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Why only 9 Coons?! Why not 9,000,000?

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2015 at 6:11 pm

lesser-known-genocides-turkey-headsThe white-net is quiet, peeing its pants, turned introvert, and looking for a tree to hide behind. Everyone’s on the radar. Everyone will be exposed and sent off to prison, fined, forced to sweep ghetto streets, and indoctrinated in re-education programs. Pronouncements are being monitored. Words duly written down. Case dockets prepared. Police agencies notified. IPSs tracked. NSA, GCHQ, DGSE, like in Russia and China, are keeping tabs on white-net blogs, twitter, and facebook accounts. The Anglins, Kevin MacDonalds, Taylors,and Takis, are suddenly low-key, defensive, drumming on with business as usual. Nothing to see here, carry along. An astute CNN correspondent observed “they’re largely limited to the internet,” forgetting to add “largely” consuming Black Cock Hypno porn. Read the rest of this entry »

DNAWars, a Review

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DNAWars was conceived on the premise that a massive racial war was to summarily envelop the earth, superseding all ongoing religious, political, or economic conflicts; that the 21st century would undergo its own World War II; one more brutal, more direct, less nuanced, and less restrained than the horrors of 1942-1945.

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The Swedish-BBC Rules, a Nazi designed Reality

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Repression_sect278a_austriaConstitutions and Freedom of Speech? Forget it. This is the 21st century, not the 19th. Everything cool is brown and digital, everything White  is old and dried analogue shit. Copy and paste, delete, and restart to your heart’s delight, the cranky old radio goes in the bin. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Whites, We Apologize.

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trayvoncampaignDear well-to-do, snug-ass, lily white Whites.  Read the rest of this entry »

Will they Exterminate Whites physically?

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SCHWAB 118427

Sweden’s niggers enjoy a bonfire of the vanities, England was in emergency session due to a muti crime,  and France detains mothers for wearing the wrong kind of T-shirts. The destruction of public order in formerly wealthy countries has become so common place, it is as banal as niggers shooting up a Carnival in New Orleans. Read the rest of this entry »

Porn is Racist, but White Chicks Love Black Dick.

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In a sea of political correctness, something goes awry and the bureaucrats in the EU produce a video with a survivalist message for Whites.  We will never know who was behind it, because the producers will have to remain anonymous for reasons of career, and hence social  survival.   For anyone clueless enough to wonder what the White woman was supposed to do, it’s rather obvious:

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Marriage of Male Cockuckers & Guns go a Banging

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Unless one consider the subconscious, marrying members of the same sex and limiting gun-ownership are irrelevant to the Crash of Races. These are  wedge issues designed by political scientists to fragment the political right. Vectors for the silent majority to express its existential anxiety in a faltering economy, or just caveats of an imminent social collapse caused by an overdose of omphaloskepsis.

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Boston. A prayer for White Terror.

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Welcome to the post-Post-modern age. Where neither the trains stopped nor the clocks melted, but the stew in the melting pot spilled over and short-circuited the stove. It’s 2013 and based on the colour of your skin, you either pray the individuals behind a few bombs in  Boston are gun-totting Rednecks,  or if you are a Redneck, that their skin tans under moderate solar radiation. Read the rest of this entry »

Jihad Against Self-Hatred, the French Maneuver

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The security forces of the entire White world were mobilised. From Canberra to Washington, via Moscow and Paris, police were monitoring social media for signs of potential urban disturbances initiated by non-Whites.

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White Self Hatred

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The problem isn’t the Non-Whites, but the Whites themselves. The disease is White Self-Hatred. It relies on mental silence, public dissimulation, and emotional censure. It is a broken identity feeding the  forces of niggerification via a contempt of the self which encourages aggression in others.  The terminal phase of this condition is Annihilation of all and everyone in a nasty Crash of Races.

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