Introduction to Racial Faultlines

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As stated in the about page, the intent of this blog is to discuss, present, and argue that Samuel Huntington was fundamentally correct, when predicting a new type of global conflict, but fundamentally wrong when distinguishing its features.

Far from being a clash of those who abide by laws vs those who do not, or a war between those who formulate rules democratically vs those who accept them from the top-down, the world is witnessing what is best described, as a “Crash of Race”.

This blog aims to the open discussion of this Crash, without the confines of political correctness, or ostracism. I invite all readers, to post their comments, regardless of the hate content. I only caution that they make a very clear distinction between their feelings, and threats and aggression which aim to instrumentalize those feelings in violent ways. Calling someone a sand nigger or honky, may be disparaging, but it can be as much an act of catharsis as an act of hate.

The game is on.

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