DNAWars, a Review.

The Swedish BBC-Rules. A Nazi-designed Reality.

Dear Whites, we Appologize.

Will they Exterminate Whites Physically?

Porn is Racist, but White Chicks Love Black Dick.

Marriage of Male Cockuckers & Guns go a Banging

Boston. A prayer for White Terror.

Jihad Against Self-Hatred, the French Maneuver

White Self Hatred

Hussein Bolt? Olympics, and Niggerification

Please Rape and Murder Us and Our Kids

Want to Survive? Become Racist.

Euro 2012, Monkey Hoots Reserved for Blacks

Why Whites Must Go, Because they’re already Gone

Poland & Ukraine, Racists or Else….

Hi Tech White Consciousness

History of Black Violence

From Imperialism of Self-Love, to Empire of Self-Hatred

Sweet Nigger Dreams…of Annihilation

He Fucked your Fucking France!

Don’t forget to Lodge one in Spike Lee’s

Dionysian Orgy of Blood

Thugs on the March

France on its Knees, a President Panics

Galic Hysteria – Nation Hunts Whitey

Toulouse, An Example. A solution?

2011, Year of Nigger Love

Nigger Hell

Just don’t call these Niggers Savages!

The Failure of White Narcissim in Oslo

How it Explodes

Why France? Why Now?

The Crash, from Qaddafi with Love.


Love Haiti!

Fuck Haiti

Darkies’ White Dreams

The Atrocity of White Colonialism

A Letter To the President

How it All Falls Apart

“We” the “Minorites” of the…

Are Blacks Stupid?

Here’s Looking Forward To Killing You

Something to Never Think About – Race

An Imaginary World of Facts

Racism of Backwardness

The Tragedy of Black African History

On Accepting History – Africa

Central Problem of Blackness

Invention of the Negro

White Narcissists – Like Race – Simply Don’t Exist

Do “Whites” exist?

The New Centrality of Race

Crash, not Clash

The Origin


You’re Programmed to Hate

Introduction to Racial Faultlines

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