition of democracy, and their rants serve to reinforce the  illegality of race based political mobilisation for Whites. The idea of “struggle” seems lost on men with doctorates and incomes above the median.   Opposition is costly and professionally profitless so blog away! For men who want their wives to prefer black dick to their own, no amount of the g-quotient will be salvific.  The study of male sexual perversion is more appropriate to understanding this haplogroup, than that of their Y-chromosomes. In a population whose psychological fiber is that of passive sodomite submission, repression is a fait accompli.

What would happen if a haggardly little White man (or the rare possibility of a deranged white woman) with an explicit racial agenda boasting links to Europe’s mainstream right-wing political parties,  went on a rampage and massacre non-Whites in broad daylight in Trafalgar square? Or if the mulatto bastard sired by Jarred Taylor’s negro concubines did an Anders Breivik copy-cat on the Washington Mall, choosing his victims not based on their parents political leanings, but where their “g-quotient” clusters on a DNA scatterplot?

Oh! Even the question elicits unease in  the feeble minds of certain readers who react like adolescents girls trembling at the sight of their first erect cock. Are the eyes and ears of the former White world’s security services a buzzing? Are the internal services of  Holder, Taubira, and what other monkeys now command them, going into “terrorist alert” mode?

Yes! Watch out!  Today, with the NSA and its “mini-mes”  in England, Germany, France, and Russia, tuning into your thoughts across the Sceptered Isles, the Walds, the Tundras, and the Cote d’Azur more invasively than the NSA because they are held to even lower legal standards, and unlike the NSA are politically empowerment by their domestic spy agencies against all expressions of “Racism” , even discussing the possible futures of your or someone else’s country could land you in prison! No, they can’t stop a bearded terrorist, not even once, but yes, they can incarcerate your neighbour for twittering the word “nigger” in reference to the violence and terror instilled by  “his fellow citizens” if he ever fails to genuflect before them in the manner proscribed by his White Narcissistic betters.

In a world where your emotions (hate) can be legislated away based on your skin colour, you damn bet what you write, say, and ask, is not protected by the law. Niggers can kill, and get away with it because they are niggers.  Those inappropriately coloured, are held to higher standards. It’s not the actions of whites that matter. Nor their tax contributions. It’s their beliefs, ideas, and communications which make or break white lives. Orwell died in 1950. Not in the epoch of mind-reading Googles and Total Information Awareness, again, seemingly useless against terrorists, but painfully useful against law-abiding morons clinging to expired notions of freedom of thought. Fired for “racist” facebook posts? Fined millions for private conversations with wetback girlfriends?   President Ho-Bama aint got time for your white ass security. His baby-son is busy cannibalising you. The nigger who dedicated his life to fighting Whites isn’t about to do a 180, you stupid high-IQ son of a white bitch!

Would a nasty little white man shooting up babies in a black hospital in a Jamaican slum, or in Long Beach California, lead to a cataclysmic, sustained, and irreversible Crash of Races? To orgies of anti-White violence by the excrement  of Europe’s and America’s slums, which would then elicit the organisation of White militias setting Europe and America ablaze in pithed battles against this immigrant issued slime? Would we find ourselves in the riots of the 60s, but on a global, more confrontational, and less manageable scale? A world which looks more like post-Mubarak Egypt, transforming the streets of Berlin, New York, Paris, Moscow, and London, into the infinitely dangerous and turbulent Cairos and Baghdads?

Unlikely. The paranoid fears or fantasies can safely be laid to rest.

The result of any un-white action by niggerified whites, of any such “worst case racial scenario” would be internal political tension in the host country. In a world already on the brink of war in a plethora of hotspots most authorities have the good sense to outright censor information of the Anders Breivik type.  In America, Youtube and Liveleak would go off-line until all offensive materials were properly cleansed by DMCA violation requests. The world has evolved beyond jejune notions of access to information, and freedom of the press, and Washington is no exception. It stands on the brink of an existential precipice, and while no international Crash of Races will ever happen, racial fault-lines are a tinderbox which could set off internal confrontations whose impact on the balance of power would be irreversible. Washington knows this, but Paris and London will always have more to fear.

The hypothesis of the Crash of Races is falsified, but much of its logic remains relevant.  The question about trigger-events needs to be asked, and is being asked, because developments in the Ukraine and Syria,  more so than in Qaddafi’s wonderland, are showing the way in 21st century social upheaval. How Europe ingests Africa, is a question about the odor of the resulting fecal mater. Shit is rarely white. Case closed. America, a country of the Western Hemisphere, is on its way to Latin-dom. Is brown shit better than black?

In Syria, the world witnessed the harnessing of nightmares for foreign policy objectives. If shooting up beaner babies in an LA hospital sounds far -fetched, keep in mind that when Assad was identified as the mastermind behind the massacring of infants Syria, American intelligence officers egged on the real culprits while CNN provided them with Gobbelsian cover. The real butchers were anti-Assad terrorists, who were encouraged to commit their atrocity because we needed a nightmare to render a specific enemy sleepless. If our intelligence agencies can facilitate the murder of babies, and our media then convince us to blame those who may actually be their parents (regime loyalists) for their murder, is there anything they are not capable of? Our politicians routinely abuse our most sincere sensibilities for political purposes,  so is anything really off limits? If the Crash of Races hasn’t yet taken place, one only wonders why. What could be easier for an opponent of the Western world order, or for internal political rancor, than to light the tinderbox on which we are all sitting?

While the EU basks in the limelight of its success in Kiev, Odessa, and Mariupol, these are sombre warnings to the febrile pseudo-states of Europe, of just how easily a government lacking legitimacy, can be overthrown, or find itself in uncontrollable dissipation. Presently  Uncle Sam is bankrolling thugs and murderers in the Ukraine, Syria, and Lybia, tomorrow, it might bankroll them in France or England,  and the day after, Paris, Berlin,  Beijing, Tokyo,  Ryiad and Tel Aviv, will bankroll American thugs, against ourselves in America. They’ll use Mexico and Guetamala, and Honduras when all else fails. They’ll run circles around the Panama Canal. Chicago will sport a Sinaloa flag. The mayor of Los Angeles will be a Mara member. This with dirty money and legal schemes pioneered by our own boys in the CIA, plagiarized in contravention of our copyrights by deranged agents of uncontrollable international networks.

At present, the thugs in the Ukraine are organised by battle-hardened soldiers of fortune financed by Western governments long-ago beyond the pale of constitutional restraint on the one side, and oil-archs linked to a political regime without the slightest historical concept of legal restraint on the other. Large swathes of the Ukrainian middle class finds itself completely defenseless in the face of testosterone laden marauders sponsored by a panoply of obese mafia dons. Where are the guarantees for well-to-do simple folks in Alabama, in Andalucia, or in Alto-Adige, that tomorrow, they wont be put in the same situation as Donbas and Odessa? Or the dismal situation of the slime in Cairo, Aleppo, and the thousands of shit-holes dotting the pre-deluge earth? Neither Syria nor Ukraine are purely American or European enterprises, and racial tensions plaguing the White world are no longer mere national issues. The whole world is sitting on a tinderbox, and a few imbecile countries try to poke their little fuses under the ass of their adversaries, in the delusional hope that the shock-wave of the explosion will be absorbed by all the bodies but theirs!

American, Russian, French, and English intelligence services are not the only ones capable of instrumentalising terror,  of using murderers for reasons of state.  Of using criminals, rapists, cannibals, prostitutes and psychopaths, for the furtherance of state ambitions. Another 40 countries have the same capacity in domestic terms. For another 100 countries, its the social norm, called “thuggery 101.” Illiterate low-level thugs in  slums use terror to subject entire populations to their “grassroots” rule, size of penis or brain being irrelevant.

As America actively subjects the world to our thugs and henchmen, the rest of the world might want to subject us to theirs. They might get the silly idea that they can’t do business with us otherwise.  When you’re the one pushing the borders of the pale, it takes an astonishing degree of inanity to not expect blow-back. To not expect push-back from those whose borders you are shrinking. Racial faultlines in the Western world are an attractive target for our adversaries, or for countries which are our allies in name only.

Moscow is already financing the French Front National’s media operation and foreign policy stance. Beijing was cough financing Spanish porn-actor Nacho Vidal, linked as are all participants in the porn industry to organised crime figures, some of whom also featured prominently on the Chinese payroll. Whether they were aware of the Chinese money matters little, without generous EU funds, Spain is already an Algeria settled in Europe’s landmass. France is another matter.  Whether Moscow’s access to French radical circles can be turned to its advantage is the work of French counter-intelligence. No foreign adversary will be able to do the same with the BNP, knowing it’s a party without a future.

The capital question is the fragility at the heart of Western societies. When Western governments finance, coordinate, and condone forms of violence whose extremity is simply not accessible to ordinary humans, they are walking a very thin line. These are Frankensteins they are playing with. Monsters with a tendency to kill best-friends, and assure their makers terminal pneumonia.

Even without external intervention, Western notions of pluralism and diversity are opportunities for politically aspiring demagogues to rule us, by dividing us. Dwindling resources mean that deciding  who lives  and who dies, will be up to charismatic leaders. Whether or not you bend over, or you are the one penetrating, will depend on the demagogue you endorse. The world has already had its White Supremacist Hitler. It’s time for a Hitler of the anti-White supremacy type.

The Second Amendment gives Americans a sense of security if we limit our lives to sitting on our front porches. It has served precious little the numerous victim of Nigger “flash” mobs as chronicled on perspicacious websites. The nature of America’s suburban terrain assures that any pitched confrontation based on race cuts off vital transportation arteries and strangle the inhabitants of cities making the Bengali famines or Ukrainian holodomors look like child-play in comparison. No such conflict could  take place without some form of external intervention by Mexico, and if Indian or Chinese lives were threatened, by India or China. Saudi Arabia and Israel are in a category of their own. They would nuke us if push came to shove.

It is unimaginable that America could ever succumb to a Crash of Races, but the country is on a downward spiral. It’s biggest security threats are the Chicano-Azteca-Mayan mutants of Mesoamerica, along with the mongrels of the greater and lesser Antilles. De-accelerating economic growth, makes affording a Gaza-like fence a fading possibility. No war is required to constitute the Estados Unidos de Aztlan, because its already impossible to find nostalgics for the outgoing America. Its materialism became offensive to common animal senses. Hollywood replaced the imagination and porn replaced real intercourse. White men dream of sultry Latinas, not portly bog-pigs. Manifestly, John O’Sullivan’s funeral will be poorly attended.

Europe, is already trapped in a clash predicated on race. For those concerned with its White identity, throw in the towel. In 20 years time, “white” will refer to humanoids who have at least one white grand-parent, and to the Arabs and Chinese. Full Whites, blue eyes and all,  will be bred on the Sultan’s stud farm, for his and his vizirs’ harems. As we speak, Europe’s Whites are ruthlessly made to butt heads in the Ukraines and Greeces, where one nation’s nationalism bleeds another’s white. The only color standing, or dripping, is red. Ukraine’s extremely radicalised youth, have sunk to the level of cave-dwelling Neanderthals. They are putty in the hands of international string-pullers. They are facing off with the troglodytes of Russia, while the oligarchs are making a killing. After this honkey detritus graduates from its harsh training on the Slavic steeps it will  butt heads with Muslim scum sired in Dagestan,  Felix Arabia or the Iforas massif under the watchful eye of Algerian or Saudi instructors, bankrolled by our tax dollars in Washington. Every idiot is being programmed to self-destruct by clashing with his copy-cat idiot from just across the border, or sea.

  1. gutsy, and frightening. prescient analysis, too bad you are closing shop.

  2. wow! you basically predicted the shooting. hats off.

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