Why only 9 Coons?! Why not 9,000,000?

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lesser-known-genocides-turkey-headsThe white-net is quiet, peeing its pants, turned introvert, and looking for a tree to hide behind. Everyone’s on the radar. Everyone will be exposed and sent off to prison, fined, forced to sweep ghetto streets, and indoctrinated in re-education programs. Pronouncements are being monitored. Words duly written down. Case dockets prepared. Police agencies notified. IPSs tracked. NSA, GCHQ, DGSE, like in Russia and China, are keeping tabs on white-net blogs, twitter, and facebook accounts. The Anglins, Kevin MacDonalds, Taylors,and Takis, are suddenly low-key, defensive, drumming on with business as usual. Nothing to see here, carry along. An astute CNN correspondent observed “they’re largely limited to the internet,” forgetting to add “largely” consuming Black Cock Hypno porn.

After spending a full one-hour fuming in the midst of their Christian hospitality, “Dog Dick Head” gunned down righteous Lord-fearing coons in an act of premeditated murder. His Suboxone altered wetware, gunked in the ooze of American race-obsessed culture, presumably managed to eek out a short, succinct manifesto. Dog Dick Head’s flag preferences have set the nation a blaze with a Confederate easter egg-hunt. Bested by a Negro in accessing desired white pussy, Dylan Roof has done what his precursor Anders Breivik refused;  instead of massacring little kids enjoying camping, Dog Dick Head went after the progenitors and relatives of those who murder, harass, terrorize, and persecute innocent white children in summer camps, shopping malls, bars, amusement parks, supermarket and their parking lots, on a daily, 24/7 basis. Unlike the child murderer in Sweden, Dog Dick Head ignored White self-hatred, and went directly for the throats of those in the Negro community, who judging by their religious practices stood the best chance of being the most opposed to every single thing for which he claims to have acted. Just as the children of self-hating left-wing narcissistic intellectuals were utterly and wholly innocent of the disease of self-hatred with which their parents inculcated them, transgressing on the rights of Christian folk engaged in an act of worship exposes Dog Dick Head as depraved poop of humanity and puts white-net in a bind. On the one hand, great, wonderful, the niggers had it coming. On the other, any “three cheers” and “yip yip hooray” indicate having spent one’s first three months of life in an incubator. The demise of the White race is a self-evident fact with the Anders Breivik and Dylan Roofs. It is a wonder the former is allowed to live, with the possibility of someday going cod fishing in a fjord.

The deferential responses to Dog Dick Head of white-net superstars such as the perennially “I can’t get laid” Andrew Anglin and the “we’re in the business of right wing glam” Takismag, is compounded by the the utter silence of the head-up-their-ass HBD crowd. The tired face of a heckled Jared Taylor cannot be offset by a single Ram Z. Paul whose frank message went straight over the head of dolts, and landed softly somewhere in Never Never Land.

Dog Dick Head committed an act of terrorism and wanton murder.  The Mad Scandinavian committed murder and vomit-inducing  terrorism. The victims were deliberately excessively innocent, to better get at the real culprits. The lives of Gospel-humming monkeys, and of diaper wearing tiny-tots were taken for no inherent hatred of monkeys or juveniles, but to terrorize those who loved them.  Dog Dick Dong and Breivik fall into a new pattern of White activity that can only be qualified as a White-Qaeda of Lone Wolfs, similar to the white Tsarnayev’s activity on behalf of Jihad.  The furious reaction by liberal media of laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Jarod Taylors is not amiss. Nor is the comparison with Al-Qaeda attacks on America. White-net silence is a tacit confirmation that both are apropos.  Avoiding the subject, or pretending nothing happened, are ways of coping with the consciousness of having contributed to the incitement of the Dog Dick attack while trying to figure out a way of dealing with the blood-lust screaming from between the lines of daily white-net rantings. The point of Ram Z. Paul’s unique message, was for white-net to assume responsibility  for Dog Dick Head’s action. Avoiding responsibility is a defeatist posture. The Takis, Anglins, Taylors are wasting their time if they’re not on the offensive. Whites can kill. They will kill, and they should kill. The only question is who, when, where, and how. Will the killing be organized, targeted, and pursue a specific agenda, or will it be spearheaded halter-skelter  by pot-dealing biker gangs, pot-smoking brain-dead trailer trash, and pot-fumed cuckolded Penis Heads?

The Crash of Races hypothesis is admittedly discredited, but the parallels between Jihadi war and an emerging trend of distinctly White violence against non-Whites are apposite. Racial Hatred in America is real. Hatred is in the DNA of every hue of flesh. Communication and negotiation have long been obviated as an option by the powers that be, and tension is being increased by both the passive victims, whose legs are wide spread inviting rape, the intellectual rapist that is the White Narcissist, and the sexless Taylor, RonZPaul, Anglin types.  The train has left the station and while no imminent Crash is in store, the Huntingtonian Clash, playing out in the confrontation between Militant Islam, Russia, and a militant homosexual West, is now complimented by a Race Clash, to which left and right are intensely contributing. The war is physically disorganized on both sides. Neither party has an officially recognized force tasked with partaking in a declared racial war agenda. Everything remains in the domain of ideology, and niggardly spats. The camps are defined psychologically, and demographically, but not institutionally in the sense of martial means.

Testosterone laden non-white males in America and geographic Europe genuinely enjoy beating, harassing, and maiming Whites, because the inability of Whites to formulate a racially-explicit defense to such behavior, complimented by the desire of the fagotised White Narcissist to be raped, serves to entices non-white animals into such acts.   With  no inhibition about murdering or raping Whites, due to decaying law and order,  the underlying logic of anti-white aggression is one of racial conquest which Whites have not cared to organize against.  Be it at the passive level in which such violence is systematically encouraged by raging self-hatred, or in the manner with which violation of law is increasingly accepted, darkies are asserting a desire for dominance as old as man himself . Whining on blogs, is not organization, its voyeurism.

At the level of justifying, downplaying, and ignoring nigger violence the mechanism of defeat is being openly expressed by even the most concerned of whites. A Dyonisian orgiastic desire for violence is driving both parties towards drawn-out stagnation.  The underlying  sexual frustration  evident in the case of Taylor and Bevlin,and in the hysteria of a RonZPaul, is no different from that of the Negro, Arab, or Latino rapist, and explains why it is those who are frustrated the most, which lead the charge on both ends. Dog Dick Head, is just an exclamation mark in a sorry saga of slow-motion  civilizational melt-down.

If Whites must and should kill, it’s because the darkies have already succumb to the imperative of doing so, and society has given them the green light.  Darkies are on  the receiving end of a sociological illusion, linked to the pull of white female attraction, in which the voicelessness of whites, is essential to the maintenance of the illusion.   Closer proximity between white  males and white females together with an economic status which facilitates more responsible and copious sexual activity are misconstrued by male darkies as a sexual  facility specific to white  females, and the resulting frustration puts a premium on non-white aggression to interrupt an illusory white privilege, prejudicing lethality amongst the most pent-up segment of the darkie population, in turn pressuring the most frustrated of Whites to murder non-whites as a form of largely incoherent, but highly motivated act of “self-defence”.

Is disorganized, organized, or random murder of non-Whites by Whites the answer to this dynamic? Should and do frustrated Whites need to kill in orderer to match the competitiveness of the most depraved dark males for the sake of self-preservation? The answer depends on the degree to which their own sexual depravity renders the objective of sexual satisfaction relevant. Self-preservation presumes breeding. By definition, darkies conceiving with White women are not concerned with the preservation of the genetic uniqueness of darkness. If  Whites entirely abandon concerns with perpetuating a White population, the opportunities for darkies to expand beyond their gene pool, will be curtailed. For the sake of everyone’s  general well being, Whites occasionally have to kill Non-Whites explicitly in relation to racialist sexual competition. Otherwise, they can’t stake out a claim to self-preservation.  If Whites don’t kill darkies, randomly, non-randomly, sporadically or deliberately, there will simply be no White pussy to go around for whites or non-whites.

The momentum required for the rampant nigger chaos engulfing America, is unsustainable if whites don’t contribute their fair share of killing. For niggers to continue  killing whites, the occasional Dog Dick Head has to kill them in return. Otherwise, there’s no game in town. There is no 80 to 20 percent black-on-white crime margin of which to speak. No apes to put into prisons. No need for Walmart to sell guns. No need for dog-whistle and race-hustling politics. Killing is a must.

Kill kill kill, murder murder murder, and next time, dont’ stop at 9, 90, or 90,000.

Go the full monty and do the 13% percent of nigger America!

A Holocaust! A Holocaust!

That’s what the Niggers need.

If Whites fail to live up to their Nazi, Fascist, and Supremacist image, then everyone is out of a fucking job for the next millennium. Does anyone really want more unemployment? The simple math of the situation is such, that if Honkies weren’t BBC-obsessed sissies, fagots, and creeps, they’d be organizing in militias and smoking coons out from every nook and cranny. The KKK would have re-branded as the “Southern Party,” hold 1/4 of congressional seats in Washington and majorities in Souther States, while running a CNN like TV-network broadcasting its opinion all over the world. “White only clauses” would have never been rendered illegal.  Instead of wasting America’s resources fighting wars in the Middle East, East Asia, and Eastern Europe, America would be lobbing missiles into Mexican territory every time a team of beaners made it across the Rio Grande with the connivance of the Mexican police. Wetback Country would be our equivalent to Israel’s Gaza. Drones, surveillance, and punishment. In Europe no self-respecting white country would be wallowing in post-War guilt to the point of letting hordes of African excrement sully its shores with malaria, AIDS, leprosy, and a frustrated libido.

Alas, simple math in the IQ-obsessed version of HBD world-affairs, has little in common with reality. The absence of organized White violence is the result of the generalized success of the White world in combating communicable diseases, hunger, and obscurantism. The reason White-Qaeda is a paradise for Lone Wolfs is that for the average White a prison sentence is not the equivalent of Section-8 Housing. The costs of engaging in violent crimes are not racially equal. Until darkies, and not just Orientals and Whites, earn a stake in the system, the burden of waging racial war, will rest with niggers, wetbacks and camel-shaggers. If anyone goes down in a Holocaust as a result of this asymmetry,   it will be the Albinos, and not the men armed with solid testicles and fists.

To avoid a White Holocaust, in which not 90, 900, 9,000,000 dead Whites result, Whites have to change their thinking, and focus on working as hard as their grandfathers did while making sure darkies are integrated into the production chain. Success will be crowned with sex, social peace, and pussy of all colour.

The alternative option currently being proposed by Globalist elites, choosing to fuck male ass- will make everyone less well off in the long-term. Reducing  the future abundance of pussy, by reducing immediate male interest, will result in reduced numbers of future pussy. This will exacerbate,  rather than reduce any and all forms of competition for this valuable animal resource, and human slavery to Robotic Singularity will be assured. In less than one generation White and Non-Whites will pass from licking molecules of feces off the male sphincter to getting rammed by a Robot Sissy Trainer dildo with Kurtzweil’s initials engraved on it.

The junk produced by white-net needs to carry on. Working in perfect tandem with the mainstream media, it is essential that diatribes and coverage of nigger criminality do not lead to concerted and legal political action. For frustrated whites, this will be enough to ferry them from the mainstream insanity of the racial circus, into the exclusive club of White sexual starvation, inevitably triggering fantasies of the extermination of all non-Whites. Their trip from Nerd to Dog Dick Head will be complete in less than two years of exposure to the nausea of sexually frustrated white-net.  The incitement fuel will come from the mainstream itself, with its bigoted (“anti-everything that’s ordinary”) hate-fest enough to assure the equivalent of a million incidences of uncoordinated White-Qaeda for the next hundred years.

Roof wont be the last of his kind, but it’s only when the White equivalence of the NAACP emerges, that the MSM craved White apology tour will become possible. Until then, violence will increase from hopeless sexual-outcasts going postal with mounting regularity, feeding a vicious cycle of disenfranchisement taken-out on the innocents of the world. Innocents such as those who honor the war dead by standing to attention to the flag of the Nation for which their great-great-grandparents fought.


Roof has given the most worthless of white fagots the pleasure of vicariously partaking in the murder of the relatives of the young, brown, thug excrement responsible for humiliating them on a daily basis. The more radical white-net cyber echo chamber allows these queers to assimilate the act of a well intention but utterly brainless imbecile, with a secret sadistic pleasure of seeing their oppressors getting the medicine they deserve. Yes, the bugger murdered a bunch of niggers, and yes niggers as a community are getting precisely what they deserve. It’s a relief for many, Negro and White, to see whites fighting back. No, it does not serve a just purpose to lump all men based on color and ignore their intentions and prayers, to abuse their hospitality and trust, and to render them guilty by the mere act of kinship, knowing that having thug cousins says nothing about one’s own integrity, righteousness, and dignity. The question is one of terrorism. Does white-net want to support it?

Will the sissy cyber-fagots use Dog Dick Head’s acts for the purpose of some concrete goals, or will they let their perverted minds wallow in the virtual pleasure of vicariously partaking in the actions of a deranged criminal? Will they continue ranting and squealing from behind their monitors, or will they begin to come out of the woodwork with concrete proposals so that freaks no longer speak in the name of Whites? If the mainstream media doesn’t grasp that it is by suppressing people’s rights to hate, to defend themselves, to lash out, and to imagine themselves as a people with rights to security and justice that a White-Qaeda of uncoordinated, leaderless disaffection spreads more violence into our society, then what the  Anglins and Taylors of the world don’t understand is that it is by addressing sexuality head-on, and organizing politically in a country blessed with the right to do so, that a sincere answer to the world’s racial wars can be found. It is only by addressing one’s own internal issues, concomitantly speaking out, and creating a White NAACP, that future acts of this kind can be prevented, and the lives of innocents, white, black, bronze, yellow, olive can be preserved.

Until then, may the killing get worst, because if we don’t eliminate the frustrated amongst us, they will eliminate us. Whether its nigger killing honky, or honky killing nigger, both are doing the rest of us a service up until a certain point. The only word of advice to the inevitable future murderers, be they White or Black, choose your targets more judiciously. It is the hypocrite amongst the intellectuals, the race-hustlers, the media magnates, the businessmen and politicians, that are afforded the comfort of denigrating others without abandon; not the poor and downtrodden of this world, whose frustration should create comradeship and solidarity. Except in the cases of left-wing porch monkeys, the hypocrite is always White. The thug is a thug, and no one mourns a thug except nigger parents who produce nothing but thugs.

Those who can’t resolve their own sexual problems,  are condemned to have them resolved by those who are as sexually inept as themselves. Here’s three cheers to murder! May the most sexually frustrated take each other out with greater efficiency, fury, and speed,  so the Earth may be rid of them, once and for all. If Heaven actually did its job for once, and  protected the pious, that would certainly help, otherwise there’s only the second amendment left to rely on, and one  can’t blame man, for being man.

  1. who gives a shit if they were sitting in a fucking church!? smoke them anyway. pieaces of shit niggers. they preach nothing but hatred of whites in their fucking churches.

  2. seems your article is inciting whites to murder blacks? is that the case?

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  4. now you got your answer, some dindu who shoots pretty journalists on air, live. happy!?

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